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Yes, But How Was the Play, Mrs. Lincoln?

I don’t think any of us expected the U  S  S  u p  r e me c  o u r t to actually do anything yesterday but put on full display how c o r  r  up t and compromised by black m ail they are. So in that regard, they did a truly stellar job!

Since I wasn’t really expecting more than this, I’m kind of excited by what happened, if only because this brings us closer to bringing the covert m * li rtary control in this country out into the open.

Although, the P * triot S tr eetfighter report from last evening was kind of sobering, in terms of what the m* l i tary has been contending with these past couple months, in this nearly invisible war.

I guess terrifying is a better word than ‘sobering.’

If you follow the m * litary flight  patterns of Monkey W * rx, and the weather warfare channel, and Keyboard Operator’s posts about where the Naval carriers have been stationed, where the power outages have happened worldwide, and where the “earthquakes” have happened — you know that we are indeed at war.  But it’s happening practically underneath our consciousness’.

So when we finally hear about one or two of the truly scary things that have been intercepted by the U S m * li tary (including Space Force), it can really just rattle you. (Video is below– regular P * trio t Str  ee  t fighter live stream from last night.)

And the X  2  2  R e port from last night gives us a very good idea of what still remains to unfold regarding all the evidence of e l* c t ion f r * ud, so I wouldn’t worry too much, gang. Just try to hang in there and let this stuff unfold.

They are now saying that the fake C * VID pan d e mi c is scheduled to disappear in April. Just like that. (At least here in A  m er  i c a.)  So, hopefully we only have to deal with this garbage for a few more weeks. (And then spend the next couple years, sending these guys & gals to either prison or the sweet hereafter for their crimes against humanity.)

They’re also saying that nothing will happen publicly regarding rolling out the new c  o n st  i  tu tion and the new ad ministration and  new economic system until after C* VID folds. So let’s pray that they really are ushering this C * VID scam out by Spring.

And Spring, of course, reminds me of Easter, which naturally makes me think of Jesus of Nazareth (also known by many, the world over, as Jesus the “Christ”) (there’s that pesky Pauline Christianity again!!). Anyway. Yesterday, Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File wherein he finally explained something that his fans have been curious about for decades: What exactly does “Christ” mean to Nick Cave? It was quite an intriguing read. You can read it for yourself right here.

Meanwhile, no, I am not quite done with the new short story. However, I am really, really pleased with how it’s turning out. At this point, though , it probably won’t be completed until Thursday because my schedule is now totally full.

To earn money, I’ve been working 5 days a week in the health food store as a “wellness” practitioner, fully engaged in that truly sacred task of helping people heal themselves. It is something I’ve done on the side for decades, starting with my shaman studies back in the mid-1980s, with the Lakota Sioux Medicine Man, Red Eagle; then eventually rolling it into my ministry. But now it is 8 hours a day, 5 days a week of psychically connecting with total strangers — reading their eyes, listening to the words they choose to say but more importantly, tuning into what they aren’t saying and then guiding them toward what they believe in so that they can believe that I am the one advising them about what to do to “get healed”, when in fact, I am only embodying what they are trying to tell themselves.

It is a full time job — mentally and emotionally — and a really, really rewarding one. Really joyful. But the absolute moment I’m not there, I am catching up on all the podcasters and all the news, and then waking up at 3am to begin it all again, and to then turn it all over to you.

Life. For right now. It is exhausting. I am eagerly awaiting the New Dawn, where maybe I can go back to focusing on writing, 24/7. I know it is coming.

All right. I’m gonna close. Please have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: P*  t  r  io t S treetfi gh ter on Re v o lu tion R a dio. This is audio ONLY.  It is in-your-face upfront news about what is happening right now. This will eventually move to r u m bl e and you can then watch it here. ( 2hrs):

Below: The regular P*  t  r  io t S treetfi gh ter show from last night in Vegas.  This will eventually move to r u m bl e and you can watch it here. (56 mins):

Below: This was uploaded yesterday, but I do not know when this originally streamed because these guys were in Vegas over the weekend. But these are two of my favorites, as far as m* li tary intel and incredible minds. Mike J * co and J  u an O  S a v  in (1 hr):

Below: R* d  P * l l 7  8 News ( 30 mins):

Below: And We Know (33 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port ( 36 mins):

With All this Crap Going On, Who Knew There Were So Many Miracles?

Okay. Since the news is fucking bizarre right now, and the things they are trying to get us to listen to, let alone believe, couldn’t be more exasperating, I have decided to focus today on J   o r   d an S a th er ‘s video from the other day.

I posted it here on Wednesday, I think. It’s all about c h  l o r ine  d i ox ide. (Also known as M  M  S.)

If you have not yet watched the video, it will likely surprise you not one bit that the  f  d  a and big  ph * r ma want you to think M  M  S  is chlorox bl e a ch and extremely harmful to you.

If you stop using g  **  g le and Y ** T * b* as your sources for any factual news, you can actually find a whole lot of positive test im on ials from doctors, worldwide, as well as regular everyday people all over the world, who swear by its ability to heal a wide range of diseases very quickly. No prescription, no doctor visits required.

Imagine: The health of your own body, totally up to you!

Okay. It’s affordable and its everywhere.  People have been cured of  a wide variety of ailments, from malaria to herpes to allergies to cancer to autism. And this has been going on for decades, all over the world. So how come we’re not all using it?

The catch, of course, is that it’s an ordinary chemical compound and no one can really get rich off of it so they want you to be afraid of it, instead. Most importantly, right now, people with severe underlying health concerns, such as obesity and diabetes, have been cured of C * VID in about 48 hours after taking the chemical compound. So where’s the need for any expensive v  a  c  c  i ne?


Tr**p suggested using M  M  S  last Spring for C* VID and of course he was severely ridiculed in the press for trying to get people to “drink bleach”. (Of course, he was also really slammed down for suggesting that h y d r o chlo ro qu in e worked on C * VID, too, but where were the potential upcoming profits on the v a  c  c in e in that good advice? Nowhere!! Yet now, of course, all the evidence is surfacing that h y d r o chlo ro qu in e  does indeed work…)

Okay. So here is a link to a list of testimonials about the many, many diseases that people have been cured of, worldwide, thanks to M  M  S.

And here is where you can buy it online. Affordably. (Free shipping in the U S)

Chlorine Dioxide Kit with Citric Acid 2oz

You can watch the 30-minute  video again — J * rdan S * ther interviews An d r  e  as   K al ck er right here:

And you can watch a (1hr 49min) documentary, The Universal An ti d o t e,  right here. (Naturally all videos about ch  lo  ri  ne di o x id e have been banned from main stream and so cial me d ia.)

And here is the link for the pdf reference guidebook they recommend you download before taking M  M  S.

All righty!

Image result for vintage illustrations of cats in birthday party hats
Pick a party hat, gang!! It’s getting to be that time…

More intel indeed seems to point to our beloved h  i ll l  ar y’s death, AND that she’s allegedly been dead for about 6 months already. (Watch the online chat between Da v e Sc ar lett and S c ott M c Kay for more details on the prison  facility in green  land.)

