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Bleak Days

I know — behind the scenes, good stuff is happening. But there is still just so much sad, tragic, disconcerting, and “died suddenly” stuff playing out in front of our eyes.

And more optics, more noise, more psyops, more MSM.


This is from 2010 but it is so worth watching, gang. It is similar to Goodlion Films’ “Faul of the Cabal” but with many more details. It’s kind of sickening, especially if you’re around my age and remember ALL of this stuff. (“Faul” equals “Fake Paul” McCartney, in case this is new to you.)



I don’t know if this is true, but here it is–

From Real Raw News:

Marines Rescue General Berger from CIA Captors

United States Marines on Friday rescued General David H. Berger from a Central Intelligence Agency “safehouse” in northeast California, sources in Gen. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

As reported previously, Gen. Berger went missing on January 6 after leaving Camp Pendleton at 6:30 p.m. His disappearance alarmed White Hats because Gen. Berger characteristically informed persons in the White Hat chain-of-command if he planned to embark on extended sabbaticals. After 36 hours had elapsed without hearing from him, Marines systematically searched the Camp Pendleton area and nearby towns and wooded terrain for signs of him or his vehicle.  […]

[full article here]


A handy reminder from Chris Sky:

“FACTS. #justsayno”


This disturbs me more than just a little bit. What we’ve heard about Patriot Streetfighter now is not good. [compromising $$ from DS?] There have been rumors flying on Phil’s chat that perhaps maybe SGAnon is really [DS], and now this makes me really suspicious. Decide for yourselves, gang.

“I recently stated that before the end of January 2023, I would unveil my face and countenance, to each of you.
This was not a decision made lightly; after much prayer, meditation, and listening, I am convinced it is the right time.

Initially, this was to be a solo venture; but God, and my own spiritual Journey, moved differently.

I am now here to announce that on Friday January 20, 2023, in a Special live-stream broadcast w/ ThePatriotStreetfighter, the world will learn the face of SG Anon.”

(Everything about that just rubs me the wong way…)


A couple from Charlie Ward’s channel:


Nancy Drew” warned yesterday that this was FAKE:

“If you see this, its fake. The city is very quiet. I came in to the city over by the DC NG Armory, and the parking lots arent even full, like they usually are.”


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:


Not Q-related, but always great to listen to–

They’re Hiding Something And I Think We Found It (Ep. 1929) – The Dan Bongino Show (54 mins):




And in other news–

Nick Cave sent out a really intense Red Hand File yesterday about Artifical Intelligence, specifically Chat GPT.

Songs arise out of suffering, by which I mean they are predicated upon the complex, internal human struggle of creation and, well, as far as I know, algorithms don’t feel. Data doesn’t suffer. ChatGPT has no inner being, it has been nowhere, it has endured nothing, it has not had the audacity to reach beyond its limitations, and hence it doesn’t have the capacity for a shared transcendent experience…”

You can read it here.


And that is it for now.

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. Stay alert out there. Stay safe.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


As Predicted, Yet Again!

CIC Trump said McCarthy would be the Speaker of the House, and Lo! and Behold…

From Jack Prosobiec on Truth Social at 2am:

BREAKING: McCarthy elected House Speaker after last-minute call from Trump to Gaetz

California Rep. Kevin McCarthy won a late night vote to become Speaker of the House on Friday night after Donald Trump called Matt Gaetz, a source familiar with the situation confirmed to The Post Millennial.

Gaetz was leading the charge to oppose McCarthy along with Rep Lauren Boebert. Reportedly, Gaetz held influence over the last four holdouts Biggs, Crane, Good and Rosenthal.[…]”

[full article here]

Phil told us this would indeed happen. (Video here)

“I never said “Kevin McCarthy is a good guy”.

I said Donald Trump wants him as speaker.

Sorry, but Trump’s endorsement is enough for me. It should be enough for you too.

He wants him there for a reason. What reason? We don’t know.

But I trust Trump. EOD.”

And from Phil late last night:

“Gaetz became a legend tonight.”


(In case you’re new to this, this whole entire thing is rigged. It’s a show.)


Derek Johnson also nailed it (repeatedly), regarding CIC Trump not ever being Speaker of the House — this morning at 1am:

“Dropping like flies… All these “expert” podcasters getting paid via subscriptions and I simply have donation links and a T-Shirt company… yettttttt I’mmmmmmm the “grifter” 🤦🏽🤣

“Trump will be Speaker of the House”… 🥳…….🫢❌

How long must we wait for them to admit they were WRONG 👉🏻 again? ⏰

In 5…4…3…2… they’re already scrambling and working up something else to drip drop y’all and extend that subscription another month 💯💰

As I’ve said on record… Why in the 🔥 would you go from “we have it all, we’ve caught them all…” etc. to SOTH?

Do you know how many Americans who have no clue what’s going on but especially those that hate the Bossman… would say: “that’s the only way he could become President again…”?

This isn’t about “speculations” and “discussions.”

There’s zero opinions in the Military. It’s a Chain of Command and Orders come from the top down.

It’s plain and simple 👉🏻 Military Operation and Federal Continuity Directive Plan 1 and 2 💯

The Blueprint is not complicated. All straight forward and open LAWS and ORDERS.

