One More for the Road…

Of course, I was trying to make up my mind about what my Top 5 favorite Tom Petty songs would really be and they just kept shifting around. There were simply too many of them over a 40-year period.

So then I tried to figure out what my Top 5 Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds songs would be and that was sort of impossible, too. Although I know that my #1 favorite song of theirs is “Hallelujah” from 2001. For some reason, that’s just my favorite. I guess because that’s the one that feels most like me, inside.

But then the next 4 sort of are in a tie. I can’t really decide what number they would get, but I think they would be:

Brompton Oratory, 1997
Up Jumped the Devil, 1988
Do you Love Me? (Part 2), 1994
Jesus of the Moon, 2008

But then right after that, it becomes just a massively huge amount of songs that I really love by them, so it becomes pointless to try to list them.

You can see that I’ve had a really productive day, all the way around…

I’m a little bit mad at myself over this Thug Luckless development. I really thought that one would be off my plate reasonably quickly. But now I’m not sure I can see that happening, but I guess you never know.

Okay. I guess I’m actually going to go to bed now and think about stuff, and then see what life looks like in the morning. Sweet dreams, gang! See ya!

2 thoughts on “One More for the Road…”

  1. Nice top 5, i think my would be something like this:
    Higgs Boson Blues (2013)
    Abattoir Blues (2004)
    Time Jesum Transeuntum Et Non Rivertentum (1996)
    Loom Of The Land (1992)
    Sad Waters (1986)

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