In other — although non-related — good news, Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File today with very good advice about why storing your stash in a  jar of Vegemite and then putting the jar in the fridge, is a dead give away that your drugs are  in there… Read his advice while there’s still time!!

Okay, gang. What else can I say?

There is much to be optimistic about, when we see just how much is coming to light every day that returns our power to us.  It can be hard to focus on, when the news is so fucking off-the-charts insane.

And I also want to mention here that we should be mindful not to go off on our own witch hunts. For instance, there is a list of “celebrities” who financially and/or verbally supported the L in c oln  Project.  The implication of that list is that we should “cancel” the celebrities for being “p*do phile supporters,” when in reality what they probably are, are Tr **p-haters, which is in no way illegal.

Let’s reserve judgement on people until we know the facts, and resist the urge to make lists. Or let’s at least try.  We’re supposed to be legally allowed to have our own opinions in this country, and to express them, even if they totally piss other people off.  There’s also something known as “innocent until proven guilty.” Someone has to get back to setting these examples. Hard as it can sometimes seem.

All righty. Thanks for visiting today, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


Okay. Well.  On a less cheery note: You can visit the c  d c dot gov  web site and search for the Va c c ine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), where there are currently 7 pages of listings of the people who have died here in the U S from the experimental v a c c ine, with details of the  complications they died from.

Okay. Let’s get empowered!!

Below: A must-watch video of c ir st en w speaking with g  ene d e c ode yesterday. Don’t miss it. He explains in detail the horrors of both the r o t h sch ild agenda in Africa re: v a  c  c  ine- genocide, as well as present day m y an mar atrocities and why the m * litary stepping in is a very good thing for humanity. (18 mins.)

Below: Don’t miss this one, either.  Dave S c ar  le  tt interviews the P * tr io t Str ee t fighter.  Both of these guys have great m * li t ary intel, gang. So listen up and prepare for more miracles. They are on their way! (1 hr 26 mins)

Below: The P * trio t stre e t fighter, from last night. It will be moved to r u m bl e later today and then you can find it here. (2.11.21 #48) (57 mins.)

Below: And We Know. Finally able to embed the video! Public Opinion Stage SET! Optics are important! Pray!  And make a note of the 120,000 doctors and nurses refusing to recommend the v  a c  c ine. (35 mins.)

Below: X * 2 R * p *rt: P * trio  ts Will Not Telegraph Moves To The Enemy, But Will Light A Fire To Flush Them Out (41 mins)


Perhaps Not Optics At All But Actually Real Life

All righty, gang.

Well, now that N  a  v al  ny has apparently been sent to prison for 3 years, it doesn’t look as if returning him to m * sc * w was optics, but was an actual arr * st of someone who tried to ass  a  ss  i n a te  P * t in…

I guess time reveals everything, eventually.

Probably the most disheartening news today  is that Sweden is now  developing a vaccination passport that is digital and will be accessed through your phone. They are passing this off as a really happy thing, ensuring that, with proof of your vaccination readily accessible wherever you go, you will be able to “travel and meet friends”!!!

Now, how cool is that? Well. Not quite as cool as simply being a human being, free to travel anywhere you fucking want to go, with or without a phone, and with or without potentially debilitating  “va c c in e s” being administered to you beforehand.

Denmark has already begun this “vaccination passport” process.

Some older vaccines seemed to work really well. They really did. But the newer ones, the ones that caused big  ph * r ma to seek the legal protection against ever being sued by anyone, ever, for what their v a c  c in es might likely do to you or to your babies — even the v a cc  in e s that seemed imperative in the past (i.e. MMR) — are now causing scientists to  warn about the aluminum (toxic metals) in them penetrating the brain and causing autism and ADHD.

(Be sure to watch all those videos where scientist are giving testimony about this– the ones that are now banned from Y** T * b*.)

So it is extremely disheartening, in the wake of this extremely dangerous experimental gene therapy currently being paraded as a C* VID “v * cc ine” in order to hide behind that liability shield of va  c  c  in e s; well, instead of focusing attention on the alarming side-effects of this current “de-population tool,” countries are rushing toward these steps that lead to policies that violate the God-given rights of people the world-over.

Listen, people. Not only are doctors warning that this experimental gene therapy is likely to cause infertility in young people, at least one pregnant woman in the US this week, who got  the “va  c  c ine,”  had to endure the instant death of her fetus.

The w  h  o, which originally flat-out stated that pregnant women should not get the M  * o d  er  na v a  c  c ine, are now saying “it’s okay if her doctor approves it.” Huh? That sounds like b ig p h * r ma bribery in action, doesn’t it, gang?

Combine the death of that fetus with the possibility that the woman might now become infertile, perhaps never having another  pregnancy that will go to term — this is unconscionable. (Go to Americas  front line   doctors for the infertility details). (BTW, these doctors are now under harsh attack from  the L * f t, not only being smeared by dis in for ma tion campaigns, but also getting arr * s t ed and detained by th e  f  b  i. What is it they don’t want the American public to know? Well, it’s working, because people here are still not only getting v a  c  c  in ated, but they are also proud of it. Un-fucking-real.)

Okay, if you aren’t already on t  e l  e  g r  qm, you need to get on that app and follow w e  t h e m e di a for truly NONSTOP news all day long. There is so much news there (including really funny memes) that it becomes really hard to post it all here because it would just be a really, really long list.

I try to select the ones that stand out as maybe an item you won’t see everywhere else. Today’s pick:

Dentists say ‘m*sk mouth’ can cause serious health complications, including strokes

[…] “Gum disease — or periodontal disease — will eventually lead to strokes and an increased risk of heart attacks,” Marc Sclafani, a dentist and co-founder of One Manhattan Dental, told the New York Post about “mask mouth,” which is increasingly causing inflammation and gum disease among patients.

Another dentist and co-founder at One Manhattan Dental, Rob Ramondi, said 50% of his patients are suffering from negative health issues due to mask-wearing. […]

[full article is here] (While there have been NO research studies done that have proven that m* sks are effective against spreading a virus, there have in fact been MANY showing that m*sk – wearing does not work and in fact  poses severe health risks to otherwise healthy people.)

I took some time out yesterday to catch up on some podcasts/videos that were backing up in my queue. A number of them do not allow me to embed them here, but a couple of them do.

By far, my favorite was S e a n S t * ne chatting with the incredibly awesome j u an o  s a v in. You do not want to miss it, even though it is an hour and forty minutes long. Make time for it, gang. J u an is just an incredible source of information, with reliable i n t e l co nt acts.  The podcast was done a couple days ago, but it is still timely — looking ahead to the Super Bowl, etc, this Sunday. He is just somebody you want to make time to listen to.

(For [17] followers, this particular upcoming Super Bowl on Sunday has the potential to be an historic event. “Like a puppy show.” However, “puppy shows” actually are more sinister than you might think, since it eludes to the annual Super Bowl being a notorious human/s  * x  t r a  f  f  * c king event.)

