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Good Stuff in the Air!

We’ll start with this happy affirmation–

From Shadow of Ezra:


George Soros. Gone, baby, gone.


Also from Shadow of Ezra, over the weekend:

“Watch Elon Musk for the next 60 days.”


And in my own personal opinion, I think this weird “Elon stepping down from twitter and being replaced by an alleged lunatic” — that’s some weird White Hat psy-op. We’ll have to see if it makes whatever is left of the normies go absolutely nuts…


I also think that Trump being on CNN was a weird White Hat psy-op, designed to make whatever was left of the normies go absolutely nuts…


Ditto the thousands of migrants allegedly storming the open borders (many of them grown men — YES! — identifying as women and children…)

(You can’t make this stuff up, gang, which is why I think these are White Hat psy-ops, designed to make whatever is left of the normies go absolutely nuts.)


Okay. In not so funny news — from the UK:

Posted to Charlie Ward’s channel:


Luckily, I don’t have children who could feel threatened by my constant Q-related blogging these last 3 years. It’s been scary enough just trying to protect myself, without worrying about the safety of others.

From “Nancy Drew” over the weekend — visit link for complete post:


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

“Injections from hell

In this episode of ICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich talks with Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries and Hedley Rees, managing consultant of PharmaFlow in the pharmaceutical supply chain industry, about the unconventional manufacturing processes of the genetically engineered covid injections sold by the pharmaceutical industry as ‘vaccines.'” (1 hr 40 mins):


Due to bad weather and tornado warnings, President Trump had to cancel his appearance in Iowa over the weekend.


Sadly, according to SG Anon on Truth Social, children are still being trafficked for sex online through places like eBay.

On eBay, 2200 EST USA 5/14/2023

$13,964 for “boys red track shorts”
SZ -> 10-12″

On eBay, 2150 EST USA, 5/14/2023

For reference: other “Kamik” snow boots on site are less than $30″

On eBay, 2157 EST USA 5/14/2023

$5000 kids Nikes?
SZ 6-years?
1 available?


Back to happier news–

From Johnny Depp on Instagram — in honor of the Cannes Film Festival getting underway tomorrow with his new film Jeanne du Barry:


And happy news from Nick Cave this morning, too–

From his Red Hand File:

I am going to take a few weeks’ break from The Red Hand Files as I am back in the studio from today working on songs for the new Bad Seeds record….”

you can read it in full HERE.

“Current office abandoned”


And I think that’s it for today, gang.

The fact that there is still not much real news, and basically no intel at all– I think this is a really good sign.

On the personal front — I have the next THREE days off! Then I also have FRIDAY off! At some point this week, the official final rewrites on the play begins. In the meantime, I’m undertaking a new short memoir. I’m so excited to finally have some serious time to myself!! Yay.

Enjoy your Monday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!


This morning, Bill Wyman’s official Instagram page recommended listening to this cover version of one of his songs. I really love it!

Jeffrey Halford and the HealersMississippi Flyer

She Never Saw That TV Show “8 Is Enough”

Yes, until Sunday, I had 8 cats around here. 7 rescued ferals, living indoors with me now for all 11 years of their wee bonny lives. And a huge, gorgeous, stray Maine Coon Cat who has made this her home for the last year (she comes and goes all day long, and she’s really, really feisty).

Sunday, however, one of my co-workers dropped off her two rescued cats temporarily — full grown, but still only about a year old. Also indoor cats, one of which is also really, really feisty and delights in chasing all 7 of my ferals…

Not only am I constantly distracted by cats suddenly running for their lives at any given moment, but I’m also really wiped out from the constant distraction. If I leave my laptop unattended while in use, I could come back to find that what I had just written has suddenly been turned into a mysterious code, full of numbers and odd dots and dashes and random capital letters… tiny cat feet, walking upon the keys.

And don’t turn on the shower without checking behind the shower curtain first. Visiting cats could be happily lounging in there and suddenly become not-so-happy…

And don’t start the laundry without first checking that a visiting cat isn’t hiding behind the washer or dryer. A suddenly bolting cat might suddenly scare the bejeezus out of you.

They’re staying with us until July 1st.

I’m hoping things will calm down around here before the week is out. We shall see.


Okay, so Phil did his live yesterday afternoon — and while he did give some updates on Tucker and Bongino, it was primarily about the bank crashes that are in full swing now. He essentially implored us to make a run on the banks. Get our money out of the banks and into precious metals ASAP, while there was still time… (and I’m thinking that bank runs also help the WHs crash the economy, while helping us get a higher value for our precious metals really quickly). If you missed it:

REPLAY – RUN ’em- May 2nd, 2023 (1 hr 23 mins):

Also, from Phil’s channel — a great tiktok video. I can’t embed it here, but you must watch it. Regarding Covfefe and 5G. (I have posted here in the past that Covfefe –cobalt and iron x 2 — somehow removed the harm from 5G, but I didn’t understand how it worked until I saw this video today). A must watch.

“Told you we took it down”


From “Nancy Drew” —

“A screenshot from the video in Scotland. President Trump. There’s def more to this visit……”


Here’s a photo that says it all —

From il donaldo trumpo:



Front Porch Live May 2 2023 (33 mins):


Dan Bongino – An Interesting Turn in the Tucker Story (Ep. 2002) (55 mins):


I wish more people spoke like this today. I love this guy!