National Guard are still Federalized ☑️

National Emergencies still haven’t been terminated or addressed ☑️

Laws and Orders. If they would simply learn it’s how we operate…

But y’all keep drinkin’ their Kool-Aid… keep lettin’ them take you to the Train Station 💯”


And just FYI — if you want to express your fake empathy over my emotinal exhaustion over the injustices, actual loss of life (not fake ashli babbit bullshit) and High Treason of Jan. 6th 2021, you can go fuck yourself.

Additional FYI — I’ve been a social outcast my entire life. I have endurance that you cannot even fathom.


Merry Christmas to all of you who follow the Orthodox Church.



From Real Raw News:

Deep Stater Arrested for Sabotaging Nation’s Food Supply

While the nation watched continuous news coverage of the Idaho killer and a divided House squabbling over the next Speaker, the White Hat partition of the United States military executed an arrest warrant on an obscure Deep Stater responsible for sabotaging the nation’s food chain and, thus, manufacturing inflation. That criminal is Brian Deese, the regime’s director of the National Economic Council and former servant to Deep State overlord Barack Hussein Obama.

The offices of Marine Corps General Eric M. Smith told Real Raw News that U.S. Marines grabbed Deese at his Massachusetts home early Thursday morning—the culmination of a 3-month probe into allegations that he participated in or oversaw a government scheme to bankrupt poultry farmers and artificially inflate the price of household staples such as eggs and chicken meat. Marines, our source said, circumvented Deese’s home security and entered the home at 3:00 a.m., hoping to catch him sleeping. But their presence frightened a house cat, which knocked over a bedside lamp, and the commotion woke a drowsy Deese, who suddenly found himself encircled by a half-dozen armed Marines. Deese panicked, shouting, “Oh God, no, not me,” and was Tazed so Marines could quietly escort him off the premises. […]”

[full article here]


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:


Join us for this compelling episode of ☀️ICIC´s “Impromptu” with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and his guest, investment banker and filmmaker, Pascal Najadi, as they discuss his criminal complaint from Dec.2, 2022, against the Swiss president, Alain Berset,

This law suit, unthinkable and futile in some countries, could be a breakthrough case in exposing the deception and fraud behind the worldwide Covid-19 vaccine campaign and has the potential to cause the Corona House of Cards to crumble.

Mr. Najadi, himself and his family fully jabbed and boostered, describes his realization that the entire narrative, especially regarding vaccine efficacy, is based on contradictions, misleading and unsupported claims and perhaps malicious intent.

For those who also fell prey to the false promises of safety and regained freedoms, he has wise words of understanding and encouragement.

He trusts the Swiss judicial system, is confident that the Truth will come to light, and sends a message of hope that justice will indeed prevail.”

(28 mins):


SGAnon had some great posts on Truth Social yesterday. I won’t post them all (you can find them here), but here are a couple of them:

China and Xi now taking the publicly visible steps to transition from one financial system to the other … First order of business -> fiat wealth collapse // followed by reassignment.

Asia will be the fulcrum on which the financial levers of control in this world are shifted back to the People.

Trust the Plan.
Examine Timing -> what’s happening EUR right now? Ukraine? Britain? Poland?

What’s happening in USA right now?

By Design.

[THEY]’re hopelessly outmatched”

The Admiral in charge of the Brazilian Navy has refused to recognize Lula de Silva as the lawful leader of Brazil.

The Admiral is known for close ties w/ Bolsonaro, and it is the first time a Commander from the Brazilian military has not attended the Transfer of Power ceremonies in Brazil.”

File 34 soon.

There is a slow burn, full-bore internal coup happening within the ranks of the IDF/Mossad.

These people are stratospheric in their panic right now.
They know the full might of a worldwide military alliance has targeted them for elimination.

The narrative is lost.
Control of information is lost.
They are being forced to stand and FIGHT.
They will lose. And they know it.

Defections are part of any espionage/spec_ops war.
Amazing things are happening.

2023 is starting off FAST.”


Some images outside the Supreme Court from Richard Citizen Journalist in DC yesterday:


Unbelievably sad. This will make you sick. And we are already hearing stories about female college students around here who got the vax in order to go to school and now their menstrual cycles are all screwed up and doctors are telling them they probably will never conceive… All the things we warned about. It’s really happening, gang.







Two from Charlie Ward–




We Are Winning, Hold The Line (Ep. 1923) – The Dan Bongino Show (49 mins):


And also this —

Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File late last night about the difficulties of songwriting. Personally, I liked the lyrics about the frog, until it ended badly:

The frogs in the gutter are jumping for God

Amazed of love, amazed of pain

Amazed to land back in the gutter again

My guess is that Nick Cave will rally, as always, and write a couple dozen incredible songs for the new album, and that his wife will once again return. However, you can read about his angst here.


And that is it for now!

Enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


Blast from the past! (Just FYI — although it was basically Downtown Babylon, NYC in the 80s was so fucking fun!!!)


Something’s Up, Gang!

