The Winds of Change — Again!

Can you feel how intense it is getting now? Wow, gang. And not just the banks collapsing; there is definitely something else in the air.

Phil posted this from Lin Wood early this morning, and it gave me a sense of relief:

“Do you wince when President Trump talks about what he plans to do when he takes the oath of office on January 2025???

Do your thoughts race to your belief that our nation is a failing nation in distress NOW and we will not survive until January 20, 2025???

Relax. God is in control.

God knows everything and only God knows the future.

President Trump is a stable genius.

If I was the Commander in Chief of our nation’s military in a time of war (which I will NEVER be!!!) and I was employing the military strategy of deception, I would want the enemy focused on my future plans and not be aware of what my military was doing in the present.

I am not a stable genius and I am NOT the Commander in Chief!!!

But you already know those things to be true, so I am JUST SAYIN’!!!!

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸”

Phil also posted this just now, which is not so comforting:

“who’s ready to watch major bank failures today and tomorrow?!”


However, I have repeated — yet again — to those of my friends who will listen — that they must get as much of their cash out of their banks as they can right now, and keep it at home or invest in precious metals.

They get tired of hearing me say that — only because it alarms them — but at least they appreciate that I am keeping them informed.

The rest of them who never listen to me — well, what are you going to do?

Yesterday, I went over all of my upcoming bills, paid some things in advance, kept aside what I thought I needed in cash to just be safe, and then put the rest in the bank and transferred it to my Sound Money Wallet to buy more silver the moment the money goes through. (It takes 5 days to process, which to me, feels like a really long time to have cash just in limbo right now.)

Up until yesterday, I was only buying fractional silver at $5 or $10, every few weeks because, literally, it was all I could comfortably afford. Or mentally afford. For nearly 3 years, I was so broke from the damage done by the lockdowns, that I was basically penniless most of the month, until payday. Most of the time, I had about $3. Literally.

Even though, by government standards, I am still living way below what is considered the “poverty line,” it feels so good to just have money again — even if to other people, it seems like I’m poor. I don’t feel poor and I’m afraid of being without money again.

Even though I keep next to no money in there right now, I do actually trust my bank. After banking with Chase for decades, on the advice of other truthers, I closed my Chase account 3 years ago and moved it to the bank here in my village. It is a really small bank, built on the income of local farmers. Plus, I also watched a video back then, explaining the various bank and corporate logos, and how you could find Satanic symbolism in most of them.

The logo for my local bank is so cheerful and village-y, it couldn’t be farther from Satanic if it tried (I’m guessing it actually tried). (I’ve since seen articles trying to disprove that about bank and corporate logos. “No, we’re not Satanic, this is what our logo really means! Your money flows! It’s stable and safe!” So there probably was something to that — if not, why bother to try to disprove it?)

Anyway. I feel like I’ve done the best I could. So bring on the crash.

My only real worry now is that the crash will hurt the place where I work and there won’t be any jobs left, etc.


Really, there is no other actual news. Mostly, just a lot of noise.

Although Dan Bongino‘s podcast/video was very interesting yesterday. The opening part about Tucker was pretty amusing, but the rest of the stuff — about Western Socialism — you should probably watch it. Very, very informative.

The Tucker, Fox Feud Is Getting Weird (Ep. 2003) (56 mins):


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich — full description is HERE:




I was going to post this yesterday and forgot–

(Mirrored now from patriot underground– not Q-related but informative) – BENJAMIN FULFORD UPDATE OF MAY 2, 2023 – MILITARY INTERVENTION BEFORE 2024 (50 mins):




Wow. This made me cry.

I hope we have more kids like this one out there- with great friends and supportive parents–



And that’s it for today.

I’m guessing the day will be another explosive one, but I’ll be at work — and the evening hours start again today, so I’ll be working late.

But have a good Thursday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!


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