On a related personal note — loyal readers of this lofty blog know that I spent a lot of years (decades) studying the writings of Jane Roberts and the SETH material and then after Jane died, the Abraham Hicks material.

In those writings, both Seth and “Abraham” maintained that there were no such things as aliens from outer space, no such thing as anything being shipped to planet Earth from some other planet, no such thing as climate catastrophes. (A lot of other interesting stuff, too, about vibrational frequencies, but the climate stuff is my main point here. Interesting, indeed.)



[sorry this video was removed ]




Medical issues answered — MAHONEY LIVE WITH CORI STERN (1 hr):




Babylon Bee (satire) – Is The FBI Listening To Your Phone Calls? (4 mins):


From Stew Peters — (I really LOVED this song when I was 14, gang!! He didn’t write the song, Paul Anka did, but he sure did sing it!!):

“I wonder what Tom Jones thinks about today’s society. He’s 82.”


In other news–

Nick Cave is attending King Charles’ upcoming coronation ceremony, as part of the Australian delegation. (Nick Cave is allegedly an Order of Australia Officer, “AO” — General Division – “Distinguished service of a high degree to Australia or to humanity at large”.)

Some fans are upset that he’s attending the ceremony (but, in my Q-related opinion, upset for all the wrong reasons.) Anyway!! Nick Cave replied, in part:

I am not a monarchist, nor am I a royalist, nor am I an ardent republican for that matter; what I am also not is so spectacularly incurious about the world and the way it works, so ideologically captured, so damn grouchy, as to refuse an invitation to what will more than likely be the most important historical event in the UK of our age. Not just the most important, but the strangest, the weirdest.”

You can read his full reply here. And it is quite charitable to humankind (if you include the British royals as in any way connected to humanity). Still, it is charitable and even sweet.


And that is it for today!

Enjoy your Wednesday, wherever you are in the world. If you haven’t already done it, get your cash out of the bank — leave only enough to pay bills. Invest what you can afford in precious metals. (Visit goldquiz.com to get started.) Keep the rest at home for now.

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!


Yes, you guessed it!! And I still love it!

Wow, Am I Tired!

Well, the good news is that they’ve hired someone now to open the train station sandwich shop every morning, so I don’t have to be out the door at 6am anymore and then drive 25 miles and then work for 9 hours and then drive 25 more miles back out to the Hinterlands… what a week!

I am exhausted.

BUT — I’m not in excruciating pain anymore, so that’s exciting. I’m really really glad I went back to the train station. (See a bunch of previous posts if you have no idea what I’m talking about.)

And starting this weekend, evening hours get underway again, so I should be back to working part-time there in the early evenings and I should have a reasonably predictable schedule again very soon. Which means I can be back on the blog again pretty much every morning.


Before I forget, Phil is supposed to do a livestream tonight, at 9:30PM, Eastern time. Check his channel later, to confirm.

Phil has had a ton of posts since I last updated the blog, but here is one from this morning:

“Loses track?


WH [white hats] got them though 💯”


From 3 days ago, over at Real Raw News:

Liz Cheney Hanged at GITMO

[…] “This isn’t personal; I take no enjoyment in my responsibilities,” Vice Adm. Crandall said. “You took an oath to our country—let me correct myself. It’s not your country. It stopped being your country the moment you betrayed the Constitution. You’re un-American. You, your people, you stand up there holding yourself blameless, no misgivings for what you’ve done. I pity you; I really do.”

The admiral seemed uncharacteristically patient. He gave Cheney more latitude than he had previous Deep Staters on the gallows… […]

[…] A Navy physician affirmed Cheney’s death and noted the time: 9:30 a.m., Monday, April 24.

Adm. Crandall had a busy schedule. He still had to oversee the hanging of two corrupt feds and then board one of several flights that would eventually carry him to Guam, where tribunals would be held for the foreseeable future.”

[full article here]

Gone, baby, gone


Regarding Issue 7 of the new GEORGE Magazine — the issue that features the interview with Phil — it had 2.3 million views in the first 5 hours that it was available online. You can still view it online or purchase it in print HERE.


Just FYI, gang — when you’re found dead by “an apparent suicide” and hanging from a belt or scarf around your doorknob, you were in fact an illuminati hit…

A new installment of “Elegantly Wasted” from Good Lion TV — episode 20:

Elegantly Wasted 20: The Murder of Michael Hutchence

If Colin Diamond, John Ibrahim, and others were to profit from the Michael Hutchence brand, the best way they could go about it was with the singer dead. And since they had the South Wales police in their pockets, don’t you think it’s relevant the INXS leader was murdered in that jurisdiction? The main suspects in this crime are reduced to three names: Colin Diamond, John Ibrahim, and Bob Geldof.”



Peter Sweden interview – BOMBSHELL: Contaminants in mRNA shots | Sasha Latypova (12 mins):


Dan Bongino – The New Media Era Has Begun (Ep. 2000) (54 mins):


The Ohio Connecting Consciousness group (Simon Parkes’ organization) sent out a great link –

Hyperbaric Therapy

How do you know if hyperbaric therapy is right for you? Oxygenation under pressure, besides the obvious benefits of delivering oxygen, also stimulates the immune system, accelerates your body’s injury recovery mechanism, and blocks the cytotoxic effect of some dangerous toxins. Internationally used indications include but are not limited to:

  • Post-traumatic brain injury
  • Sports injuries
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Memory loss
  • Post-concussion syndrome
  • Autistic disorder
  • Chronic headaches
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Lyme disease
  • Complex regional pain syndrome
  • Parkinson’s disease

Check out the web site here and make an appointment!


