Blissed Out!! (Brain Like Mush!)

Good morning, glories!!

Yes, I overslept again. I am not sure why. I think it was because I got up in the middle of the night and closed most of the upstairs windows. It had gotten into the 50s (meaning, of course, the 1950s! And many a capella doo-wop groups had gathered down on the street below my window, making quite a racket!).

No, of course what I really mean, is the 50s Fahrenheit. It got chilly. So I closed the windows and apparently missed the daily wake-up call of the Muskingum County Bird Chorus and so slept straight through until 6:25am.

The sun was filling my glorious bedroom and I awoke totally blissed-out, gang. In no hurry whatsoever to get out of bed. Just totally digging cozy sheets & cuddly pillows and the wave of Eros that was all over me yet again.

However, get out of bed, I did. Cats were looming impatiently. Their opposable thumbs have still not arrived, even though I have Amazon Prime and they guaranteed 2-day shipping…

Yes. So. I had to get up, open cans of cat food and feed the cats. They don’t give a hoot about waves of Eros.

And so here I finally am and it is a beautiful morning out there today. And I feel terrific but, curiously, my brain feels mushy. It wishes me to go right back to bed and not do anything today!

However, that is so not gonna happen. I am going to dutifully work on Blessed By Light.  I’m in a challenging segment of Chapter 22, where it is basically all about sex. But unlike all those earlier chapters, when these 2 did not really know each other yet, it was a lot easier to find ways to deal with the sex.

I say “deal with” because this whole novel is written in 2nd Person. And if you’re going to write a passage about having sex in the present-tense and in 2nd Person, this means that the guy has to talk all through the sex!

I need this section to be present-tense (meaning, he’s not referring to “the sex last night” or something like that, where he can talk about “what happened”) because things are getting extremely emotional for him.  So it has to be “in the moment.” And even if he were a great orator like Billy Graham, you still don’t want him talking all through the sex!

Although, actually, no disrespect intended to the late Billy Graham, but I bet that would have been incredible – to be orated to by Billy Graham while having sex with him. He was quite the dynamo in that department (the orating, not the sex). (Although, perhaps he was really good in bed, too. I actually have no clue.) ( And when he was young – wow, he was certainly in earnest. All tall and magnetic. If you watch any of his really early TV appearances on Youtube, from like 1959 or 1960 or something like that. He definitely had an overpowering and charismatic way of honing in on what he was saying. I mean, plenty of people found God while listening to him, which would probably make for unbelievable sex.)

Well, anyway. I digress.

It is sufficient to say that I am being challenged by this segment of Chapter 22.

On an unrelated note…

Instagram made me so sick yesterday. I am so disgusted by this whole Tom Petty Trust/Estate thing.  I really am. I know it isn’t actually any of my business, but just as a fan, he was always Tom Petty “AND THE HEARTBREAKERS.” Those men meant a lot to me, too. A lot. Even when he did solo records, or Mudcrutch records, there were “Heartbreakers” in there, too, along with tons of other really talented musicians & songwriters. He was never “alone.” And to try to erase these men now just disgusts me.  Tom Petty put the lyric to the melody, for sure, but he always brought those songs in to everybody else to add to them and build on them and turn them into the hits they were. What is going on now just wreaks of greed and ego and narcissism and all that crap.

Anyway. I had to keep going onto Instagram yesterday, even though it was making me sick, because I needed to know what was going on in Sweden, for godssakes!! Where Nick Cave was having a Conversation!!

Man, the Swedes are big Instagram-posters. I mean, it’s like they had barely left their seats and they were already posting. Mostly in English, too. And in color – which, based solely on, you know, Ingmar Bergman or something like that, you’d have perhaps expected tons of artistic black & white. But no. Swedes apparently live in the here & now and know all about full color.

So that was cool.

The one thing that, of course, jumped right out at me was someone posting that “Nick Cave was in the house.” (And not the customary comment that “God was in the house.”)

Now, you’d think this meant that this particular Swede was breaking ranks and not calling Nick Cave “God.” Yet, if you ponder this more closely – as you know I did – what this Swede was really saying was diabolical indeed! Because he/she (I don’t recognize gender in Swedish names) was in fact saying that GOD HIMSELF has a new name, and it is Nick Cave.

So you can probably readily see now how this has jumped the track and is getting, well, blasphemous! Indeed!!

Too funny.

Anyway. Everyone seems to have really loved it, yet again!!

All right. I gotta get moving around here, gang.  I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from, well, breakfast. Since I was so blissed-out, I listened to one of my favorite “music to listen to while blissed-out” songs, over and over and over!! And that is, Simon & Garfunkel’s “Only Living Boy in New York,” from around 1970 or something like that. I was a wee bonny lass in Cleveland when it came out, I know that much for sure.

So have a blissed-out Saturday if you can, gang, wherever you are in the world! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

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