Between Two Worlds!

Yes, the fake one that about 80% of the world’s population is still adhering to, and then the one that’s actually going on. (The world that I live in, where nobody believes you…)

It does get tiring, gang. However, just in the nick of time–

From CIC Trump on Truth Social yesterday:

“Very good things are happening behind the scenes for the Republican Party. Intense but Smart negotiations between GREAT and PATRIOTIC people are ongoing. They all love our Country, and want something to go forward, ASAP. This “event” will end up making the Republican Party STRONGER and more UNITED than ever before. OUR NATION IS AT STAKE. Stay tuned and, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

In case you were curious about the above comms…

Decode from SGAnon:

“POTUS Multi_layer comms. Speaking directly to anons and Q Patriots.

The “Event”?
“Behind the scenes”
“Our Nation is at Stake”
Stronger – United —> Axial phrasing.
Russia – China – NK – SA – Brazil … … … .. .. .. ..

Iron Eagle.
Godfather III.
Red October.
Alliance to save the world.
Trust the Plan.

“What Storm Mr. President?” – the press
“You’ll see” – CIC DJT”


This is from The Babylon Bee, a satire online newspaper. But it sums up how I feel about the crazy fake shit going on in DC right now with our “Congress”:

In Overnight Vote, Buffalo Guy Elected Speaker Of The House

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a shocking overnight vote held by the House of Representatives, the QAnon Shaman, aka “The Buffalo Guy” has received the majority of votes required to become Speaker of the House.

“I mean, at this point, why not?” said Representative Chip Roy. “Maybe we need a guy like this to shake things up.”

After being informed in prison of his surprise election, Buffalo Guy released a statement, saying: “Aw yeah! F—in’ A, man! Let’s do this thing! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” […]”

[full (satire) article here]


This was also posted to SGAnon’s Truth Social account yesterday. I’m guessing this is a continued pushback against normies who still don’t want to admit that the vax is a bio weapon. But it really fucks up my plans to fly to Toronto to work on the play. (The Emergency Amendment means that if I fly to Toronto, I can’t fly back to the USA without being fully vaxed.) (I can, of course, drive to Toronto, although it’s a long way.)

From the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) yesterday-

NUMBER EA 1546-21-02B
SUBJECT Requirements for Proof of Being Fully Vaccinated Against
EFFECTIVE DATE Flights departing at or after 00:01 EST (05:01 GMT) on
January 9, 2023
EXPIRATION DATE April 10, 2023
APPLICABILITY Foreign air carriers regulated under 49 CFR 1546.101
AUTHORITY 49 CFR 1546.105(d)
LOCATION(S) All Last Points of Departure to the United States

[PDF here]


From General Flynn:

General Flynn | The Great Reset Agenda Exposed | “Shockingly, There Are People That Have a Religious Objection to Taking the Mark of the Beast – Thomas Renz” + X22 Host Dave + Pastor Phil Hotsenpiller (2 hrs):


Posted to Phil’s channel yesterday:

“Current and former NFL players are privately waking up to the dangers of the vaccine.

Who will be the first NFL player to speak up publicly and ask what we ALL are thinking – did the vaccine cause Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest?

Aaron Rodgers – I’m looking at you 👀”


From Derek Johnson:

“True Patriots right here 💯 Support these guys at Brainstorm.

There’s a few good ones out there trying to show people what’s going on via LAWS and ORDERS. 🇺🇸

Will definitely be back on their show.” (2 hrs):


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich –( such good stuff here!):


In this episode of ☀️ICIC entitled “No Fear!”, Holger Reißner, European Industrial Engineer for Research and Development, and Wilfried von Aswegen, geologist, environmental engineer and holistic health practitioner, talk about the marvel and perfect functionality of the human body and how the nature-given mechanisms work to restore balance after an “illness”.

They explain different approaches and mechanisms on how to maintain health and wellness until old age (as was common in the past), as well as the interconnections and successes of a holistic approach to medicine that pays attention to and treats body, mind and spirit as a whole.

Alternative methods such as homeopathy, meditation, the knowledge of epigenetics, the use of natural substances, the dangers of anxiety, stress, hyperacidity and an excess of artificial substances are highlighted.

There is also hope in the discussion of possible elimination processes of chemical substances injected into human bodies. A positive attitude and the ability to let go of negative and destructive emotions such as hatred, anger and fear, knowing that every criminal will get his just punishment, can help to recover physically and mentally and, despite stressful adversities, lead a healthy, content life.” (English subtitles) (1 hr 17 mins):


I can’t figure out if Dan Bongino is a White Hat gently redpilling Conservative normies, or if he’s a normie, waking up as he goes along…. but regardless, I really love him.

The “Dying Suddenly” Tragedy Explained? (Ep. 1921) – The Dan Bongino Show (54 mins):


On Beauty – Faith, Hope and Carnage | Nick Cave & Seán O’Hagan (3 mins):


And that is it for today!

A beautiful, sunny day here, although it’s getting cold again. At least the rain has finally stopped and all the buckets are put away! (10 leaks and counting in my roof, but I am hoping to hear about my loan status for the new roof SOON…)

Enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!

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