Nick Cave sent out another really great Red Hand File the other day, wherein he dispels the myth that the suffering of addiction makes for better art…

We often hear the grandiose presumption that the artist-addict experiences a kind of ‘holy ’suffering, that their struggle is special or somehow elevated beyond the ordinary heartache of the world. This is simply not the case and indicates little understanding of the nature of suffering or addiction or, indeed, art…”

You can read it in full here.


And here’s something that’s hard to believe!

Wayne called to remind me that it was 30 years ago, today, that we got married!! We are no longer married, but we remain extremely good friends… (yes, we got married on Elvis Presley’s wedding day!)

May 1, 1993
May 1, 1967


And that is kind of it for now, gang. It has been really hard to stay on top of things and work all those insane hours the last 3 days.

I hope Phil really does do his livestream tonight, it would be good to get an update.

Meanwhile, enjoy your Monday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


Yes, Wayne & I really did walk down the aisle to “The Hawaiian Wedding Song” from Elvis’ film, Blue Hawaii!!

“Hawaiian Wedding Song”
(from “Blue Hawaii” soundtrack)

This is the moment
I’ve waited for
I can hear my heart singing
Soon bells will be ringing

This is the moment
Of sweet Aloha
I will love you longer than forever
Promise me that you will leave me never

Here and now dear,
All my love,
I vow dear
Promise me that you will leave me never
I will love you longer than forever

U-a, si-la
Pa-a ia me o-e
Ko a-lo-ha ma-ka-mea e i-po
Ka-‘u ia e le-i a-e ne-i la

Now that we are one
Clouds won’t hide the sun
Blue skies of Hawaii smile
On this, our wedding day
I do love you with all my heart

c- 1961, Al Hoffman, Charles E. King, Dick Manning

Lots of Stuff Today

Well, I was so disappointed that Phil was not able to do his livestream last night because I have today off. He is supposed to do it tonight, instead, at 9PM Eastern. I will have to listen in the morning, though, because I have to be up at 4AM tomorrow.

Reminder — on days when I don’t post here, it is because I have to be gone very early in the mornings now and then work all day.


From Shadow of Ezra — the war in Sudan is starting to make sense now:

“Why is there a bio lab in Sudan?

Gain-of-Function research in Sudan.”


Posted to Charlie Ward’s channel:


This is amusing — more people care about Tucker leaving Fox News than about the fake Biden pretending he’s running in 2024.

From Aquila:

JUST IN – Biden (80) announces 2024 reelection bid despite concerns over his health and age and his propensity to misspeak on the world stage.”


Here in Ohio– (this Bill was co-sponsored by my Representative out here in the Hinterlands; the first time he’s done anything that I actually agree with. Hopefully, this is now because our beloved Governor, who was up to his eyeballs in child sex trafficking, is wearing a boot now and/or already at Gitmo):

House Bill 68: Enact Ohio Saving Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act

Sec. 3109.054. When allocating parental rights and
responsibilities or parenting time, a court shall not consider a
parent’s decision to do any of the following:
(A) Refer to and raise the child in a manner consistent
with the child’s biological sex;
(B) Decline to consent to the child receiving gender transition services as defined in section 3129.01 of the Revised
(C) Decline to consent to the child receiving counseling
or other mental health services for the purpose of affirming the
child’s perception of the child’s gender or sex, if the child’s
perception is inconsistent with the child’s biological sex.


From Yellow Vest Ireland:


Is Gucci on the chopping block now? We saw this coming when (1) Alessandro Michele stepped down last fall, (2) right when that inter-family lawsuit was filed, charging child-rape and torture in the Gucci family, (3) just as Balenciaga ads were featuring kids in bondage.

From Yellow Vest Ireland — tiktok video HERE:

“Now Gucci is following Balenciaga, but they are owned by the same people. Cancel Gucci!”


Warning from a follower of Charlie Ward’s channel:

“Well, ladies and gentlemen, I got my first experience with the Scam med bed team be aware and stay away”


From Quantum Stellar Initiative — (what Phil has also been saying for a couple of years now):

“Thanks for the pic Gabriel!

How many years have we been saying that silver is going to topdog gold? 😁🙈

Utility utility utility ‼️‼️

Silver is also in much shorter supply than gold

Double whammy 💥⚡️🔥

Some people might need to replace their sunglasses with spectacles 👓 and reread this 😂” [article here but with a paywall]


From Intel Slava Z:

“🇷🇺 Bloomberg writes that already 19 states want to join the BRICS. At the same time, 13 of them applied officially, and the remaining 6 – unofficially.

Which countries are in question is not reported. Right before our eyes, the largest association is being formed, which may well act as a real counterbalance to the traditional G7 coalition. In any case, China will remain the leader there, because the economy determines everything.

Obviously, the US, EU and UK will pretend that BRICS+ has absolutely no weight, so they will continue their usual policy due to high inertia, but this is not important. It is important to have an association that can form a collective agenda and implement it in its own interests.

However, there is no need to flatter yourself either, the process will not be fast. In addition, the presence of such a large number of member countries will require reform of the organization.”




