Okay, Back Again!

So I did, indeed, quit my “new job” on Wednesday night and really it was just in the nick of time. I think that if I tried to work one more night on that concrete slab of a floor, I would have wound up in a wheelchair…

Saturday, I go back to the 200-year-old, no-longer-deserted train station, with its kind, old 200-year-old wooden plank floors.

I don’t usually like to go back to anything; I prefer to keep moving forward. But for heavens sake, I just need some money coming in so that I can focus again on my writing. I can’t believe how complicated it has gotten to do that seemingly simple thing.

Anyway, I took yesterday off from the blog because I needed to just recover from 9 weeks of skeletal agony. And there wasn’t anything “new” that didn’t seem like optics or psyops.

And, currently, I think it’s safe to say that the optics and psyops are coming at us from all sides, especially from the good guys. So, since the weather was unbelievably gorgeous yesterday, I hung around outside a lot and even took a drive on the backroads, to just look at stuff and think.



I found it interesting that General Flynn is quoting the NY Post! (And who would have ever guessed that the NY Post would end up being the only credible newspaper in New York?? Back when I lived there, we always thought of it as a tabloid…)

Anyway. From General Flynn:

“Former deputy director of CIA Mike Morrell and all the others that signed this letter will go down in history as having been participants in the overthrow of the United States of America. Signing of this letter (w/ the support of the MSM) caused a massive shift in the electorate of our country just prior to the 2020 presidential election and was a total lie. All 51 put our democracy in danger & all was done for their own selfish self interests.

Ex-CIA chief spills on how he got spies to write false Hunter Biden…
Joe Biden’s presidential campaign prompted former acting CIA director Mike Morell to “help Biden” by organizing 50 colleagues to sign a letter in October 2020 falsely claiming that damning emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop published by The Post were Russian disinformation.[…]”

[full article here]


I found this interesting.

It was posted to Phil’s channel, it’s from the Daily Mail UK. It confirms that Vikings were visiting Canada a lot, starting in 985 A.D.

[full article here]

Anyway, what I find really, really fascinating to think about —

As loyal readers of this lofty blog know, around this area of Ohio, there are many, many ancient burial mounds that contained the skeletal remains of giants. They were estimated to be at least 2000 years old. They appeared to be highly religious people, and one burial mound not far from my village, contained a stone tablet with Ancient Hebrew writing on it. (Ancient Hebrew is older than Biblical Hebrew, fyi.)

It is in a museum in the next county.

Since “around 2000 years ago” puts us in Jesus’ lifetime over in Nazareth, I just find it indescribably interesting to think about. Giants over here in “Ohio” were speaking and writing Ancient Hebrew at the same time that all that same stuff was going on in Jesus’ world, across, you know, a massive ocean and a bunch of land. Africa and stuff.

And how come the giants are all gone, even though there were still quite a number of giants walking around when photography was invented? (And circuses, for that matter.)

And how come the Smithsonian conveniently lost all those skeletal remains, well over 100 years ago?

And how come DNA-testing on the remains that the Smithsonian didn’t get their hands on, revealed that these giants are not Native Americans, even though around here, we still call them Hopewell Indians. Early Native American DNA indicates that Native tribes originally came from Asia…(it’s probably safe to ignore the videos that claim the giants have DNA that match “star people” or aliens…)

Anyway, so many questions. Who were the giants and why were they wiped out and who wiped them out and where did they learn Ancient Hebrew?

So interesting to think about. Especially when you consider that modern-day maps are full of geographical lies. Hmmmm…..


Okay! That’s why I like to get in the car and drive along the backroads on sunny days. I think a lot.


If you listened to Phil the other night, he clued us in on his opinion about the current pandemonium surrounding AI.

Another psyop. More chaos. More fear. And while it looks like it’s coming from the bad guys, it looks more to me like it’s being promulgated by the good guys…to create more chaos.

So, with that in mind….

From jeff.pro (he’s the LINUX guy — read this post carefully):

“Reflecting on yesterday’s poll results, a PRO TIP: when discussing artificial intelligence, learn to use the term “stochastic parrot.” 🤣

As correctly determined by the majority who answered yesterday’s poll, recent excitement in the press about “artificial inteligence” is focused on a technology known as “large language models” (“LLM”)’s such as ChatGPT.

Large Language Models use math such as statistics and averages with big data sets to generate outputs that attempt to follow user input prompts based on probabilities. A highly publicized 2021 research paper referred to LLM’s as “stochastic parrots” while observing the technology amounts to “systems for haphazardly stitching together sequences of linguistic forms it has observed in its vast training data, according to probabilistic information about how they combine, but without any reference to meaning.” Therefore, LLM’s do not “think” for theselves. They are probability engines trained on big (huge) dictionaries of data.

Next time you get in to a debate with a liberal about “artificial intelligence”, now you can confidently wield the terms “Large Language Models” and “stochastic parrots” to quickly bring them back to reality by shining truth on where the “AI” industry stands in its first moment of evolution. They are not expecting most conservatives to understand these concepts, but we should, as we should continue to cautiously study and map out developments in this evolving industry, being mindful of the implications. -JP 🦜”


Also, if you follow Phil, we are being repeatedly told that there will be no Presidential Election, no Trump or anyone else running for 2024, that Dominion and their rigged voting machines have “already been dealt with”, and that, because of all that, Phil had no specific comment on RFK JR running for President on the Democrat ticket.

All that considered…

My own comment on “RFK JR running for President on the Democrat ticket” is that he is an incredible individual, and that he is part of a plan to re-awaken Old Dems (such as I used to be) to what has actually happened to the Party of the Democrats. Regardless of any actual election.

That said, Richard Citizen Journalist has some great notes on RFK Jr’s speech. It is very lengthy, so I won’t repost all of it, but you can read it here. The speech really was incredible.


Dan Bongino is leaving FOX News after 10 years. Hmmm….

Dan Bongino — Some Important Personal News (59 mins):


Fantastic! Listen!! [Oops! I should have mentioned that this is not Q-related, yet in the vein of Bongino and X22, you can still learn a lot, but you have to filter it through the Q stuffbody doubles, etc.]







And that is it for today.

Have a terrific Friday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


My driving-around-on-the-backroads-on-a-gorgeous-day listening music!!

From Tom Petty’s staggeringly successful first solo album, Full Moon Fever — “Feel A Whole Lot Better”. Enjoy!!

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