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I Love You Guys!!!

This is gonna be a really short post because I want to do Booty Core before I start working with Peitor this morning.

We are on an accelerated course now to achieve the impossible!! Yes! To eventually finish the script for our 8-minute masterpiece, Lita måste gå!!! (sometimes known as: Lita’s Got to Go!!)


My favorite way to spend Valentine’s Day!! Coffee in bed!! (Wait, no — that’s my favorite way to spend EVERY day!!)

But I did want to wish you a really, really Happy Valentine’s Day, gang! Wherever you are in the world. I hope it’s filled with wonder and delight and maybe even some snow!! (It’s snowing here again, even as I type!)

Okay. I love you guys! I leave you with one of the best love songs, ever!! Play it loud & dance around with Ronnie!!

Bunches of love, gang. See ya!