From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

The Truth About COVID-19 Death Certificates | Dr. Scott Jensen

In the beginning days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Scott Jensen recalls an email he received from the Department of Health with a link to the CDC that advised him they were going to adjust the way death certificates were completed. (9 mins):


New music video from Mr. Goode:

‘Biblical’ by Mr Goode


Dan Bongino — 60 Minutes Goes Full Pravda (Ep. 1997) (55 mins):


AmericanEveryman – WITH AUNT BB: TALKING 9/11, TUCKER & DON, BOSTON BOMBING AND MORE (1 hr 28 mins):


In other news–

SUCCESS! Johnny Depp’s ‘Jeanne du Barry’ Gets RAVES As Cannes Film Festival DEFENDS Depp & Maiwenn (10 mins):


A spring sale is going on NOW at Cave Things!! (Shop Here)

And Nick Cave sent out a really moving Red Hand File yesterday, about the death of musician, Mark Stewart.

When The Birthday Party moved from Australia to the UK in 1989, it was partly because of The Pop Group. We truly loved them, were mystified by them, playing their strange, utterly unique music non-stop, barely able to comprehend what it was we were actually listening to. For us, cut off from the world in Australia, The Pop Group embodied the wild and creative promise of the UK. If we could only get there, we thought, everything would be all right, because that’s where The Pop Group came from.” [Read more here]


On a personal note —

An upcoming anniversary!

In May, my first book, the award-winning Neptune & Surf, will have officially remained in print (or in digital print) for 24 uninterrupted years! Yay!

You can find all sorts of print editions for sale online, in English and French. For instance, here, here, here, and even here! Just to name a few…

The eBook edition is here. Or here in non-Kindle options.

A couple of reader reviews of the original edition (1999):

“…Lewis’ work is characterized by hope; sexual instinct fuses with the life force, driving the characters, in an affirmation of life itself. Her message is ultimately positive, speaking to the human spirit…and the human flesh.”

“I adored this book. Marilyn Jaye Lewis is a first rate erotic writer. I read it more than once, bought copies to give to friends. Her characters are so human, their stories so well developed, and the eroticism is…well, truly erotic…”

A very brief excerpt suitable for all readers:

The love theme swelled and Nat felt a little caught up in the sexual
undertones of the film, as corny as they were. He found himself wanting to kiss that skinny white girl on the Ferris wheel, up there on the screen; it reminded him of Coney Island, of being in love with Rosalie.

When the movie was over, Nat stepped back into the neon-lit crowd. There were many more people now, taking on the usual temperament of Times Square. The streets were crammed with cars and impatient taxis; amphetamine-riddled hustlers darted in and out among the boisterous, rum-soaked Puerto Rican men, while sailors clustered on street corners and whores slinked closer to unsuspecting tourists, trapped in the lure of the neon.

Nat bought himself another beer and slid it into his paper bag. He was
frugal with money and kept clear of the bars, unless it had been a particularly trying ship he was leaving and he needed to go rutting. Even then, Nat had never spent fifty bucks on a whore in his life, and he was nearly twenty-five. Rosalie, or Gina—or whoever she was—was different; she was the proverbial rainy day for which he had always saved.”

from Neptune & Surf

c-1999, Marilyn Jaye Lewis


And I think that is it for today! We shall see…

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!



Yes! The incredible classic from Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers!! “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”!! Enjoy!

It’s All About the Money!!

Wow, the re-writes on the opening scenes of the play are coming fast & furious here this morning, so I’m getting to this blog post with a bit of a crazy brain.

However, our play goes into pre-production meetings at Soulpepper Theatre in Toronto, beginning at 11 AM this morning!!!

So, yay!!

Okay, gang. As far as the Q stuff goes, and the war — it all seems to be about the money now. The RV, precious metals. And a little bit of drips and drops about tribunals and executions.

On that particular note —

From Real Raw News this morning, as promised — gone, baby, gone:

Lori Lightfoot Executed at GITMO

[…] “Let’s get this over with,” Adm. Crandall said. “Carry out the execution.”

“You can suck my d***,” Lightfoot barked.

The soldier standing beside Lightfoot pushed a button, and the pivoting door beneath Lightfoot’s feet swung open, causing him to drop.

Lightfoot’s neck snapped, his mouth agape. A Navy physician marked the time of death: 10:45 a.m., Friday, April 14, 2023.”

[full article here]

[ALSO, from yesterday, here are all the details, including an insanity of pronouns: JAG Sentences Lori Lightfoot to Death!]


Phil will be going live tomorrow night but he hasn’t said, yet, what time.

Meanwhile, he is basically all about money now, too. Precious metals. The markets and banks crashing, and COMEX.

He just posted this short video. Watch it here.

“3 most important words of your lifetime”

[COMEX is the primary futures and options market for trading metals such as gold, silver, copper, and aluminum. COMEX is an abbreviation of the exchange’s full name: The Commodity Exchange Inc. COMEX merged with the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) in 1994 and became the platform responsible for its metals trading.]

Also From Phil:


What happens if the prices COMEX reports (for precious metals) are based on known, fraudulent information?

COMEX knows the prices aren’t real, because the reporting is not real.

What happens when that gets exposed?”

[HINT: Silver’s value goes to the moon!]