If you haven’t seen it already, “Nancy Drew” had some interesting footage of the US Capitol:

“I find the whole thing interesting. At night, put fencing up AGAIN, brought in The Capitol Police mobile unit AGAIN, pop up barriers up all around the building. Seems a bit much to me. Lets see what it looks like tomorrow.Of course we really dont know what exactly is going on behind the curtain. They can “show” us anything they want, but that doesnt mean thats what and/or all thats taking place. It all just doesnt add up to me. The one thing I know, is that people are watching and seeing how all this money is supposedly going to help Ukraine AGAIN and just 4 days before Christmas when Americans are really struggling financially. Hopefully people will get pissed about it and wake up. They need to know what The Bidens and Ukraine have done, and what was really taking place in Ukraine.

I luv u guys. Have a great night Thinking of all of you expecting bad weather. 😥🙏❤️😘💞💞💞💞💞”


Very interesting updates–



We posted about this a long time ago — about being mindful about what you believe about Afghanistan…

Here is an important reminder from Derek Johnson:

“After two years… I’m still receiving messages asking about Afghanistan…

One, none of y’all were there. I didn’t have to be, but I’m looking at the timestamps and why they staged that against Biden.

Two, if it wasn’t a sting operation… why was there was ONE photo and ONE video…?

Three, why didn’t we see videos of GRATEFUL refugees? Or how about just some refugees period… we didn’t even see any.

Four, the Baby Formula shortage, signed off via SECRETARY OF DEFENSE… is a REAL C-17 Globemaster.

Five, the ONE photo they used in Afghanistan wasn’t even a real C-17. Look at it.

If would behoove anyone asking that far back… while y’all back that far… go ahead and apply the timeline of the Law of War Manual, Military Justice Act, and work your way forward.

It all makes sense when you pay attention to what’s going on WHEN it’s going on… not 3 years later 💯☠️🇺🇸”






Curious, indeed! (Gone, baby, gone?)

From Real Raw News:

Jeff Zients Dies in GITMO Custody

Former Covid-19 coordinator Jeff Zients, 56, died of unknown causes Wednesday morning at Guantanamo Bay’s Camp Delta detention block, sources there told Real Raw News.

As reported previously, JAG investigators last week apprehended Zients near his luxurious mansion in the outskirts of Washington, D.C., and presented him a military arrest warrant charging the Deep Stater with counts of treason and murder for promoting vaccines he knew were potentially lethal. […]

[full article here]




From the Brazilian Report yesterday (includes brief video footage):

“🛑 War? 🛑

Brasilia, Brazil’s capital

Dec. 20th, 2022

Folks, I read on some groups that this is our war flag being hoisted at Alvorada, the President’s official home.

The flag is still there, and it’s the only flag hoisted at the moment.

I can’t confirm now if this is a flag hoisted during a war, but I’ll check and return with the information.

Our Lady Michelle Bolsonaro also got really emotional during this ceremony.

She is a very gracious woman who loves Brazil and her husband more than anything.


ALSO, from this morning:

“Bom dia, guys 🇧🇷

São Paulo, state of São Paulo

Dec. 22nd, 2022 — 8:19 AM

We are under attack by terrorists of the left.

The alliances of Foro de São Paulo are well known around here.

The Worker’s Party (PT), and other parties make deals with terrorists organizations like PCC and Comando Vermelho.

The politicians use their thugs to commit these types of crimes, and then will come up with their own solutions.

It seems to me that since this Sunday all hell is breaking loose over our country.

These are not isolated facts. I can guarantee this!

My two cents on this is that maybe someone knows something, and it’s escalating now…

Or this was always the plan of the left. To cause chaos as much as possible, so when Lula assumes he will have the opportunity to go full tyrant to resolve this chaos.

Establishing total control of the country by force.

But it’s not about “when”, it’s about “IF” 😁”


The Salty Cracker — DEMS GET CAUGHT STEALING AZ REEEEEE STREAM 12-21-22 (2 hrs 31 mins):


Mike Pompeo has a new book coming out:

“Want the inside scoop and “behind the scenes” stories from my time as Secretary of State and CIA Director? Good news: my book – “Never Give An Inch” – is officially available for pre-order. Reserve your copy today! http://MikePompeo.com

[FYI — so that makes Pompeo, General Flynn, Trump, Kash Patel (among others) who have new books out or coming out and — Yes! — whereas I am an acutal professional writer and have been for 5 decades — I have no new book coming out because I spend way too much time telling all of you all about all of THIS….]



Nick Cave sent out a new Red Hand Files this morning. I cannot summarize it in a nutshell without doing it a great disservice, so read it here!


James Tabor —Why I Think Jesus Was a Vegetarian (29 mins):

(When I enetered Divinity School (for the third and final time!), I had no feeling one way or the other about Jesus being a vegetarian, but I felt pretty strongly that James the brother of Jesus was one. Until that time, I had been primarily a pescetarian, but since James is the self-chosen Patron Saint of my Ministry, one of my vows upon going into Divinity School (and getting ordained) was to become a complete vegetarian. Which I did. But what James Tabor believes about Jesus is so interesting, isn’t it??? Curious, indeed.)


New from david ji — Awakening compassion: karuma – 15 Minute Guided Meditation (15 mins):


Phil is supposed to do a livesteam tonight but that has not been confirmed. Check his channel later today to find out for sure!


Okay, that is it!

On the personal front — my bankruptcy has been filed!! A little bit of peace now, just in time for Christmas.

In the last 2 and a half days, I have worked 5 shifts at 2 different jobs. I am exhausted, but this means that starting today, I have 5 whole days off for Christmas!!