I’ve also included a video chat between ch * r lie w * rd and s * cha s to ne, down below. It is from a couple days ago, as well, but still timely.  S a c h a is a unique individual with spiritual leanings that are more in line with my own beliefs so I love listening to him. He also has reliable in t el contacts, worldwide. (He is based in u  k;  ch  ar  l ie is in Spain.)

Okay, gang. Again — most of the podcasters below have r  u m b l e accounts where you can access the links to their news sources & personal web sites, as well as follow them yourself on r  u m b le. When you watch their videos here, they are already a day old. So keep that in mind.

Now. Probably the most important news items  currently:

Cave Things has a new Nick Cave charm available for pre-order! It is only £90 (plus shipping)!  It is allegedly the best charm by a rock star ever! Order one today!!

And, in other Nick Cave news…

Nick Cave sent out a new Red Hand File today that had this to say about the upcoming new Grinderman album, Carnage:

[…]CARNAGE is a brutal but very beautiful record embedded in a communal catastrophe.

Love, Nick

You can visit the post here, but I’ve basically just posted the whole post above…

All right, gang. I gotta scoot. Have a nice Friday, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. Thanks for visiting.


Below: It’s All About the M * l i ta  r  y: From a few days ago, and really long,  but it is really worth listening to! S e  a n  S  t * ne talks to j u an o  s a v in. (1 hr. 40 mins.)


Below:  Accordin’  to Jordan: J * d*n S * th  er news update – ATJ #25: Tr** p to Testify?, M* jorie Gr ** ne, Mike L ** de ll, a  o  c, Greta Th** b*rg, Vax Passport [2.4.21] (22 mins.)


Below: R * d P * l l 7  8 News: “Today we learn some info re: that C P suspect down in Florida who murdered two  f  b   i  agents, Mad Max ine W*  ters makes another incendiary statement about Tr** p, renowned mathematician proves the 2020 el* ct* on fraud, WSB death rattle, B* den making kids in cages great again, 3 Idaho N  G   die in b  l  a  ck  h  a w k crash, Wisconsin prosecutors come after k  * l e r *  t  t  en  h  ouse  and a N C teacher is an avowed revolutionary who may be influencing YOUR kids!”  (33 mins.)

Below:  P *  t  r i ot S  tr ee t r f i ghter:  2.4. 21: “Jeff B*  zo  s stepping down, El* n M*  sk announcing leaving  t w *  t  t * r, what else is coming into focus as C* b* l powers recede at increasing rate?” (1 hr.)

Below: X * 2 R * p o rt:  “The [**]/M * M are doing exactly what the p* triots want. They are now reversing everything Tr *** p has done and while they are doing this they are red-pilling millions of Americans. The [**]/Corrupt p o li  t  i cians  just opened the front door. Think Space Force and the im  peach  ment trial. In their im  peach  ment document they have brought in el* ct  * on fraud, Tr** p has the ability to counter the statement they made. ” (30 mins.)

Below: From Wednesday:  The always intriguing S  a  c h  a S  t * ne talks candidly  to c  h * r lie W * rd. ( 52 mins.)

Just Let Me Say This About That!

All right, gang.

First off,  for whatever reason, videos from r u  m  b  l e  dot c om are getting harder to embed. (Meaning, the podcasters are not offering the “embed” link anymore, or are very sporadic about offering it.)

S  c  o  t  t  M  c  K  a  y, who is the P *  t  r  i o t S tree t fighter, is sometimes on r u mb l e right now, and sometimes on YT — he is battling their constant attempts to ban him from Y T. Even though he offers his videos to be embedded, he also asks that people follow him at s c o t t m c k a y d ot us. You can sign up for his email alerts in the event of a full-on communications blackout.

Ditto with x 2 2  r e p or t dot c om. (He did not offer an embed option last night, either.)

I’ve also alerted you to get the f o x h o le dot app, for r*d p*l l 7 8 news and podcasts, in addition to a ton of other really cool podcasters located there. (RP 78 didn’t offer the embed option last night, either.)

For whatever reason, my data shows consistently that you guys prefer to watch embedded videos and you almost never follow direct links to anything, anywhere!! And that’s fine with me, but the information these guys give out every night is usually amazing stuff and I don’t want you to miss it. So if they won’t let me embed, I can’t get the video to you. You have to go get it.

And FYI, tonight’s P * t r  * ot S treet Fighter should be incredible, gang. He will have a guest on and they are going to be going over who has allegedly already been a  r  * ste d in D  C , H ollywood, and elsewhere. This will be on Y  *  u  T  * b *, but I don’t know what time — either 6 or 7 pm tonight. (It’ll be pre-recorded so you can access it anytime after that.) (Or if it gets banned, it will be uploaded to r  u  m b  l e and I will post it here.)

Also, just as a personal note: I highly recommend the t e l e g r am app, gang, if you want news.  I find that g  a  b  and c  l o u t hub, also bi t  c  h  u t e,  have way too many posts that are just personal comments or memes, and not enough actual links to news. Whereas t e le g ram is nonstop links to news all the time. I just love it. For me, it is a true “hub” of information ( and occasional funny memes). It was hard to learn how to use it at first, but once I figured it out, now it flows like crazy.

(For instance, I just now got an alert from t e le g r am  that the fake B * den admin has ended Tr **p’s policy to help fight opioid addiction. Okay, gang, to me, this is just proof that the B * den admin is fake and that he is somehow being instructed/forced to just literally dump indescribably awful policies and E  O’s onto the U S, in order to get more and more Dems to wake up as quickly as possible, because the m * l * tary needs to close in and end this fr*u d u l en t admin, but they need popular support in order for it not to become a bloodbath.)

That said — L * n W ** d released the link to all the new declas, unsealed docs in the Max  w e l l – E p s t **n case. You can access it here and it is a HUGE list of downloadable pdf files. (In add tion, there is a private pilot from the l  o  l  i  t  a  e xpress who is talking openly now and p  r  i  n  c  e  a n dr * w of   u   k   is once again implicated.)

Not related (!!)

— while I’m thinking of it. I have forgotten to mention that my newest erotic novella, 1954 Powder Blue Pickup came out in print last week and is now available in bookstores, nationwide, in addition to being an eBook on the publishers website. “Half-Moon Bride” is a very long short story, but not long enough to be released in print, so that will remain only an eBook for now, although the publisher has plans to include it in a multi-author short story print collection down the road.

Anyway, I have neglected to thank all of you who are buying the new stories. I really, really appreciate it, gang. (And for readers who are new to this blog, those new books are for adults only, and could be found very  offensive even to some adults!! I have had a 30-year career in the literary erotica market, internationally. And I have a well earned reputation for pushing the boundaries with my writing. So please be forewarned.)

Okay, back to the news!!

There was a N* tional T * rro ri sm Advisory System Bulletin released from Home  land Sec  urity yesterday, stating that there is a heightened threat of t  e  r  r  or  ism across the U  S  that they expect to last for several weeks.

Okay, gang. To me? That is really good news. Because, for some reason, I believe this is  a way to get tr  **ps out across the nation, as the m * l i t ary finally becomes public about being in control of the U  S   right now. So we can only hope.