All this stuff can be stressful, gang, if you — like me — can only invest in very small ways in the silver market. But I think it’s also imperative to keep cash at home, in the event your bank completely fails. Because the actual “old dollars” we tangibly have will be switched out for the new US Treasury Note. That’s why it’s imperative to be holding the actual money, even if you cannot invest in much silver.

And look at this!! (Try it yourself, it’s absolutely TRUE! It’s coming, gang. The new US Treasury Notes, and Google is letting you see it.)

From XRP NESARA-GESARA QFS 3.0 yesterday:

“Punch in ” The New US dollar ” on Google, This is exactly what comes up.”


Okay, a couple of interesting posts from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

“Did you know?”



I loved this–





And in other news…

Nick Cave announces a series of readings in Europe this summer to promote the paperback release of his book, Faith, Hope & Carnage.

He also sent out a new Red Hand File this morning, wherein he talks about the meaning and the emotional value of the Red Hand Files. You can read it here.


And that is it for now, gang.

Enjoy your Monday, wherever you are in the world!! (And “Happy Birthday” Jesus of Nazareth!! — Oh, btw — the other day, I posted his birthday as April 17th 6AD, but it should have said 6BCE. Yes, that is correct: Jesus was born 6 years before Jesus was born…)


Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


I keep meaning to post this photo and now the photo above from Nick Cave’s Red Hand Files has at last reminded me!

Tom Petty posted this to fans on his Facebook page, at the close of one of his last tours. I just love this:

What the Heck is Taking So long?

Doesn’t it just seem like this is taking FOREVER??

Okay, so CIC Trump is on his way to NYC today:

“I will be leaving Mar-a-Lago on Monday at 12 noon, heading to Trump Tower in New York. On Tuesday morning I will be going to, believe it or not, the Courthouse. America was not supposed to be this way!”


In the Insiders Club video I posted here yesterday, though, Simon Parkes warned us that no way will they let the real Trump be in the courtroom (maybe not even in NYC)?) and to expect a body double.

Beyond that, we’ll just see.


A head’s up from Lin Wood last night – (Alvin Bragg is toast?):


If you saw the video I posted yesterday of the interview with Catherine Austin Fitts–

From Shadow of Ezra:

“The Federal Reserve activates the FedNow program tomorrow, which is basically a Central Bank Digital Currency.

This is the most dangerous thing since the inception of the Federal Reserve System.”


“End of Dollar –> New Alliance”


From Whiplash347:

“Believe the Truth on McDonald’s will be dropped this week.
How they have been feeding you Human Remains since 1940.
Q talks about Suicide Week/end in many drops.
A Mass Awakening has to start with something or someone that the whole world knows. [9] McDonalds

God Bless Those that have followed, now is the time for you to all stand tall.

With Finland going conservative now, also pushing for NATO entry so fast for Tuesday.
Think this is the time for the Sudzha Pipeline to be taken out, which crash European Oil & Gas companies like BP & Royal Dutch Shell.

BRICS want to launch Oil & Gas companies from China & India as well as just completing ARAMCO.

The Layoffs begin…The Rest Follows.”


From Intel Slava Z:

“🇷🇺❗️In response to Finland’s entry into NATO, Russia will strengthen its military potential in the north-western direction – Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Grushko”









Loza Alexander needs our prayers right now as he is struggling with cancer:



Chris Sky (Saccoccia) speaks at Trinity Baptist Church (22 mins):


Neutral Swiss – M E S S A G E – To All Humanity in the World (10 mins):


From Real Raw News — finally:

Military Arrests Liz Cheney

The imminent arraignment of President Donald J. Trump hasn’t stopped White Hat efforts to cleanse the nation of Deep State traitors and saboteurs, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News. On Saturday, United States Marines under Gen. Smith’s command arrested January 6 Committee architect Liz Cheney at her posh home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a ritzy tourist town famous for its mountainous landscape and majestic views of the nearby Grand Tetons.

The belated arrest comes nearly two years after a military court, in May 2021, indicted Cheney on charges of treason and interfering in the 2020 presidential election. In late 2022, the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps revised the indictment to include the charge of seditious conspiracy, a response to her role on the January 6 Committee, which sought to falsely charge President Trump with conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to make a false statement and attempts to “incite,” “assist,” or “aid or comfort” an insurrection. Our source said that Cheney would face a military tribunal to answer for her crimes against America and its people.[…]”

[full article here]








And in other news —

Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File yesterday, wherein he discussed his opinion on raisins and centrist politics — not related, though. You can read it in full here!


And that is it for now.

Now we just sort of sit tight and see what happens with MARKER 9.

CIC Trump is going to be speaking at 8PM eastern time tomorrow night (Tuesday), from Mar-A-Lago…

Enjoy this sunny Monday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys, See ya!


Great version….!!!

A Wicki Wacki Woo Kind of Day

Not much news, gang, beyond the band-aid they put on Credit Suisse, and everyone waiting for CIC Trump to get arrested.

From Intel Slava Z:

?🇺🇸New York is gathering security officials in anticipation of protests from Trump supporters in the event of his arrest on Tuesday. People are already rallying outside Trump Tower in support of the 45th president”


From Stew Peters:

“Save these men at all costs.”






From Phil’s channel this morning:

“It seems the best UBS could muster up was a little over 0.50¢/share!

It is likely that Credit Suisse was going to have to file for bankruptcy tomorrow morning, or possibly even tonight, for Central Banks to rush this kind of Bear-Stearns-esque shotgun marriage. This was an extremely slow bleed out, as anyone with two brain cells could see Credit Suisse was the worst one of the bunch.

