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Finally, a break in the weather!

I woke today to 70 glorious degrees!

And it’s very windy & overcast this morning, with storms on the horizons. A blessed change from the 96 degrees with relentless SUN and humidity that’s been going on around here for many, many days. It was almost unbearable. Almost.

No, it wasn’t the worst July 4th I’ve ever had, weather-wise. The worst was sometime back in the late 1980s, when I lived in a really old tenement in Manhattan’s East Village. The wiring in that old building could not sustain air-conditioners of any size. And that particular July 4th it was 104 degrees for several days running.  I lived on the 5th floor — one floor from the top. So I didn’t have the absolute worst apartment in the building: I had the second worst, heat-rising-wise. The apartment simply collected heat and would not let it go. It was the proverbial oven. It was just god-awful. And I lived there for 9 years.

That particular July 4th, 97% of the population of New York City had gone to the various beaches. But I remained in my 5th-floor walk-up, unable to move or do anything at all but lay on the bed, drink Wild Turkey  on ice, and watch — yes — A Summer Place!!!!

(Ever since then, my go-to July 4th movie has been A Summer Place. A really, really, REALLY great, lurid, trashy, romantic, scandalous movie from 1959.  It starred Troy Donahue and Sandra Dee. If you’ve never seen it, it’s not to be missed, gang. And that’s not the bourbon talking, either.)

(Oh, and I also really, really love watching Damn Yankees! around the July 4th holiday, too. I’m not really sure why. But that’s another great movie.)

Anyway. As usual, I digress.

It was so wonderful to wake-up today to this break in the weather. I woke at about 6 AM.  All the windows open, the wind blowing through the whole house. A soothing, overcast sky. The little raccoon cubs scurrying around on the tree branches outside my window.

After I fed the cats, I went back to bed with my cup of coffee and just thought about the world, about life, physical reality, reincarnation, probable lives, and men that I love.

And I had the song below streaming on my iPad, endlessly repeating. So atmospheric and lovely. I couldn’t have asked for a better morning. And now it’s back to the Hurley Falls manuscript. So, have a wonderful, love-filled day, gang. Thanks for visiting. See ya!


Is it a comedy or just bad writing?

One thing about living in the Hinterlands: Even while I do have an AMC megaplex within walking distance of my rental house, it only shows really big budget movies, or absolutely anything animated for kids.

Because of the craziness of the holidays, along with the continued snow and below-zero temperatures around here, I haven’t been able to get into the nearest city and see any of the movies I really wanted to see: Lady Bird, 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, and The Man Who Invented Christmas, to name the top 3.

Well, thanks to that #NationalScreenwritersDay this past Friday, I was able to download a ton of amazing screenplays for free.  Of course, reading a screenplay doesn’t necessarily mean you get a true idea of how the movie wound up telling the story, but it still gives you some great visuals and at least you do get to read the basic plot.

I have been so eager to see 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri since back in November, when a producer out in L.A. first raved about it in an email. I watched the trailer and thought, Hmmm, this is really, really violent, but Frances McDormand is in it and I trust her choices and her judgement… So I still wanted to see it. I literally had no clue whatsoever that this movie was a comedy.

I began reading the script before it won the Golden Globe over the weekend and I thought the script was just horrible. Really, just a downward-spiraling potpourri of hate, violence, and awfulness. I was dumbfounded. I thought to myself, the only way this endless collection of horrific cliches would work is if this were a comedy….

Of course, once I found out that it was, indeed, a black comedy, it became brilliant. Funny how that works, right? (But it’s also peculiar how a comedy might not necessarily read like one on the page, isn’t it? How you really do need good direction and great acting to help your vision come to life.)

I’m in the middle of reading Lady Bird right now, which, in my opinion, is just terrific writing. So visual. So charming. It just leaps off the page. Next in line are Mudbound and The Disaster Artist. And I still have dozens of scripts left.

It’s actually really cool to just live out here in the middle of nowhere, no distractions, the snow still sprinkled about, and read a whole pile of screenplays. Oh, I actually watched (streamed) The Big Sick on Amazon last night. I’d been wanting to see that for months. I adored it. It was the perfect blend of comedy and emotional tension. They did a great job with it.  (Oh, and back before Christmas, I streamed Marjorie Prime and I really loved that. I found the pacing so hypnotic. I was just riveted.)

Since I am going on and on about movies, it occurs to me that I never mentioned having seen the current remake of Murder on the Orient Express. I only wrote that I had plans to go see it. Well, I saw it. As always, I loved Johnny Depp, but he’s in it for about 5 minutes (literally). The rest of it, I could have done without. Why they remade it after a number of great versions of it already exist, is —yes! — a mystery!

Okay, I’m gonna get on with real life around here today. Still so much paperwork-type stuff to do regarding the new house. Then some of my own writing to do. Thanks for visiting, gang! I leave you with this wonderfully atmospheric tune that I’ve been playing a lot lately. it seems to go well with gently falling snow…

All righty! See ya!

(PS: After listening to the above song a bazillion times, I got curious about watching the movie of the same name that came out earlier this year, written by Allan Loeb. I really liked it! Very messy and romantic. Had a real “New York in the 1990s” feel.)