Some less exciting news is that the fake B * den admin has some countries in the mi d  e  as  t  seemingly on the verge of war again. And while there seems to be cause for alarm in the f  a  r  e  as  t because of c  h  *  n *, the U  S   m * l i t ar y seems to be on the alert there to defend allies.

I am not a m * l * tary strategist by any stretch of the imagination, folks, this is just what I am gleaning from various reports.

Also, as mentioned in a Keyboard Operator video below, whoever is inside the W H, seems to be paying attention to s o ci al m* d  ia, because every time we start posting about the lack of lights there, the lack of family pets (dogs), those phone app-based announcements that the W H is permanently (or temporarily) closed — well, the next day, those things change.  Well, sort of. For instance, I think there’s a dog there at the W H now, and someone will now answer the phone if you call but will tell you that you have to call back, and the phone apps now say the W  H is open.

But, I seriously do not believe anyone is living there…

All righty. The only other thing of interest, is a micro-short video going viral this morning of Tr ***p on the golf course in F L and he tells someone he “isn’t done yet.”

Hmmm…. wonder who posted that, really? Frankly I don’t care, it’s just cool to have the occasional good word.

Okay. Nick Cave sent out a really interesting Red Hand File today. He discusses the emotional spectrum of what it felt like to write/record his incredible album The Boatman’s Call, how it felt after it was released, and how he feels about it now. This was/is a truly beautiful if often painful album of a relationship gone bad. To me, it only gets better and better with time.  So read how he feels about it at this link here.

I’m gonna close and get the laundry finished. Have a good Thursday, gang. Thanks for visiting. I leave you with the specific song Nick Cave speaks about in his letter today, the stunning love song, “Into My Arms”. Enjoy. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: K O update with Q & A. “Table set. We haven’t finished yet.” (18 mins)

Below: K O update, pt. 1. “Details of the stock event and Q & A. (34 mins.)

Below: P * tr * ot Street fighter:  “Strange activities at the WH, AF-1 is now a C-17 Transport for the B*  den Team. WTH is going on??? All YT Livestreams will be downloaded from here, uploaded to Rumble, then deleted from here.” (1 hr)

The Light is Breaking & the Earth Will Crack

Today is my 80th day in a row posting about the r * gg ed e l * ct *on. And this doesn’t count the months I posted about trying to understand what the fuck the C * VID “virus” really was.

And all the corruption that has come to the surface — more and more of it every damn fucking day — and this morning was the first morning I actually broke down and cried. The amount of declassified documents, emails, photos now of the horrific abuse of children by D  C  (and world) elites is just beyond  my ability to process.

I will point you in the direction of things you can look at yourself, rather than post them here because some of it, I can hardly stomach. But I believe you need the t e l e g r am app to access them.

Primarily, search for The True Great Awakening — he has posted all the declas info as easily viewed docs. You do not need to follow any links to read the docs. However, it will likely take you weeks to read it all.

Also, of course, follow for everything else: w e t h e m e d ia

Also search for: 2021 updates (#wethepeople): horrific stuff re: our beloved  h  i  l  l a  r y and true p  e   d  o nightmares. There is a pdf doc you can download and read, if you have the stomach for it.  But beware — once this stuff gets in your head, you can’t get it out.

I’m only posting about it because these people, who are back in “fake” power here in the U  S  need to be brought to public justice. Not just arr * s t ed behind closed doors.

There are reports on various podcasts that our beloved h  i  l  l  a  r  y has already been a  r  * s  t  ed (maybe even ex e c u t  ed, I don’t know) and that the strange woman we are seeing out & about is only a body double for her (also called “clones.”).

And I posted here about 10 days ago, about how shocking it was to see her in a video, bashing Tr**p as always, because she looked entirely different, like some strange angry old lady.  How did she age so quickly, I wondered — and lose so much weight? So there could very well be some real truth to all this — that she is now, in some way, gone. But these people need to be publicly held accountable for this trail of tears. (Using fast-food code words when ordering children for p e d o parties, where the children were not only r  a   p   e   d  but sometimes ritually and horrifically tortured, and sometimes even k   i  ll  ed.)

And now t  w  *  t   * r  is being sued by the U  S  g ov er n ment on behalf of a boy who, at 13, had been taped having s  *  x with s *  x tra  ff ickers and the  video was viewed on t  w  *  t  t  * r nearly 200,000 times, and shared 2,000 times. But when the boy asked t w  *  t  t  * r to remove the video, he was told that it didn’t violate their policies… (But Tr **p being p  r  e  s * d e nt does.)

When I think of all the friends and family who no longer speak to me (or barely speak to me) because they voted for B * den and think I am loony-tunes for leaving the Dem Party back during O b * m *’s regime — all these friends in the Arts, especially — even though they are ignorant of all this stuff and voting with their eyes closed because they are  brainwashed by p  r  o  j  e c  t  m o c  k i n g bird, and also too lazy to turn off the fucking TV — I get so fucking heartbroken, and angry, that they are supporting this shit. They are complicit in it, sort of by proxy, by  keeping their heads in the sand and/or listening to the constant bleating of the main stream m* dia.

On a related note — the S t a n d a r d Hotel in Hollywood is now closing. This is the hotel where, allegedly a ^^  d * m   s    c h * f  f was filmed having s  e     x  with a 10 yr old black boy, who’d been abducted and drugged, but died from an o v   e   r    d  o  s   e   during the r^ a^** p  e . And the ensuing cover   up commotion was heard by the man in the room next door. The man called the  l  a   p   d    to come to the hotel and find out what was going on.

The little boy’s body di s a pp e a r ed.  Oddly, the S t a   n  d  a r d Hotel is also being investigated for having acid on hand that is used for “shocking” a swimming pool but having enough on hand to shock the pool for about ten years, and  trying to dump all that acid…

Within a couple months, the man in the room next door who had complained — a  n  t  h  *  n  y  b  ^  * r  d   a  in — “committed suicide” in France, immediately after a visit from two members of the  m   * s l * m b  *  ys  — who were caught on video leaving his home.

The most important thing going all over the hubs right now is that something is decidedly amiss in everything we are “seeing” re: the o  v  a  l  o  f  f ice. As if it is a movie set of some kind. The room does not match the room Tr **p was ever in , or O  b *  m *, and there hasn’t been enough time to redecorate it. The room is simply a different room altogether.

Also, the view outside the windows of the office do not match, either.  There are many photos and videos out there now attesting to this. You can easily find them. As if they are being purposely leaked. They are on t  e l  e   g  r  am and  c l  o  u t hub. t  w  *  t   t  *  r, too, but I don’t have that app.

And the marines and soldiers are not saluting B * den. He is clearly a  f r  a  d* l e  nt  p r  * si  d e nt. This all looks like some weird version of the h un  g  e  r  g  am  e  s  movie. Also all those E   O’s   B  *  den has been signing are not being filed with the federal r e g  i s tr a tion  of f  ic e that files all  E  Os. You can look for yourself. B  *  d  e n  has “zero” E  Os. So what is he signing?

It’s all fake somehow. Seriously, people.

