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Oh, Joy!!


Late last night, I stopped in at the gas station here in Crazeysburg because I ran out of milk again!! And I couldn’t possibly face the morning without milk for my coffee, whether the milk was organic and fresh from the farm, or non-organic and fresh from the gas station.

When I got up to the counter to pay, lo & behold! Right there in front of me, for the first time in Crazeysburg ever — or at least since I’ve been here — there were packs of Chesterfield cigarettes for sale!

My favorite cigarettes of all time.

The very reason I gave up smoking was because you could not find Chesterfields for sale anywhere in Ohio once I had moved back here from New York.

These cigarettes at the gas station were the “new” Chesterfields, with the modern packaging and filter tips. Now produced by Phillip Morris. I have no idea if they’re still the same tobacco or not. The old Chesterfields were initially filterless, and smoking just one would knock you on your ass. They seemed to have triple-nicotine. And since, back then, I always drank 101 proof Wild Turkey bourbon, filterless Chesterfields made drinking that bourbon an absolute joy! You could be both drunk and buzzed all night long.

Image result for chesterfield kings cigarettes
The old Chesterfields. Produced by Liggett & Myers.

But I was so indescribably thrilled to finally see Chesterfields for sale in Ohio again — and on such prominent display in the gas station in Crazeysburg — that I automatically asked for a pack. Then I paid for it and took it, along with my jug of milk, to the car. Got in the car. I was in such great spirits! There were Christmas lights on all the houses up & down the street, and strung all over the fence in the town square (which is sort of a triangle). The black night was frosty but super clear — all the stars were shining.

I put the key in the ignition and then thought: What the fuck?! Why did I just do that? I don’t smoke.

I have not smoked in years! It was so wild. But I took them home anyway. I was just so happy to possess them again, even though they don’t look remotely the same as they used to:

 I just LOVE this! Obviously, the point was supposed to be the new packaging but it’s so funny that Nick Cave is all over the photo! Well. Such are photos taken at my desk…

You can see that the new packaging is super boring, but anyway.

So. On another topic altogether.

Here is a really cute photo of my great-niece. She is almost two years old. Her name is Stevie. I haven’t met her yet. She’s the granddaughter of the sister I don’t really get along with too well. In fact, I have never even met Stevie’s mom — my actual niece, my sister’s daughter. I was always sort of the persona non grata in that sister’s life because she found me maddeningly opinionated and a wee bit on the super-duper liberal side.

However, my mom and my other sister have always kept me abreast of my niece’s world and have always sent me photos. And so now my niece is married and has a daughter. (I have photos of the wedding, too, though I was not invited…) (I do get invited to funerals, though, so that’s really fun — you know, to be thought of when  everybody’s feeling wretched and devastated…) Anyway, she’s a cutie!!

All righty!!

I’m getting super excited that Christmas is basically here. I’m guessing I’ll go on a diet on Thursday. I actually am getting really sick of chocolate. I’ve eaten so much of it in the past week. I’m so ready to be normal again — or my version of normal, which is really just wide open in every area of my life.

I’m gonna close this because I gotta scoot! I gotta take some stuff to the post office, and the post office here in Crazeysburg only stays open for a couple hours in the early morning, and then a couple hours in the mid-afternoon. And if I want my stuff to get anywhere before the end of the year, I gotta get to that post office post-haste!

Have a great Monday, wherever you are in the world and to wherever it takes you. Thanks for visiting! I love you guys! See ya!!

Thug Luckless says: “Smoke your way to a merry Christmas!”