By no means does this mean the banking system is out of the water just yet. There are literally hundreds of banks, plus a handful of broker dealers who could see bank and broker runs in the next unknown crisis.

Remember this is a game of “con-fidence” to them, Silver and Gold are money, everything else is credit, and most investments are derivatives held by broker-dealers who really own the assets, not you! Just like the banks own the assets – when you deposit with a bank, you become the liability to them! And both rehypothecate your Federal Reserve Fiat notes and common stock shares, so they can earn extra returns to pay out those big bonuses!”


(from 6 days ago)

Amazing Polly — Boom! Silicon Valley Bank has Epstein Connection (and more) (32 mins(:


And We Know —  Interview w/ Dr. Kirk Elliot. BANK Update, Invest in SILVER…it’s going up! Tangible assets needed! (35 mins):


Neutral Swiss — B R I E F I N G – CANADA – Brad Wozny (40 mins):




From Chris Sky in Canada — another illegal arrest yesterday:

“Meet Cpl Don Smith of RCMP Edmonton Airport. He is the one caught on camera assaulting a woman for legally filming in an airport and then falsely arresting and forcibly confining my wife and I, confiscating our property and banning us from the airport. All for simply trying to have our flight reservation honored. He also purposely deleted the EVIDENCE off the phone to try and cover his tracks! Add tampering with evidence to his charges. Everybody who believes his conduct is wrong should call and report cpl Don Smith and advocate for an investigation and charges. 780-412-5424 rcmp main headquarters alberta 613-993-7267 rcmp ottawa 780-890-4333 rcmp Edmonton airport.”


In other news…

Nick Cave sent out a really great Red Hand File yesterday. He started with this great question (asked by himself):

Do you ever find that you don’t have time to do your Red Hand File because you’ve spent all week writing songs that are starting to sound really good and you get to Sunday and think oh it’s Sunday I can write one today and then you realise oh fuck I have a signing of my children’s book ‘The Little Thing is Sad’ at Dover Street Market today and so you think I’ll write one tomorrow and then you realise that you are in the studio all next week working on the score to a totally brilliant Australian film called The New Boy starring the great Cate Blanchett and so you think fuck it and just grab pretty much any question at random, and just knock out a quick one so to speak. Does that ever happen? Does it?

And you can read the rest of it — about his taste in poetry — here.


And that is it for now, gang. Let’s see how this whacky day unfolds.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


animated Wicky Wacky Woo (great version!!):

“On the Isle of Wicki Wacki Woo” (Recorded June 1923):

“Wicky Wacky Woo” 1960:

Another Quiet Day in Bizarro Land!

Wow, gang, there is really just craziness out there.

I have only a few things to post here today.

But phirst and phoremost, on the Phil phront! (If English is not your native language, that is a play on “first and foremost, on the Phil front”.)

HIs live last night was very interesting. A couple of small intel drops — one about Fetterman, which we read about here yesterday. And one about Katie Hobbs, the AZ Governor who is soon going to Gitmo…

Phil also has a new arrangement now, wherein you can get extremely affordable health insurance through 7K Health without having to be a member of 7K Metals.

He also posted a number of very intersting posts on telegram yesterday. If you missed them, click here and scroll.

If you missed the livestream, here is the replay–

REPLAY — Health – February 27th, 2023 (1 hr 23 mins):


Apparently, our beloved Governor here in Ohio is at long last wearing one of those boot thingies!! He allegedly “tripped on something” while visiting East Palestine, Ohio, and hurt his foot — but, generally, the boot indicates he’s under arrest, with his every move being monitored before going to Gitmo… yay.



Sanity4Sweden — MEDIA TALKING N*ZI STUFF (5 mins):


From Real Raw News:

Military Arrests Gates Foundation Members

United States Special Forces this weekend arrested two senior members of the still operational Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, CEO Mark Suzman and CFO Carolyn Ainslie on charges of possession of child pornography, child endangerment, and child trafficking, sources in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

The Gates Foundation took a heavy blow in September 2021, when the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps hanged eugenicist and pedophile Bill Gates in a gruesome execution. The White Hat partition of the U.S. military seized a sizable portion of Gates’ domestic assets, including several properties, then liquidated them for redistribution to families whose lives Gates had all but destroyed. Soon afterward, the military arrested Gates’ estranged ex-wife Melinda, who turned out to be actor Kevin Kline in drag. He told investigators that he was a gender-reassigned flaming homosexual and that Gates had ordered the murder of the real Melinda because she was an “incessant, niggling nag” who couldn’t satisfy Bill’s perverted desires. He also said Bill had hired several other transvestites to portray Melinda, but had them executed, too, for not meeting his sexually deviant needs. Kline was eventually charged as a co-conspirator, but his military tribunal has been perpetually delayed, as he has assisted the military to identify and pin down criminal members of the Gates foundation...[…]

[full article here]


It’s a Trap, Again! (Ep. 1957) – The Dan Bongino Show (60 mins):


James Tabor — How Ancient Astrology is a Missing Key to Understanding Christian Origins (1 hr):


Nick Cave sent out a really great Red Hand File yesterday about Johnny Cash. About recording once with Johny Cash, Nick says, in part:

“…So we take our seats in our separate booths and the band start up the song and I can see Johnny through the glass partition and the moment the music starts I see before my eyes a sudden, radical and absolute transformation. I am not exaggerating. Johnny comes alive. He is quite literally taken by the spirit, as the years fall away and he begins to glow, growing powerful and possessed by some kind of thing and when he starts singing, his beautiful voice just runs right through me like a celestial force and I start singing and I’m sounding all right, and I’m deeply moved, you know, I’ve got tears in my eyes, and June is over there swaying and smiling and praising Jesus, and Johnny is singing his heart out in his dark, measured style, and it’s one of those moments that just imprints itself upon your very soul.[…]” [read it in full here]


And that is it for today!!