Also, there is a video circulating of B  *  den talking in the ov  a  l  o f  f  i c  e about X * vi er B* ce rra , when suddenly a voice-over starts speaking at the very same time and a man is stating that he (the voice) took a plea bargain to save his life — and audio techs are stating it is X * vi er B* ce  rra ‘s voice.

All this shit is so fucking creepy and weird, gang. And combine that with people in other countries who are stating that they saw the in a  u  g  u r a tion 10 & 11 hours before it showed here in the U  S; and  it came on here 10 minutes earlier than any in  a u  r  u  r a  tion ever before. (It is always held at noon.) That b  * den’s oath was a shortened version of any other oath a p  r  e  s i dent has ever taken. Then our l o v  e  l y  k  *  m*  l * is not swearing directly on the bible, but on her purse. She has placed what looks like her purse on top of the bible and is swearing her oath of office on that. You can see it in the photos, gang.

Plus everyone wearing all that purple… the c  o  l  o  r  g  u  a  r  d  r  e  v  o  l  u  t  i  on.

Some promising signs that the  m i li t a r y actually is in control of the U  S  right now (in addition to those gold fringes on the flags now): fed s t o r m tr **p ers were on hand in p o r t land to blast a n t * f * and  b  l  m  r * o ters with tear gas and pepper spray and actually really had those r * oters kind of upset. Go figure….

Some declas emails showing that Fancy-Nan seems to have had up to 2 weeks prior notice of the mob r * ot at c a p it ol bldg.

Former head of the V  a  t  i  c a  n bank is found guilty of embezzlement and $$ laundering.

And one really nice note to end on…

Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File this morning, addressing a fan’s concerns that the “world is shit” and another wondering if “shitty art is worth making”.

His reply was quite beautiful. In summation, he says:

“I’m just walking back from work, thinking about your questions. It is late and the night is dark and wet and the deserted streets shimmer in the rain. Saint Mary Abbots rises up before me, empty and eerie, its floodlit spire reaching into the sky. There is an insistent and loving space between all things and it is suddenly a perfect moment — a perfect moment nested in a shared human catastrophe — but perfect all the same.”  Love, Nick

Okay, thanks for visiting, gang. Go out and make it a profound day; find a way to add to the hopes of people and don’t just add to the misery, okay? Faith is in high demand right now. When others experience our faith it emboldens them. Just like choosing to not wear a m * sk sometimes gives others courage to do the same.

I love you guys. See ya.

Below: From 1961. A short speech. He could have said the very same things today.

Below: U  S  off icially declares that c  h  *  n* has committed g e no  c  i  d e:

Below: K O update (short):

Below: “The p* tri ots have set a plan in motion to take back this country, but before that happens the [**] system needs to be brought down — the entire system. Tr** p needed to sacrifice himself for optic reasons. He needs to be completely out of the picture, which means he is not Pr * s * de nt. Tr** p and the p* tri ots planned this from the beginning, the [**] players believe they won, they used their ammunition, they believe they can’t be stopped. With all the distractions there is one man who was left behind. Think mirror. (42 mins.)


Below: r * d P * ll 7 8  news, “B* b Ku dl  a returns after a holiday absence to go over the after shocks of yesterday’s “in au gur a tion”, the influence of C * P food consumption creating inflationary pressures on our supplies and Bitcoin brushing past all expectations.” (28 mins.)

Wait, Did I Say That?

Put on your parkas, gang, and your wool hats and mittens!! Because we’re gonna go visit Hell today and see what it looks like when it’s frozen over!!

Yes, that’s right: Even that Tr**p-hating bastion of  the c  i  a  ‘s P  r  o  j  e  c  t  M  o ck in g B  ird — aka c  n  n  — says the rush to i  m  p  e  a  c  h Tr***p a second time was likely a little hasty since:

“Investigators believe the riot at the  C a  p  i  t  o  l  was planned and not inspired by P  r  e  s  i  d  e  n   t   D  o  n  a  l   d   Tr *** p.”

Oooh. How weird.

Also, according to the X * 2 R * p * rt from last evening, the N  Y   Times also stated yesterday that the C*  VID virus is likely to simply disappear and prove to be “just an infection, like the common cold.”

You know, aside from the very real fact that both of these outlets (and just about every single other mainstream outlet, except maybe the N  Y  P * st) have caused this country a lot of damage by knowingly feeding the country f  a  l  s  e information and refusing to report the actual n  e  w   s (for years now), I absolutely had to laugh when I saw that c  n  n  piece this morning.

Combine that with the dictator‘s backpedal on l * ck d* wns the other day (that they aren’t any good for N  Y’s economy, after 10 months of his relentlessly hammering N  Y’s small businesses), and now these new items today — well, clearly the winds of change are upon us.

And not all of it seems to be based on this idea that B *  den is going to actually get into the W  H. Something sort of resembling “rational thinking” seems to be going on, but how it got past the c* n sor s is a mystery. But I guarantee you — it was not by accident.

And to continue to maintain that nearly 20,000 armed tr ** ps will be occupying D   C  by Saturday (there are already about 10,000 of them there now, and curfews are in place), when B * d e n is having a virtual in a u g u r a t i o n,  is just super, super weird, gang. (They are saying the troops are there because they expect rioting re: B *  d  e  n’s in au gura   tion — personally, I don’t see that happening, unless the 20,000 armed tr ** ps are there to ensure that the 10 people who voted for B * den have the city to themselves…)

Anyway. Obviously, something is up.  (L*n W**d, unfortunately, is predicting we will be at war with c  h  *  n * by the weekend. I did see that some sort of huge explosion happened in c  h  *  n * last night ; one dead, many injured. But I have no clue if anything is related.)

Also —  b*g t*ch  is now going after ALL  s * c * i l m e  d  i  a hubs that attract Tr **p supporters: now g  a  b  is being threatened to be pulled; a  p p l * is set to pull the t  e l  e  gr  am app from phones (which I am new to but now I absolutely love it). Of course, p  a  r  l  e  r was already pulled ( lawsuits underway, though).   And podcasters are having their p a  t  r  e  on and p *y pal accounts  canceled, so that they can no longer accept donations or membership payments.

If you were raised during that version of America when they actually taught you stuff in school, you will recognize all this silencing and canceling and falsely accusing and freezing of income as something the S * c*a list total a t ar ian ist re gimes have always exceled at.

And for people who were raised in the newer version of American public education — well, I’m thinking we should make it mandatory for people who think that S * c * a lism is viable, to go live under a S * c * a lis t dictator for, like, 3 years, before they can come back to the U  S  and run for any public office on the  S * c * a lis t ticket.

If they live through that and still think that S * c * a lism is viable for Americans, well, at least we’ll be able to see clearly that they’re out of their minds and we won’t accidentally vote for them…

Okay. Anyway.  T  X  makes the first arrest in the e l * c t * on fr* u d.  It happened yesterday. The woman is now in jail and charged with four felonies.  Her arrest was made possible by the kind under cover videos brought to us by P  r  o  j  e  c  t  v* ri  t  as.

