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Home again, happy, busier than ever!

Howdy, howdy, gang! YES, I am back home and YES, it was a most auspicious trip to New York, and THANK YOU to all of you who sent me birthday greetings last week! Oh, and YES (!!) I had CAKE!

First, I want to regale you with the riot of flowers that are blooming all over my yard this year. These are Roses of Sharon — taking over, as they are wont to do — because I have lived the entire summer not knowing when (or if) I was going to be packing up and moving away… Alas, I am still here, and the yard has become a veritable jungle of blooming madness (and also weeds).

The view through one of my garden gates
The view through one of my garden gates

Multiply all these blossoms on the right by the entire yard — back, front, sides– and you get a tiny idea of how crazy it is around here this summer. I went out to water my little herb garden on the kitchen stoop yesterday and discovered hundreds more blossoms blooming where they had never been before. The other garden gate is so overrun that I have to keep the gate open all the time, or the honeysuckle vines will wind all over it and keep it  permanently shut.

Well, it could be worse. I do love flowers.

So! The trip to Rhinebeck was a complete success.  We hammered out the version of the script that we will use for the staged reading of Tell My Bones: The Helen LaFrance Story. We also made great progress on notes and a synopsis for the one-woman show I am writing for the same actress “about” Pearl Bailey. (I put it in quotes now because it has become apparent that the Pearl Bailey family won’t release any rights whatsoever for outsiders to use her likeness, so we have to tell her story in a different way now, but it will be even better. Yay.)

My most amazing news is that the actress is forming a production company and asked me to be the writer for it, since we already have 4 theater projects we are working on together, and I COULD NOT be more excited! (Even though Tell My Bones is a screenplay, we are also working on a version of it for the stage.)

The downside is that there was a heat wave in Rhinebeck the entire time I was there and the AC wasn’t working right and there were no fans. Not only did I think I was going to perish in the relentless heat and humidity, I was the only person who was being eaten alive by mosquitoes everywhere we went!!

It’s a good thing so much good stuff was happening. It made it easier to just “deal and get over it.”

Now that I’m back home again, the cats couldn’t be happier. They had to have a cat sitter the whole time I was away and since they are all the proverbial “scaredy cats,” it was not a fun time for them. Hopefully, the next trip I make back to Rhinebeck, they will all be coming with me and we will be moving into our new home…I hope. We shall see.

Okay, on this wonderful Monday morning, I leave you with something wildly upbeat. I dare any of you to have a bad day after listening to this oldies gem!!! Thanks for visiting, gang. See ya!



Oh man, this was cool!

Some of you know that I am working on a one-woman musical play about Pearl Bailey for an actress in New York City, and I am sort of at an impasse with the script.

I’m not totally worried because every script, or novel, or short story, or memoir I’ve ever written has been full of impasses that I eventually worked through. Yet while one is happening, it sometimes seems oddly permanent. There will never be anything more than these few pages, etc., etc.

I’ve been a professional writer now for 33 years already, so on some level I know that no block is permanent unless I decide it’s permanent, but this little 12 minute audio on youtube, from an Abraham Hicks workshop, really did something fantastic to my psyche just now.

If you’re blocking anything, or just need inspiration for a terrific energy flow, give it a listen. 12 fun minutes that will be wisely spent!

Have a great Sunday, wherever you are. (I have been to church already, and later today, a friend is taking me to see the final performance of the Monty Python reunion being broadcast live from London today as an early birthday present! So while I’m sitting here waiting for the festivities to unfold, I’m staring at some rather empty pages of the soon-to-be manifested play…)

Okay, onward, gang!! Thanks for visiting today! See ya.

[Tommy and her 3 babes, this time, last summer.]When we were very young...

When we were very young…


Ah, the frustration of the writing life!

Of course I’m referring to the much-needed, very bright halogen floor lamp that I desperately need to see by while I sit here at my otherwise dark little desk — and, as all halogen floor lamps go, they eventually get to that stage where they come on when and if they feel like it!

Mine is at that stage.  I say prayers over this thing: “Please, God, let the light come on. I need it so badly right this very minute!” And then it either comes on or it doesn’t. But mostly, it comes on, and it is the best light to write by. Which is why I keep putting off buying a new one.

But today, when I had a whole day set aside to work on the Pearl Bailey play I’m writing, did it come on? Did I pray a lot? Did I get very frustrated and then try calming down and ignoring it, to see if ignoring it would work better?  Did it stay overcast and rainy today, to make it doubly-hard to see anything at my desk? Has the light yet come on??

Answers: No. Yes. Yes. And yes. And no.

It doesn’t keep me from working on the play, but not being able to see does add a bit of tension that I could do without. I’m at one of those spots in the play where I sit and stare at blank space on the page, wondering what the heck is going to fill it. Some sort of English language words, no doubt, but that’s about as much as I can guess right now. So any additional tension is not exactly welcome right this minute.

On other writing fronts, though, the TV pilot I wrote seems to really have some legs. I will of course keep you posted, gang, but it really is starting to look like it is going to get made. Honestly.

And on that happy note, have a great rest of your Sunday, wherever you are! Thanks for visiting, gang. See ya real soon.

Oh,  I leave you with a photo of a cat — just ’cause I’ve got an awful lot of them!