A Little Update!

The new print issue of GEORGE Magazine that features the interview with Phil is on sale now.

The site is running a little slow, but it is working. I got my order confirmation, but it took a while, considering online purchasing is usually really fast these days.

Anyway! A couple curious things that I noticed while I was waiting for the order to process — there is an article by Pastor Bob Joyce!! (Hmmmm…)

Also, the GEORGE News offices seem to be located in Hot Springs, Arkansas!! I find this extremely amusing. (Hot Springs, AK was home to the Clintons — the estimable founders of Arkancide, the originators of the bounty on JFK Jr’s death, and also now extremely dead…)


I just got my shift schedule to start back at the old train station and I will be working both this Saturday and Sunday, beginning very early in the morning, so I might not be posting to the blog this weekend. We’ll have to see.

And yes, I will be back at the old 200-year-old train station working part-time, but it was recently renovated into an incredibly cool sandwich shop, so, no, I don’t really work in an active train station. But it is a really cool little place, with very old wooden floors…


I love you guys! See ya!!

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