A J* dge in M  I  is demanding the Sec of S t a te there to “release all coomunications with D * m * n * * n, F  B, A  pp  ll  e, A m a z *n, and g ** gl*.” (In connection with the e l * c t * on fr*ud there.)

(Yes, there’s still this great big e l * c t * on fr * ud hanging over us, gang. Which makes me wonder if B* den’s virtual in augur a tion will require us to wear Virtual Reality goggles in order to actually “see” it…)

(Methinks that many high profile folks in M I could be decorating personal c  e  l  l  s  at G*tm * soon. I guess we’ll find out.) (BTW: Visit this web site on a vpn, gang. It is awesome. Use judgment, though.)

On a serious note — don’t forget to err on the side of caution this weekend: stay close to home; do NOT attend ANY ra ll ies in St * te Cap it *ls; have extra food and water on hand and fill up your gas tank; expect maybe a power outage if you’re in a bigger city. Have cash on hand in case ATMs have no power. Just be prepared.

All righty. Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File this morning! He eloquently explains how he knows when he has written something worthwhile and what his songwriting process is. He also quotes the Bible regarding Mary Magdalene and Jesus — 2 of my favorite people ( 3, if you count Nick Cave). (And btw — my birthday and the Feast of Mary Magdalene fall on the same day: July 22nd. Coincidence? I think not!!) You can read his Red Hand File from today here.

From the Red Hand File 1/14/21

All right. I’m gonna scoot. I’m expecting today to be another exhausting news day.  Plus I want to make another pot of soup!

Thanks for visiting, gang. Remember to resist the Kool-Aid at all costs.  I love you guys. See ya!

Below: Listen to this, please. It’s 1 minute. (He suggests what everyone else on Earth knows: that Fancy-nan was in on the ri *t at the C  a  p  i  t  o  l):

Okay, for some reason, I’m no longer allowed to link the actual video from R*d P*ll 7 8 news. I can link you to the page, but you will need to go there yourself.  They are always really informative, gang. They are on r  u  m  b  l  e dot com, if you can’t catch them live on Dlive (or a couple of other live streams). And they last 30 mins.

Below: K O, from last night — jam-packed with amazing politics and military, as always (short).

Below: K O also from last night (short).

Below: The P  r  e  s  i  d  e  n  t’s speech last evening, after the House im  p  e  a  ch  ment vote, and also warning about the upcoming violence expected nationwide this weekend.

Below: I loved this (40 mins.):

Below: “[…] people understand that the great re   set is not in their best interest. The next phase of the global economy will be decided.” (short)

How Come She Knew and They Didn’t?

By now, loyal readers of this lofty blog have likely seen that, yes, there was indeed violence in D C yesterday.

A n t * f * infiltrated the crowd of p* triots at the Cap i tol building. And all hell broke loose.  Go figure… Who could have guessed? (Except all of us.)

Sadly, a female 14-year-Air Force veteran was shot and killed, allegedly by the Cap i tol Building police. (It is on video all over so cial m* dia, but I won’t post it here.)

And according to the R*d P* ll 7 8 podcast last night, a man standing near them in the crowd, before anyone even went into the building, died from cardiac arrest after a concussion grenade was thrown from police into the crowd.

2 other people died, but no details have been released yet, but they are thinking it is medically-related, like the case mentioned above. (i.e., a heart attack from the ensuing chaos.)

The ri o t er s who were video-taped doing the destruction of the windows, etc.,  and the one guy who was pictured presiding over an empty Congress have been identified as A n t * f * through face recognition software. Although some p * triots also went into the Capitol, after An t * f * broke through the door.

(Apparently there was wifi inside the building and so some of the rioters were taping it all and uploading it to social m* dia immediately. I saw almost all of it in “real time”, although it took hours before I got a good understanding of what I was looking at.)

If you listen to the R*d P* ll 7 8 podcast on Dlive (I don’t know how to copy a link to it here because it hasn’t uploaded to r u m b l e yet), they describe in detail exactly what happened while they were there at the Cap i tol yesterday. They also describe what I believe they called a funnel war game — where the police made it extremely easy for everyone to get through the first few fences & flimsy barricades, but once hundreds of thousands of people had funneled on to the grounds and the riot broke out, there were only 2 small exits, very far apart and difficult to get to. So as thousands of people tried to turn back and get out, thousands more, who were still unaware of the riot (because there was no cell phone signal for anyone to text or to contact anyone else), kept funneling in.


And their conclusion, based on a lot more than I’ve mentioned here, was that it was a setup to make Tr**p’s supporters look like “white supremacist terrorists”.

That’s what the main stream me d i a called them. As far as I know, A n t * f*’s presence was never mentioned on mainstream m * dia.


As far as the feared social m* dia c * n sorship, so far, obviously, I’m still here, however, as expected, they immediately blocked Tr**p’s accounts on F   B, Insta gr a m, and tw * tt*r, so his speech to his followers to try to remain peaceful and go home was only aired on alternative media sites. No one else in the country saw it.

Here it is below for your viewing pleasure. Tr **p has long since been evacuated to a military base in T X. (BTW, he gave his main speech to millions of followers in front of the W H yesterday afternoon, completely surrounded by bullet-proof glass.)

Okay, also on the c * s *r ship topic — L *n W**d has now been permanently banned from tw * tt *r but you can follow his comments  on  p a  r  l e r.

And this is some of what he’s saying: Now that v  p  P * nc e and con gress folded and certified B * den, the c o u p d ‘ e t a t  — a Capital offense of high treason —  has officially been committed. Now it is a completed crime.

He further says, many tr ai  tors will be arrested & jailed in the coming days.

You know, gang, as sick to my stomach as I sometimes get from L* n W**d’s recent tw ** ts because I didn’t want to believe some of them, many of them have now come true. Including P * nc e folding, and Lo e ffl er being completely untrustworthy because she is married to millions of dollars from c h *  n *.

(Which reminds me, the news out of h  *  ng k *  ng is sickening.)

Anyway,  L*n W **d has maintained for several days that P *  nc * is going to be arrested for tr e a s o n. But he has also been saying that P * n c * is a p * d * ph * le who prefers young teenage b  o  y  s.

Well, if it’s true, there’s that pesky blackmail angle again. That theory that sometimes it gets in the way of focusing on one’s job…

Well, Tr **p is promising a peaceful transition to B * den, even though there is still all this talk of arrests yet to be made.

So we shall see. However the dice fall, the next 2 weeks are going to be Hell on Earth time here in the U S. I’m not sure how my nerves will handle it. It is extremely exhausting. Plus, in keeping with popular Leftist sensibilities, I’m getting canceled by my few remaining friends. I guess since I had been trying to warn them of the violence that did indeed happen yesterday, they somehow blame me that it happened, or that I supported what happened.

Really, all I was trying to do was keep people safe and ask them to stop drinking the Kool-Aid of main stream m* dia. Still, to me, fighting for the C * n st * tu ti on is more important than false friends. The document will be here long after I will.

On a very interesting note: Nick Cave sent out his first Red Hand File since before Christmas. And he announced the title of the new album he and Warren Ellis have recorded (or are still recording?): CARNAGE.