Plus, really bad weather is coming, beginning tonight, and now I don’t have to go anywhere at all. Yay.

So take care of yourselves, gang. Stay alert. Enjoy your Thursday!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


(Best Christmas song, ever. I can’t even begin to tell you the many places this song has taken me over the decades, gang. Pause. Open your heart. Play it loud. Enjoy. I love you! )

Never Once has One Pondered Such a Very Simple Windmill of Activity…

One of my favorite lines from Phil’s comms last night.

Loyal readers of this lofty blog know full well that I am absolutely hopeless at decoding — least of all, Phil’s comms.

However, I did listen to it twice, for the sheer joy of listening to all that language.

If you missed it, it is here. 7 minutes. (Followed by tons and tons of other comms.)


Obviously, something intense is on the horizon, gang — or perhaps, already in full swing. But all we can do (unless you’re really good at decoding) is just wait and see what happens.


The video below is extremely interesting. If you have 27 minutes, you should watch it.

Personally, speaking only from my own experience — I was adopted by a family of conservative Jewish immigrants, in Cleveland, when I was about 2 weeks old in 1960. (They originally came through Ellis Island, from Poland and Latvia, and spoke fluent Yiddish and English.) I can at least attest to the fact that the enitre commnuity of Jewish immigrants that I was raised in was exceedingly anti-Christian.

By age 5, I was learning to read, write and speak Hebrew; and was thoroughly immersed in a Jewish culture.

However. Since I also began being called to Christ by age 5, I was aware throughout my childhood that any interest I was developing toward Jesus Christ and Christianity had to be kept very deeply hidden. You could not even mention the name “Jesus Christ” out loud in my family, and I’m so not over-dramatizing that.

(As an aside — when I graduated from Divinity School, summa cum laude, and was finally ordained in the Christian ministry at age 54, not a single person in my enire family gave a flying “f” for what I had achieved. And I achieved all that because I wanted to be 100% certain of why I do not believe in organized “Christianity.” I follow Jesus of Nazareth.)

Anyway. Here is the video.



Also —



Another great new one from James Tabor —

Did Jesus Have a Biological Father? Sorting Out the Pantera Traditions (34 mins):

And if you have not read James Tabor’s book from 2006, you absolutely MUST; it was a game-changer:

The Jesus Dynasty: The Hidden History of Jesus, His Royal Family, and the Birth of Christianity


And oddly enough — from Nick Cave today, a Red Hand File ostensibly about organized Christianity:

“[…] Certainly church has its challenges, and it may be the last place you might find Christ, if that’s what you’re looking for. But, for me, a church service affords me a place where I can, for an hour or so, put aside my uncertainty and sit within a gathering space – a place of communal and timeless yearning, imperfect though it may be.[…]”

You can read it in full here.


And that is really kind of it, today, gang. Something huge is definitely afoot; we can only hope it will yield something really good in time for Christmas. We shall see!

Enjoy your day, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


Sunday Updates

Phil had a live last night. The first part was an in depth update on his newest legal battle. The second half was a look at the Brunson papers and the Supreme Court.

REPLAY (1 hr 30 mins):


SImon Parkes had an update yesterday.

I have to say that I totally agree with him — whatever the White Hats accomplished with the rigged Midterm election, it did nothing to wake up the sleepers and did everything to continue to demoralize those of us who know the elections have been rigged for a long time.

Simon Parkes (1 hr 30 mins):




Wow. What can I say?



Goodlion.tv announces a new docu-series — Eyes Wide Open: The Murder of Stanley Kubrick

[Watch HERE with a subscription]


From Real Raw News:

Military Arrests Another Cabinet Member

United States Marines Thanksgiving Day arrested Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona on charges of treason and child endangerment, JAG sources told Real Raw News.

[…] He sent school districts additional memos the following month, reaffirming his position that cisgender faculty be weeded out and replaced by staff espousing “progressive” values. Moreover, a Faustian Cardona promoted the notion that children as young as ten—4th graders—be taught about gender-reassignment surgery and puberty blockers, which prevent the development of organic, biological sex characteristics. Additionally, Cardona said he had petitioned HHS to pressure insurance companies to fund “gender-affirming care” for school kids.

“As educators we have a responsibility to make sure students have sexual options. We must accept our role. Cisgender parents are not qualified to instruct their children of sexuality in today’s evolving world,” Cardona wrote. […]”

[full article here]


From Secret History the other day:

“The Palazzo Farnese in Rome was built around 1530. One of the decorations in the painted halls, besides the magnificent frescoes, was a detailed map of the world. The map is incredibly detailed, with riverbeds, cities, ports and landmarks.

It differs from what we are used to with Green Antarctica. on the map can everyone see? Well, Antarctica… A huge single continent made up of two Americas, where South America is connected to the flowering lands of Antarctica. And no Drake Strait!”


And that’s it for today.

I have decided that it’s better to not blog about the details of what is going on in my world right now. It has to do mostly with the people who are suing me and with my bankruptcy case that is going on and on and on.

It is sufficient to say that they have now gone after absolutely everything I have, and I am barely hanging on. Just in time for Christmas.

I have never known as much despair as I am feeling right now. These last 2 years have been relelntless. And just when I thought it was finally getting better, the bottom fell out.

