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Sorry for the Delay!

I’ve been working on the new short story all day here, gang. Still toying with the idea of pushing it to the length of a novella.  We shall see. For right now, I’m just happy that it keeps wanting to come out.

So. Tom Petty Official released another new single today from the upcoming Wildflowers & All the Rest. (Release date Oct. 16th). This new one is called “Confusion Wheel.” It’s posted below.

The lyrics sort of fit where my life is at these days. For the most part. I guess you can give it a spin and see if you concur!

There is not really much to report on here because, once again, I am  trying to get this new story completed. I’m guessing it’ll be another four or five days.  Until then my life consists of yoga, taking care of the flowers, eating a few times, writing for 8 to 10 hours at a stretch, then collapsing in bed into a deep sleep until about 4am.

Oh, except that yesterday, I had to make a trip into town and guess who was riding right behind me the entire way?? And wearing a helmet??

Yes!! The boy from down the street — on his blue motorcycle. I could not believe it.  And he basically went the speed limit the whole way, which was why he was behind me, I guess. Because god knows I go way more than the speed limit.  (Well, he started out in front me, on the freeway ramp, but I soon pulled way out ahead of him, because I don’t understand what it means to go the speed limit.)

But it was so strange. A relief to see him in that helmet, but strange to see him out on the highway, heading somewhere unknown — miles and miles from Crazeysburg.

And in the car, I was streaming Brian Hyland singing “Sealed With A Kiss” on repeat again (see Monday’s post) and it just made for such a wistful trip to town.  Because both that song and that boy make me really melancholy for days long gone.

Oh, and my lawn care guy showed up yesterday. His back is really in bad shape and he needs surgery. But at least I finally got the grass cut, so I really appreciated that.

Nick Cave sent out a really great Red Hand File yesterday, after I posted to the blog. You can read it here. (He addresses the purpose of an anchor once it has been cut loose from the ship.) For me, it was perfectly timed.

Other than that, life goes on. And I have nothing else to say!! I gotta get back to work here on the story.

I hope Thursday was good for you, wherever you are in the world. the new Tom Petty tune is below. No lyrics are available yet. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.