How perfectly appropriate. I can’t wait. (But will I be listening to it as a citizen of B* den’s c o m m  u n i s t regime, or Tr**p’s C*n stitu tional Republic?)

Okay, gang. We shall see what the next 2 weeks unveil. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

Below: “A n t * f* poses as m  a  g  a and storms congress”:

Below: “Taking back the country was never going to be easy. The [**] will fight dirty; know its going to get a lot worse as we move forward, buckle up its time to take back this country. This has been planned from the beginning.”

Sunny Saturday Soup Weather!!!

Yes, through a Christmas miracle of generosity, I was able to buy extra groceries in town yesterday, and I am planning to make a big pot of soup today!! Yay!!!

I’m pretty excited. I love to cook (and to bake) but haven’t done either in a really long time. So I’m looking forward to puttering in my kitchen today and  making that soup. All the ingredients are organic, non-GMO,  vegetarian. And all my Christmas lights and decorations are up in the kitchen.

And I also received another gift yesterday of farm-fresh organic eggnog!! Wow. I love that stuff, even though it is so amazingly fattening. The bottle it came in is so beautiful! The bottle alone made me excited.

Anyway. I’m thinking that I might actually hangout in my family room later, eat actual food (a thing I haven’t been able to really afford for a couple of months now), and watch Wings of Desire again. I just love that movie. Not a Christmas movie, but such a lovely escape.

Okay, well. We all know what the Supreme Court decided last night re: T X. It is very disheartening but not the end of the story.

And since Nick Cave is on Christmas break and taking a hiatus from the Red Hand Files until 2021, I was forced to aim my letter-writing frenzy elsewhere today. Around 4am, I texted to the Pr* s* d*nt of the United States, voicing my deep concerns about 2 specific things.

I have written/texted Tr**p about 4 times in the last few months and, oddly enough, within 24 hours, he usually sends out some sort of public response. It is indeed uncanny. I’m guessing this is because a lot of people all over the country share my specific concerns, so his replies probably are actually aimed at a lot of people at once, but it still feels indescribably personal.

So we’ll see. Because, gang —

Make no mistake. It has begun. Y* u T * b* BLOCKS the Pr* s* d*nt of the United States.

tw* tt *r will go after him and block him next. I’m not sure when F B will block him because the F*d is going after Z * ck *r b* rg  right now due to his suspicious $350 million donation to help fuck up the el *c t* on. It’s keeping him kinda busy… Listen here.

But do not kid yourselves, gang.  A c* up d’ et* t is in progress.

It would be prudent to read the link below. From two years ago. Methinks they’re ready and they’ve always known. hash t* g we are the st* rm

Winona museum gets 'Washington Crossing Delaware' painting – Twin Cities
Fingers crossed, gang!!

Also, in the longer version of last night’s X *2 R* p*rt, he has a new video from that insane MI State representative, who threatened all the Tr**p supporter’s the other day and was clearly showing her Ch* n* s* affiliation.

She seems to have been removed from all her legislative duties now, but her newest video could be our Saving Grace. She publicly tells B* d*n and K*m * l* to reward her for giving them Detroit on a fucking platter. (my charming words.) (She almost makes it sound as if the e*l *ct *n was rigged!!!! Who knew??!!)

I can’t stand looking at her face so I refuse to post her video on my blog, but you can listen to it in the X* 2 R* p*rt below, if you haven’t already seen it online.

Okay, gang. Not my breakfast-listening music from this morning — I am still on Sam Cooke’s Greatest Hits. However, this is the song that’s needed today. Play it loud. Enjoy. I love you guys. See ya.

Goodbye, New York City.  A p*n d* m*c usually means tons of people are dying. Well, where are the bodies??? The stats don’t add up. These people need fucking HELP!

Yes, again! Listen to the interview below. It takes 10 minutes.  Because I’m not letting up on this stuff, gang.  Crimes Against Humanity. Starting with NYC…

ST*P THE STE *L rallies going on in all 50 States today. Watch video interview with Ali here.

Around the 15 minute mark, this gets exceedingly interesting. I recommend holding onto your hat…

Some hard, unpleasant facts from B*n g* n*, gang. But listen to it, even if it pisses you off. (Or especially if it does.)

Life In Oceania! How Sweet It Is!!

Okay, gang.

Each time I think that I’m going to be able to take a break from all this and just get back to my regular blog posts, something horrific jumps up and I feel I need to keep wearing my d* g* t*l soldier hat, and post about it.

The links and  videos at the bottom  are v*t* fr* ud-related. And the ones immediately following this section, are more horrific things re: the Pf * z*r C * VID vaccine.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, as the case may be, since they are already being censored by American social media) I am having to rely on German-language videos.  Berlin is the home base of the international lawsuits/class-action suits alleging Crimes Against Humanity for the fake C* V*D panic.

To be honest, the realities of that become more horrifying every day.


Nick Cave sent out a heartbreaking Red Hand File yesterday, following up on his announcement that the Ghosteen Tour that had been re-scheduled for 2021 was now being entirely cancelled.

He also said that he & the Bad Seeds would take this time to make a new record, instead. Which only makes me wonder: well, then what actually happens to the Ghosteen tour? Does it just completely evaporate? A new record would likely indicate a new tour….

All of it makes me so sad. For private reasons, I wanted to see that Ghosteen tour happen, even if I couldn’t afford to attend it anymore. And I honestly believe now, right down to my bones, that this p* nd* m*c was fake from the beginning (not the virus itself, but the need for panic was faked — hence the Crimes Against Humanity lawsuits now underway internationally).  The evidence is mounting all over the place (and it eerily keeps pace with the mounting evidence of the e* l* ct* on fr*ud here in the US).

(Remember: If you are being mandated to wear m* sks and be in l* ck d*wns, the scientific and medical research assures us that they do not serve ANY health-related purpose re: the virus. The sole reason for any of this is to control you, frighten you, isolate you, and keep you from speaking freely.)

Anyway. I digress.

You can read Nick Cave’s brief Red Hand File here. He also indicates he is taking a break from the RHF until 2021. So I guess we should all just leave him alone and let him have a happy Christmas.

Well, some good news — the road construction on Basin Street is almost complete now. I’m guessing that by the end of this week, all the giant earth-moving machines and various trucks & “bobcats” will be gone. It would be nice if Kevin wanted to come get his vintage 1965 VW camper-van out of my barn while my Christmas decorations were still up!! (In the house, not in the barn!!) That way, a human being other than myself would get to see them. We shall see!

And then on Thursday, I’m supposed to be meeting with the other Kevin — the one who directed the staged reading of my play, Tell My Bones — to discuss the future plans of that. (Although, as of now, there is no future for anything until we can get back into actual theaters.)

Other than that, I am trying to make room in my brain to begin writing those other erotic short stories for the kind folks at Volonte in Sweden. So far, though, when I do sit down at my desk to write, more news about the e*l*ct *on or the virus arrives. And even though I want to try to shut it out and work on my own stuff, I am usually reminded of two things. The first one is always my birth father, and those stories he told me of what it was like in Vietnam when Saigon fell (he was a Navy SEAL). And I think that if he survived that unbelievable awfulness (in addition to the awfulness of a whole lot of other things he went through as a SEAL), I can continue the digital fight here at my desk and write my new stories another day.