As always, I thank God for these rescued cats I adopted so many years ago, because they are all that’s left in my world that is worth hanging on to. Really, I just do it for them.

In other news–

Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File this morning, about whether or not he regrets getting his tattoo —

“…an hour later I walked out of the tattoo parlour with a skull and crossbones with my girlfriend’s name on it on my arm. …”

You can read it in full HERE.


Have a good Sunday, wherever you are, gang.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya.


In reading the Red Hand File this morning, I was reminded of this incredible song — Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ “Sins of My Youth” (2014):

Feeling Pretty Good About Everything!

Such great stuff happening out there, gang! Finally!

However (but also great)–

Phil had to cancel yet again. For a very interesting reason! (You can watch a very short video at that link.)

Here’s hoping he can go live tonight. We shall see.

He posted at 4AM this morning:

“Snug as a bug in a rug.”


Watch for another audio file from SGAnon before the weekend is out. He had a TON of posts on Truth Social yesterday. You can follow him HERE.

I particularly liked this one from last evening, after Trump’s speech:

“Opinion Only:
I think the next few days leading up to 11/22 are going to be interesting for Anons and Patriots.

Q-Patriots/Military appear to be fully operational.
Op_SEC dictates Red/Need-Only.
Silence is not Inaction.

At this point, Patriots, public facing comms are off the charts …
>>Elon -> Scavino -> <45>
>>Kash -> J. Jordan -> Melania
>>CentCom -> NG Activity worldwide
>>FULL Bore, coordinated coverage blackout on 45 tonight at #MarALago

“Time to show the world

[I hope you can read that above]


I had to work last night, so I was only able to watch Trump’s speech as a replay, but apparently, the mainstream news outlets were seriously messing with the feed, and/or breaking away from the speech to give “commentary”.

Quick un-messed-with coverage on RSBN (5 mins):

“Nancy Drew” has his entire speech on her channel. You can watch it HERE on telegram (45 mins).


If you are a member of Charlie Ward’s Insider’s Club, or want to join — a great chat is happening today:



A few military planes were out & about in the US yesterday!

From Derek Johnson:








In other news–

Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File this morning that could maybe help you with your tinnitus!! Maybe…

Warren claims his tinnitus is so bad that other people can hear it. I think this is nonsense and have told him so, but he says the reason I can’t hear his tinnitus is because my own tinnitus drowns it out…” You can read it in full HERE.

And don’t forget! If you live in Adelaide — this is happening tomorrow!

And also, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis’ Australian Carnage tour kicks off in Adelaid on Tuesday. You can buy tickets here.


That’s it, gang.

Enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are in the world. Clearly, awesome stuff is happening out there. Stay alert and stay vigilant!!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


I leave you with some absolutely fantastic driving music! Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ “Running Man’s Bible,” from their massive hit album, MOJO (2010). Enjoy!!

Good God! What a Night…

Boots to the ground again, gang.

Whatever that was last night, I sure don’t know.

I was increasingly nervous as last night approached, because I couldn’t really believe that President Trump was finally going to do away with comms & optics & signaling, and simply speak in plain language about what was really going on out there. However, I was really hoping he was finally going to do that.

But I was also getting nervous about the prospects of full-on Martial Law happening because of it.

It even seemed like he might say something publicly about (fake) Biden being a pedophile :

From Phil — yesterday afternoon:

“I think this was not because of health.”

BREAKING: Joe Biden Abruptly Cancels G20 Meeting Amid Reports of Serious Health Concerns
‘They called an early lid. So we will keep you posted’…”

But I was also worried that the “announcement” wasn’t going to amount to anything at all. That it would just be more of the same — comms & optics & signaling that only the Q Patriots seem to grasp. Getting us no closer to being able to speak publicly about all the atrocities, the rigged elections, the satanists and cannibals that have been running (and ruining) this world.

Alas. It was, indeed, more of the same. A sort of rally loaded with comms, but this time in the luxurious ballroom at Mar-A-Lago.

It was depressing, to say the least. The chats exploded with all sorts of outrage and grief.

Phil said (among other things on his private chat):

“Over the past 2 years, I have learned to back away before making emotional statements.

Right now, it is best that I back away, process what I just heard with my own ears, and come back at some point tomorrow.

I will say this: There is something we are missing.

I just don’t have the answer yet.

But I will.”

SGAnon had a lot to say as the evening wore on, but his initial response:

“Like many of you, I am concerned.

Very interested to see where this goes”

And he ended the night with this:

“I share the concerns of All of you. This announcement has the potential to directly affect my young one re: the k!llshots

2 slow, peaceful deep breaths, and then read the rest

This is a moment.
To be better.
To be The Few.
This is that moment where pain from battle must be turned to logic and calm focus.

>The US NG remains forward deployed, fully federalized, and running ops
>Brandon has never set foot in the US Pentagon

We press forward, for the Children.

‘Night all


And from Derek Johnson:

“More Comms in the speech.

It’s a public DISTRACTION from the
Operations going behind the scenes.

NOW & 2024…

Especially with the New York Times reporting Military Tribunals coming mid-2023.

NOTHING is off the table.

He did NOT concede in this speech. Announcing 2024 isn’t conceding.

He also said something about 2020, Biden, and AMERICA can’t take two more years til 2024

It’s a “Look Here Not There” going on.

