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Photos from Helen LaFrance’s 100th Birthday

Here is a selection of photos of Helen that Wanda took at Helen’s 100th birthday celebration in Mayfield, Kentucky this past Saturday. There were over a hundred photos to choose from, so I’m just choosing a few of Helen herself.

I just love this black & white portrait. She looks so regal.
A nice close-up
Helen at the church where her celebration was held
A version of Helen’s famous “Church Picnic- Homecoming” painting is held up above her. She made many “Church Picnic” paintings over the years. Gus Van Sant Sr owned a version of this painting, it was displayed over his fire place, and there were 150 distinct tiny people painted at the picnic! It was an incredible painting to see in “real life.”

I’m so glad to see Helen looking so lively and alert. She looks just wonderful.

Okay, with this lovely incentive, I’m gonna get back to work here… See ya!