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!


Some music I’ve been listening to lately… from my wee bonny girlhood:

Something GOOD In the Air Today

I don’t know, gang, but something has definitely shifted. I can feel it.

If you follow Phil, you probably saw the cavalcade of posts yesterday.

Phil posted this yesterday afternoon, in relation to flat earth:

“Notice the cUrVaTuRe?

Me neither.”

And someone in the chat decoded it as Gematria that means it happens on Tuesday…

And something huge is happening in Russia today, from which there will be no turning back (?). Phil also posted this yesterday:

Anyway, there was SO MUCH posted by Phil that you can just click here and SCROLL. (Plus, Phil is supposed to go live tonight We will see!)


From Intel Slava Z — Putin’s speech today (click link and scroll):

“🇷🇺⚡️Putin : in early February, a NATO statement was made with the actual demand for Moscow to “return to the implementation of the strategic offensive arms treaty”, including the admission of inspections to our facilities. We know that the West is involved in Kyiv’s attempts to strike at our strategic aviation bases. Now they still want to inspect our defense installations? This sounds like bullshit.”



Very interesting to compare– General Flynn’s comments with some of Putin’s speech today:

“The intentional destruction of America is very real. Don’t kid yourself. Take time to read and reflect on my words in this speech below. We are seeing America “fundamentally change” right before our eyes.” [full speech is here]



Who else gave a speech??

From GEORGE News — (link has the text of the speech):

Agenda47: President Trump Announces Plan to End Crime and Restore Law and Order

Mar-a-Lago, FL—President Donald J. Trump unveiled his new plan to stop out-of-control crime and keep all Americans safe. In his first term, President Trump reduced violent crime and stood strongly with America’s law enforcement. On Joe Biden’s watch, violent crime has skyrocketed and communities have become less safe as he defunded, defamed, and dismantled police forces.

“Joe Biden and the ‘Defund the Police’ Democrats have turned our once great cities into cesspools of bloodshed and crime,” President Trump said. […]”

Agenda47: President Trump Announces Plan to End Crime and Restore Law and Order (5 mins):


Follow James O’Keefe now, and not Project Veritas…

“Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe Remarks to PV Staff: ‘I’ve been removed from CEO and Board'” (44 mins):


Send or Sign Your Brunson SCOTUS Letter: https://brunsonbrothers.com/scotus-petition/

Mel Carmine — Brunson Brothers and the SC case, The Fight is to Preserve The American Constitution of 1787 (1 hr 25 mins):


Posted to Charlie Ward‘s channel:


BLEXIT turns 4!! And Brandon Tatum has a request!

“Four years ago, Candace Owens and I got together and tried to figure out the best way to reach Black and urban communities and offer education and resources to escape the victimhood mentality. 

I knew we had to act. We had to do something. I was a police officer, and I walked in the communities that suffered the most from radical activists and the media. 

That’s why we founded the BLEXIT Foundation  — and I can’t believe how much it has grown.

I couldn’t imagine in my wildest dreams what we would have accomplished. 

Our team of 2 has grown into a nationwide movement of over 14,000 volunteers across America.

[…] To celebrate, I am having a friendly competition with Candace. I told her I would raise $4,000 today to celebrate 4 years of BLEXIT. And she didn’t think I could. […]”

Can you help him reach his goal today? Contribute HERE.






And in other news….

Nick Cave sent out a really lovely Red Hand File yesterday, where he advises a 13-year-old creative boy in Australia to:

Read. Read as much as possible. Read the big stuff, the challenging stuff, the confronting stuff, and read the fun stuff too. Visit galleries and look at paintings, watch movies, listen to music, go to concerts

“…Get awed on a regular basis, so that getting awed is habitual and becomes a state of being. Fully understand your enormous value in the scheme of things because the planet needs people like you, smart young creatives full of awe, who can minister to the world with positive, mischievous energy, young people who seek spiritual enrichment and who see hatred and disconnection as the corrosive forces they are. These are manifest indicators of a human being with immense potential.…”

Read it in full here.


And that is it for now, gang. We will have to see just where this fine Tuesday will take us.

Enjoy your day, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!


Imagine being an 11-year-old girl in Ohio and hearing this for the first time!! I never went back to the girl I was… Enjoy, gang!!!

More Snow, More Cold!

Today is my last Tuesday at the store, gang. And tomorrow is my last day there, completely.

I feel a little sad, a little stressed, but I’m ready for the future.

I will keep you posted on all that it entails…

I’m going to start with this video because I thought it was awesome. I just loved it. It is old — from 2014. But I’d never seen it before. From a news channel in New Orleans, LA.



Okay, this next one is not fun at all.