It’s ALSO another form of WAKE YOUR ASSES UP and make your voices known in your communities while the Military continue Operations.

More to come… 🇺🇸”

And he ended the night with:

“Keep jumping ship ‘Americans’ who don’t know your History and Optics 🔥 Nothing is a coincidence…

Lead, Follow, or Get out the way 💯🇺🇸 #Nov15″

There were also false flags going on late yesterday — Ukraine sent a missile into Poland and blamed it on Russia. CIA/Mossad set off a car bomb in Istanbul, which lit up the whole night sky.

And “Nancy Drew” was following something very curious in DC yesterday:

“3 Federal Protection Service Agents outside of the DOJ at 2pm.
Unfortunately, there is no way for me to know exactly what their business is there today. What I do know, is this is not a common occurrence. I am by the Capitol now, it looks just the same. That hotel I was talking about in my live is being carefully guarded. Chits hitting the fan here. I wish I could stay longer but have to head home now. Let’s see what this announcement brings”

So there were other things at play that we couldn’t see.

And it is still very worthwhile, listening to this short audio file SGAnon released yesterday afternoon, especially because of what he has to say about Putin and Ukraine (8 mins):

And — interestingly enough — Dan Scavino posted to Truth Social very very early this morning, for the first time since November 7th.

I can’t embed it here, but it’s an image of the Trump Derangement meter going off the chart. (You can see it at the link above.)

So, clearly, SOMETHING big really was going on but I sure don’t know what.

If you missed it, you can watch the replay here (1 hr 15 mins):

One nice thing Trump did assure us of, though — Nancy Pelosi is indeed gone, baby, gone. (“She is in another country — fired,” he said. Does this mean “firing squad at Gitmo”?)

Only time is going to tell us what the heck last night was all about. All I know is that for the last few days, I was extremely apprehensive and nervous. Yet, this morning, I woke up in the most incredibly happy mood…

So we shall just wait and see, gang.


In other news —

Nick Cave sent out an amazingly beautiful Red Hand File early this morning. It was a wonderful thing to wake-up to after such an insane night. He said, in part:

“…and it affords us, among other things, the great privilege of being wrong; we feel supported in our unknowing and, in the sincere spirit of inquiry, free to move around the sometimes treacherous waters of ideas. A good faith conversation strengthens our better ideas and challenges, and hopefully corrects, our low-quality or unsound ideas.[…]”

You can read it in full here.


And that is it for today, gang.

I imagine I will stay glued throughout the day to Phil and SGAnon and Nancy Drew and Derek Johnson.



Enjoy your day, wherever you are in the world.

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Game Over (& Over & Over & Over)

SGAnon announced last night that his role is over now, as far as intel goes.

He will continue to help us decode comms, but only one Truther remains in the game now…

SGAnon had many interesting posts throughout the day/evening yesterday — you can find them HERE on Truth Social.

Here is his audio file upload from last night, with his final intel drop —

Kamala Has Left the Building | Military Brilliance in US Midterm Elections | Enjoy the Show (28 mins):


Simon Parkes had an update this morning to try to help all of us figure out what the heck just hapened, however he doesn’t actually tell us what the heck just happened —



And Phil kept us busy all evening with excel spreadsheets….and then his first few posts from this morning were:

“Wait until I we show you how bad the fraud was 😏”

“Everyone, relax.

We got this.”

“I warned everyone, for many weeks now, that the Midterms could not occur due to the same systems being in place. There’s simply no reason to believe any of the fraudulent mechanisms from 2020 would not still be present in 2022 (and beyond), without major election reform.

Just because there are some good candidates for office means nothing. Donald Trump was the most popular human being to ever run for office. Yet he “lost” to a geriatric who barely campaigned.

Why did anyone think this election would be different?

I gave you all 3 possible scenarios:

1.) the midterm elections would be canceled (most likely)

2.) the midterm elections were safeguarded, and accurate results would be tabulated (least likely)

3.) the midterm elections were still rigged, and the White Hats set up a major sting to expose ALL (moderately likely)

The WH’s have decided on option 3.

Now watch how this all plays out 😎”

“What happens if:

1.) The Republicans assume majority control of the House

2.) The Republicans assume majority control of the Senate

3.) Election fraud from the midterms of 2022 is revealed to the new Congress

What happens then? How do you think they will vote once it’s revealed?”


So, in summation — by Friday Nov. 11th, we are supposed to see the military make a move regarding the election fraud which took place yesterday, tying it to 2020.

Then Nov. 15th, Trump makes some sort of announcement.

I guess we will see. We’re still supposed to be really happy by Christmas….


If you want to follow what is happening on the streets of Brazil, go here:

The Brazilian Report


An announcement from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich — (watch video at link, 3 mins):

“☀️ ICIC – International Crimes Investigative Committee ☀️

The German-American attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is determined, in continuation of his work over the last two years. To contribute to the investigation of these crimes with his new team and to make the perpetrators of these crimes visible.

At the same time, ICIC will track down and publicise alternative proposals for new ways of life, forms of social organisation and networks that are already sprouting like mushrooms worldwide from the creative potential of the many people affected by these crimes.

Thank you for still supporting us!”


