Gosh! It’s Just So Grueling Being A Playwright!!

I know, I know, I know!!!

I am actually (kind of) working! I’ve also been texting everybody I know some of those wonderful photos of Helen (see post below this one), and so, got distracted. (And made dinner — macaroni & cheese!!)

But I am getting back to work here, and in honor of snow coming our way tomorrow, I have officially switched from the black chemise to the winter PJs and have lowered the heat (a little bit). (You can tell by how my desk chair is scooted out from my desk, though, that I actually am sort of working…)

Okay, see ya! For real this time… I love you guys! Enjoy your evening, wherever you are in the world!

Goodbye to the chemise until next spring!!
Hello to practicality… (heavy sigh) (but stylish winter PJs!!!) (This is actually my 12th winter in these PJs!) (Perhaps I should go shopping one of these days…)

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