Blogging from bed! What could be nicer??

It is a truly frosty morning out there, gang, so I decided to stay snuggled in bed a while longer. Drink my coffee. Watch the world get light outside the windows. Blog on the phone instead of at the  computer at my desk.

I did indeed get the porches cleared off yesterday. Everything is put away in the barn. Everything is ready for winter. Me, as well. I guess I’m ready for winter. I sure hope my birth mom will come back and help me decorate for Christmas. I would love that so much. We’ll see.

The play is not finished, even though I really do only have about a page to go. I’m still not getting the exact understanding of it. There’s going to be a sort of cacophony of dialogue that builds from Helen’s past and I’m not exactly sure yet how to do that.  But I know it’s in there — I can feel it trying to form inside me. I just need that moment of clarity and it will all come out.

Well, WordPress informs me that it’s our anniversary!  I have been blogging with WordPress for 12 years already. Is that, like, insane or what??!! I maintained a couple different blogs here over the years that were not my “main blog”. The main one was at Go Daddy for a very long time before I switched over to WordPress exclusively. But wow — 12 years. That just kind of shocked me, I really hate when time just gallops away.

Oh, an interesting update on my insane bathroom scale! I actually gained 7 pounds this morning while standing on it. That was a first! The scale has actually been working just fine for a few weeks now, so I have no idea what causes it to suddenly go weird like that. But I thought that was kind of funny.  I jumped off of it in a hurry, though. You know, thinking that if I stood on it for too long, I might gain 20 pounds, or something equally unwieldy…

Anyway, I have nothing really to report today. I’m just having a snuggly little morning. All’s right with the world here in Crazeysburg. My cats are quite cozy and enjoying having the heat kicking on all the time.  They hang out primarily in the family room in colder months. I put fleece throws on everything and so they all snuggle into the various throws. It’s kind of cool to walk through the family room, en route to the coffee pot in the kitchen, and see 7 cats snuggling contentedly everywhere, just staring at me.

If it weren’t for these cats, I wouldn’t have this cool old house. Well, I had 8 cats when I bought the house. But I would have settled for something much more plebeian without them. I bought the house because I needed the space for all these cats! As you know, I, personally am either up in my room or in the kitchen. The rest of the house is for them. (To throw up in and cough up hair balls in and to shed all over. But they sure are nice to look at!!)

Okay!! Gonna scoot.  I’m gonna think & stare for awhile and try to tap into the vibes of the play.

Have a super cozy Saturday wherever you are in the world, gang! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

the 3 feral kittens I rescued back at the old house— before they exploded into the colony I have now that no one would adopt!!

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