From Candace Owens & Blexit, posted on Instagram:


And in other news–

Nick Cave sent out a really moving Red Hand File yesterday, about his son Earl and how his son has managed to thrive, even after the death of his twin brother.

“…I don’t know what lives inside of Earl, what he has had to endure, but he is a strong, funny, extraordinarily kind young man with a razor-sharp wit and a warm, generous laugh, and he seems to me to be doing well…”

You can read it HERE.


Okay, that’s all I’m going to post today. Lots of really unhappy, confused, dumbfounded Americans out there this morning. I don’t want to stir that pot.

I guess, we’ll just wait on Phil. How does that sound?

Enjoy your day, wherever you are in the world.

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I love you guys. See ya!

Never Forget.

Plenty of Fog and Not Much Else

I got on Truth Social, and this post was front & center. Dr. C17 reposted InevitableET, and I think it sums things up pretty succinctly:

“Think all recently:
-Queen “just died”
-PMs in England in a state of constant flux
-Xi going for unprecedented 3rd Term 2022
-Putin able to continue as President in 2024
-Israel 4th PM elections in 2 years- 11/1
-2022 US Midterms 11/8
-Trump signaling Q comms HARD on Truth Social
-Elon got Twatter
-Kanye got Parler
-FB bleeding money

-All while Dem lovers quarrels are spilling out into the open as they simultaneously fall apart at the seams like they literally got caught w/their pants down”

[That Paul Pelosi thing is just utterly fake, gang. I think this is what happens to you when you didn’t agree to cooperate with your arrest– your reputation, after you’re gone, baby, gone (?) will be in the garbage.]


Jack Posobiec had some great footage of Bolsonaro supporters blocking the Sao Paolo airport.

BREAKING: The airport in Sao Paulo has reportedly been blocked by Bolsonaro supporters” [view HERE]


ULTRA Pepe Lives Matter also had some great footage on telegram:

“Brazilians are using cranes and construction trucks to block roads and airports.
They aren’t gonna take it.” [watch HERE]


Yesterday, SGAnon posted about the truth of the Titanic sinking, and showed some vintage newspaper headlines that claimed “no lives were lost”:

“To help the sleepers understand the gravity of why we are, where we are.
They have owned the information for hundreds of years. In fact, several other large print publications of 1912 reported no casualties from the Titanic sinking.

Information = Influence = Control = Power

But no more.

>>We are the news now<<

Bonus Points:
What was The Creature from Jekyll Island, and how did it and the Titanic tragedy relate?
What are the correlations?
What happened in 1913?”

If you missed his audio file about the Titanic & Jekyll Island a couple months back, it is here:

The True History of the Titanic | The False Flag and Satanic Sacrifice that Started it All (35 mins):


Phil rescheduled his livestream for tonight at 7PM Eastern time.


I’m not sure what to say about the apparent arrests of Gregg & Catherine (True the Vote). Phil went out of his way the other night to make sure we believed that Gregg & Catherine are not to be trusted.

However, allegedly, at least Gregg is NSA (?) Now they are both FBI informants? Trump is still championing them for their documentary about the vote fraud, 2000 Mules. (Although, he also stood by Fauci during the scam-demic, to ensure he was in the spotlight and that none of us would ever forget that repugnant little monster.)

So — optics? Psy-op? A great big bunch of hullaballoo to make sure they all draw attention?

From MJ Truth, reposted on Phil’s chat the other night:

“Fam- some information has been brought to my attention and I’ve been sitting on it, praying on what to do with it.

I understand this may stir some pots… please know it’s definitely not my intention, but for the sake of transparency & those who attended The Pit with me, I believe this is something we should know.

Public available court documents (Found Here) show that Catherine & Gregg admit under oath to being CI’s (confidential Informants) for the FBI.

You need a CL account to view the court docs, but Here is a public available article (https://www.courthousenews.com/federal-judge-holds-tight-lipped-chiefs-of-election-denial-group-in-contempt/) transcribing the events of the proceedings. Paragraph 3, which States….

“With U.S. District Judge Kenneth Hoyt threatening them with fines and arrest in a contempt hearing Thursday, they took the witness stand and alleged they were working as confidential informants for the FBI from 2021 to May of this year, helping with an investigation of Konnech Inc., a Michigan-based company that sells software to help manage election equipment and poll workers.”

Further down it states….

“Engelbrecht said she and Phillips lost their FBI confidential informant status in May after the criminal division of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, which had been working with the pair on election fraud investigations, started calling different FBI offices and inquiring about them.”

What does all this mean?

I honestly don’t know and I think it’s still too early to tell and it’d be very wise on our part TO WAIT and see how this plays out. It would be very harmful to make statements under oath and it not be true.

They’ve done a ton of good work and they are highlighted constantly by Trump as doing good work. I’m remaining opinionless on this for now. I just felt it should be known.

The fog of war is thick. Disinformation is necessary. There are more good people than bad. Remember what I shared earlier (https://t.me/candlesinthenight/46164)

Continue to pray for God to lead us. 🙏

~ MJ”


I’m guessing that all we can do, yet again, is wait and see.

That’s really it for today, gang. The Fog of War is overwhelming. Even while Brazilians are blocking the airport, this was on Derek Johnson‘s channel last night:

“Wahoooo! Another shipment of Soccer Balls coming to the U.S. Thank you Brazilian Military 🧌☠️🤣”

So we cannot possibly know the true extent of what is underway right now, anywhere in the world.