The other thing I think of is my great-great-great-great- grandfather, who fought in the Revolutionary War. I don’t want to see everything that he fought for that helped create We the People disintegrate in the hands of the Far Left (also known as C*m m*n *sm).

So I just keep trying to get important information out there so that whoever wants to find out about it can find out about it. (And if you think that my blog can get tedious with its unending politics these days, you have no clue what it’s like to be in the same room with me — in person. )

Well, anyway.

I am not on tw * tt *r, but I know that millions of people are. Here is a site in Europe that I found out about last evening on the X* 2 R* p*rt (down below), that can not only help you find out if someone has been shadow banned on tw * tt *r, but they now also offer a way to resurrect entire posts that have been banned by tw * tt *r.

Go to shadow ban dot eu. Then you can click on the page called resurrect. (And always try to remember to use d*ck d* ck go and/or a VPN.)

All righty.  Below is the awfulness for today. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.

[PLEASE WATCH!! Video below is in English: Spontaneous speech by Robert F. Kennedy at the Victory Column in Berlin on Sunday, August 30th, 2020 . The speech had to be stopped as there was a risk that Kennedy would be arrested (the police dispersed the demonstration).] [This will upset you but please watch it.]

[English translation for below: Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg warns of possible side effects of the C* v*d- *9 vaccination: a potentially life-threatening derailment of the immune system (cytokine storm) and (from 9:47 am) infertility. Infectiologist Dr. Thomas Ly then supports Wodarg’s theses.]

[English translation for below: The ⁣⁣immunologist and toxicologist ⁣Prof. Stefan Hockertz explains that there is no data on the clinical trial phases of the vaccine from Bi* T*ch / Pf * ze r and also points out the liability.]

[Also, for Americans — remember that the Europeans reverse the months/days in their date notations, so this video is from December 4th 2020.]

Link to C*rls *n’s video re: a segment on a video deleted from Ch * n* se social media of a professor saying that Ch* n* “has people at the top of America’s core inner circle of power and influence.” The economics professor from B** j* ng made an appearance on a Ch* n* s* television show last week to discuss Wall Street’s relationship with Ch* n *. [Watch here. It will make you sick.]

Link to a video interview with R* ch* rd Gr* n* ll re: el* ct* on fr* ud.

Nothing But Good News Around Here, Gang!!

Of course, that’s because I’m really good at finding the bright side to stuff when I really, really want to.

But, honestly, things in general seem to be getting more encouraging, in that more and more evidence of e*l*ction fr*ud is coming to light, along with the unbelievable amount of c*ns* rsh* p going on in this country; and more and more people are finding out that the virus is no longer a threat, and so more and more people are questioning what the actual reasoning could be behind forcing us to be muzzled (i.e., m* sks) and not gather in groups where we could easily share information and maybe get really, really angry

And so, in a sense, all of that is good.

And on the vaccine front — both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are on a fast track to getting approved and reaching the US public. And the Oxford vaccine has apparently reached a 90% effective rate in the UK.

The Oxford vaccine is the one funded by AstroZeneca, wherein a video went viral on F B re: the use of an aborted fetus in the vaccine.

This was a hoax, people — as I had tried to warn some of the women I knew who were falling for it.  I believe it was purposely aimed at Christians to keep them afraid of the vaccines, and therefore under the thumb of the powers that be who continue to want the masses to be controlled by the fake virus p*n d* m*c.

The Oxford vaccine is based on a chimpanzee adenovirus vaccine vector — an adenovirus that causes the common cold in chimpanzees…

So, um, that might not make you feel any happier. Still, we need to support these vaccines and get them to market as soon as they are deemed effective and safe. Having the vaccines is the only way to break the worldwide stranglehold they are placing on us with the fake p*n d* m*c.

And since there are now four therapeutics to cure the average person of the virus there’s no real need to take a vaccine unless you are still afraid of catching the virus.

Two videos below explain this very well. (X*2 R*p *rt and Tucker Carlson.)

And in v*t*r fr*ud-lated news, D*n B*ng*n*’s video goes into great detail about those urban v*te dumps that happened in the contested States.

So it won’t be much longer, gang, that the mainstream media will be able to keep insisting that it was a free and fair el*c t*on.

On other, sort of related fronts…

Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand Files yesterday addressing the BBC’s decision to censor words from the amazing Christmas song by The Pogues, “Fairytale of New York” (1987), on the radio.

A lot of non-Irish, non-NYC-Americans do not know this 33 year-old song, but it is a truly amazing song. And from Nick Cave’s response, I’m guessing the chief word the BBC wants to censor is the word “faggot.”

It’s kind of amazing to me to think that anyone, anywhere might accidentally hear that word in a legendary, 33-year-old song on the radio and have it completely destroy them, psychologically, for the rest of their lives. I mean, why else would you need to censor something?

In my experience, I’ve heard far worse things said about women in wildly popular rap songs and, rather than listen to them and have them scar me psychologically for the rest of my life, I simply turn them off.

You can read Nick Cave’s always eloquent response here, if you so choose. Among other things, he says:

“One of the many reasons this song is so loved is that, beyond almost any other song I can think of, it speaks with such profound compassion to the marginalised and the dispossessed.”

And Cave Things sent out a new item that would (seriously) make a great Christmas gift for me, so feel free to, you know, buy it and send it to me!!

It only costs £40 plus shipping!!!!! (I have been assured that in US dollars, this currently equals a mere $53.36, plus shipping….) (Yes, a book of Nick Cave quotes that you can also keep track of birthdays in. Yes, a sort of journal. Like the kind you can buy at the dollar store for, like, a dollar! But without any pre-printed Nick Cave quotes — you would have to add the quotes yourself to the dollar store version. So I think that a little over 50 x $1, plus shipping is a terrific price for a book with pre-printed NC quotes, which is allegedly handmade by monks in Denmark!!!!) (Honestly, buy it for me. I would love to have one!!)

Okay. So.

We did get snow during the night!!!! It looks kind of pretty!! It’s enough snow to be all over the lawns and the cars, but not enough to stay on the streets or sidewalks so there is no fear that I might have to break my “no-shoveling” rule!! Yay. So that’s pretty great.

And other than that, gang, there is just so much news going on right now that I have had little else on my mind. But I do have to start getting some more writing done here, because I have 3 short stories due in January, and I need to finish “Novitiate,” in order to turn in The Muse Revisited Vol. 4 to the publishers, and then get back to work on the new novel, Thug Luckless: Welcome to P-Town. (And then finish Girl in the Night: Erotic Love Letters to the Muse and turn that in, and then finish In the Shadow of Narcissa and self-publish it….)

So, you know. Lots to do here.

Okay, I’m going to get moving here. Thanks for visiting, gang! I love you guys. See ya!

If you have school-aged children, this video will not make you happy but please watch it anyway, it’s only about 7 minutes:

Both of these were awesome. Try to listen to the whole thing:

Terrific, as always!!