Just FYI — at the health food store where I work (until tomorrow), we won’t carry any products from companies that are owned by Nestle’s (including Solgar). (And I recall that back in the late 70s, we boycotted Nestle’s at our house, because of the forced labor practices — we knew about it even back then. But now it is much worse.)

This video was sent to me through my local Connecting Consciousness group last night.

Nestlé’s Darkest Secret: The Disturbing Truth (22 mins):


From Real Raw News:

Military Charges Jim Mattis with Treason, But He’s Fled the Country

United States Marines looking to arrest former Defense Secretary and Marine Corps General Jim Mattis on charges of treason discovered that he had fled the U.S. for Ukraine, a source in Gen. Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

Mattis, a retired four-star general, spent 44 years in the Corps, during which time he commanded troops in the Persian Gulf War, the War in Afghanistan, and Iraq War. He was later nominated as secretary of defense by President-elect Donald Trump and confirmed by the Senate on January 20, 2017. Their relationship eroded in late 2018 when Trump, against Mattis’ advice, pulled U.S. armed forces from Syria, prompting Mattis to speak poorly of Trump and submit a resignation letter. Trump has since called Mattis “the most overrated general in history” and a “not-so-good guy.”

White Hats now say Mattis was either a Deep State plant from the start or joined the Deep State after Trump rebuffed him. They allege that Mattis helped the criminal Biden regime militarize federal agencies such as the FBI, the ATF, and the IRS. Worse, they claim to have evidence linking Mattis to the Deep State’s Christmas Day assault on Guantanamo Bay. […]”

[full article here]


From Intel Slava Z earlier this morning:

“🇺🇦🇷🇺 Today, there is a horde around Ukraine, at least two and a half times larger than in February last year. Without “maximum mobilization” Ukraine may not exist. The situation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine has “critically changed.” — Ukrainian ex-Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko, who is now in Artyomovsk (Bakhmut)”


“🇹🇷⚡️The Turkish parliament does not ratify the protocol on the membership of Sweden and Finland in NATO under the current conditions – Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu”


From Aquila this morning — (kind of like Nazi Germany in the so-called final days):

“❗️🇺🇦 In a new leaked letter from Kyiv every male between 20 and 55 years of age are to be conscripted in Ukraine—regardless of family status, profession, physical or mental health, or any other consideration.”


From Shadow of Ezra the other day — I forgot to post it:

“Guess who is leaving NATO?


We posted this last June.

The End of Turkey.

The Return of Constantinople.”


From General Flynn yesterday:

“Spent some time with Dan Bongino today. Dan is one of the all-time top professionals in the media industry as well as one of the truest patriots I know.

General Flynn Radio Interview with Dan Bongino – General Flynn
15-minute interview discussion on the Deep State, Twitter Files and More. (listen HERE — 15 mins)

And here is General Flynn, actually SAYING it, gang:

“So many consequences since the intentional introduction of a biological agent into the blood stream of humanity. Many consequences still remain unknown but none are likely to be positive.

Everyone needs to share this, but especially women.”

Inflamed Lymph Nodes, Bright Spots in Mammogram Following MRNA Vaccine
Inflamed Lymph Nodes, Bright Spots in Mammogram Following MRNA Vaccine.”

[full article here]


Also, from yesterday. Intense.

Meet The New Face Of The Deep State (Ep. 1939) – The Dan Bongino Show (57 mins):


Phil — Replay. (I haven’t listened yet. I’m planning on listening on my drive to work. I don’t know if there is intel included here or not.)

The Age of the Earth, Part 2 – “The Garden of Eden” (2 hrs):


Okay, gang. Tomorrow could be a big day for the appearance of gold-backed US Notes and the RV. I just don’t know. Listen and decide for yourself.

Restored Republic news update (8 mins):








From Project Veritas:

BREAKING: YouTube Insider leaks “Urgent Guidance” document sent to employees on how to handle the Project Veritas Pfizer #DirectedEvolution video “Effective immediately as of 27 January 2023”

‘Violates the COVID-19 misinformation policy'”


Posted to Charlie Ward‘s channel:

“🚨17,000 doctors and scientists signed a treaty that declared:

‘Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech, Janssen, AstraZeneca, and their enablers withheld and wilfully omitted safety and effectiveness information from patients and physicians, and should be immediately indicted for fraud.'”


Great new guided meditation from davidji — Source Guided Meditation Upekka 15-Minute Guided Meditation (15 mins):


James Tabor — Understanding the Apostle Paul: A Two Hour Conversation (2 hrs):


In other news —

Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File yesterday that made my jaw drop. You seriously need to read it yourself, but kuddos to Nick Cave for speaking up for himself. When accused of being all about joy, love, and peace, these days — or a “Hallmark card hippie” — he said, in part:

“...Hatred stopped being interesting. Those feelings were like old dead skins that I shed. They were their own kind of puke. Sitting around in my own mess, pissed off at the world, disdainful of the people in it, and thinking my contempt for things somehow amounted to something, had some kind of nobility, hating this thing here, and that thing there, and that other thing over there, and making sure that everybody around me knew it, not just knew, but felt it too, contemptuous of beauty, contemptuous of joy, contemptuous of happiness in others, well, this whole attitude just felt, I don’t know, in the end, sort of dumb….”


And that is it for today, gang.

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world.

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I love you guys. See ya!


Just listen — turn it up LOUD — and have fun, gang!! It was a huge hit for a reason. Okay!!

Love you guys!!