We just have to stay alert, use discernment if at all possible, and just wait and see.

In other news–

Nick Cave sent out a wonderful Red Hand File yesterday, all about why he encourages a 62-year-old fan to learn to play the guitar, even if it is a fool’s errand!

“…personally, I have a lot of time for fool’s errands. Many things of genuine artistic value seem to start as such – needless and profitless ideas that find, in time and to our complete surprise, their value.”

You can read it here.

And that is it for today. Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!

The Sound of Quasi-Silence

Really intense silence, gang. Not much at all to post today.

But first off — if you head over to Phil’s chat right now you can join today for a very limited tme, then he will be making it private again.


Also, from Phil this morning:

“Message to my private chat earlier today” (meaning around 5am today)

Phil also posted a very strange thing yesterday about a close colleague in his PSI business that I found disturbing, but it could be something to take only at face-value. It was similar in tone to his strange video in his car the other day — creating this feeling that everyone is sort of “turning” on him, which I don’t believe is true. Optics.


I’m guessing everyone knows this by now– (I believe the Liz Truss thing was a psy-op of some sort from start to finish)–

From JFK TV:

“BREAKING: Liz Truss resigns after 44 days, making her the shortest PM in history, amid the collapse of her government due to gross economic mismanagement

Liz Truss lasted less than two months as British PM. You could say she made “herstory” with this incredible feat.”


A new interview with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, this one in Sweden, but interview is in English–



The interviewees in this interview are Reiner Fuellmich and the Swedish founder of KNAPPTRYCKARNA Uffe Bejerstrand

In this interview with Reiner Fuellmich, the realities we live in are shared, including court rulings, ”plandemic”, fear and the future.

The effects of the PCR TEST FRAUD and the effects of the so-called ”vaccines” that harm and kill humanity in general and systematically is also in focus in the interview.

The depopulation agenda, the genocide, is a planned agenda, the facts and evidence are fully traceable, this is the reality. Very important information emerges, spread the interview further in all your networks.

The interview also raised the issue of genuine direct democracy, including back to basics, humanity clearly wants to survive this complete ongoing madness.

From Sweden, the founder of a direct-democratic FOLK MOVEMENT KNAPPTRYCKARNA Uffe Bejerstrand is present and in that part both Reiner Fuellmich and Uffe Bejerstrand have contact since earlier.”

Interview is HERE (1 hr)


From the Gateway Pundit

“The Real Reason Latinos Are Leaving the Democratic Party: We Are Not “Woke”, We Are Awake

Despite what you may have heard from CNN or some other leftist mainstream media outlet – the Latin community is leaving the Democratic Party in droves. CNN and the fake news media still think the left has a stranglehold on Latino voters stating “Republicans have demonized Latino immigrants to score political points” – implying that Latinos aren’t smart enough to make their own voting choices based on principles or that Republicans have somehow misled us to switch parties.

The problem with this view is that the media is still living in the pre-Trump world – a world where it was easier to hide the real Democratic Party agenda behind lies and government handouts. […]}

[full article here]


From Derek Johnson yesterday, 1:45 PM Eastern time:

“A lotta Military in the sky right now 😎🇺🇸”


SGAnon had lots of interesting posts — mostly Q-related — on Truth Social yesterday. you can follow him HERE

The most interesting one was probably this re-Truth between Devin Nunes and Kash Patel:

“I don’t even need to explain this decode to each of you.
11 Days left.
How many days of darkness?

And this was posted to SGAnon’s rumble channel

“Nuclear terrorism.
Russia – Ukraine
WeThePeople vs. the NWO
Stakes couldn’t be higher.


RussiaTV Reports Preparation for Nuclear False-Flag-Event by Ukraine | To be Blamed on Russia (57 seconds):


From Chris Sky

“This Dr in the UK is doing whats RIGHT. And people are listening!”


Nancy Drew” had a 40-minute video, showing just how EMPTY DC actually is:

“A tour of the Govt District in DC” [watch here]


And that’s really it , gang.

Once again, plenty of optics, psy-ops, chaos and noisy chatter out there. But actual “news” — ????

In other news, however….

Nick Cave posted a Red Hand File yesterday, wherein he spoke at length about his beliefs about the importance of music:

“...Music at its very essence is a force for good. It has an inherent moral magnitude. At its core music has the capacity to improve matters, to reform the condition of the heart by appealing to the better angels of our nature.”

You can read it in full HERE.


James Tabor had another great installment about the Jesus Dynasty, and Jesus’ Davidic bloodlines. After Jesus’ brother, James, was murdered in 63 AD, his brothers Simon, then Jude, take over the Jesus Movement. Incredible stuff, gang, but violent & not for the faint of heart.

After James: The Jesus Dynasty Survives and Continues (16 mins):


That’s it, gang.

Enjoy your Friday wherever you are in the world.

Stay alert!! Use discernment if at all possible, it’s not easy right now!!!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


In honor of Tom Petty’s birthday yesterday, I played the CD Into The Great Wide Open (1991) several times! I love that album, but here are 2 songs that are my favorites: “All the Wrong Reasons”, and “Built to Last”. Enjoy!