And so the plot thickens!

The meeting re: Tell My Bones was really great. But it became apparent that I need to fix that character arc before the table read happens. So I guess I don’t have to tell you what I’ll be focusing on around here, posthaste.

But the good-ish thing, is that I actually spoke to Sandra on the phone after the meeting (yes, the woman I can almost never reach on the phone, ever), and she has to start rehearsals in Canada in early February, so I can’t imagine I’ll be going to NYC before March, maybe even as late as April, so this gives me a little more time.

Plus, if the table read is in March or April, this gives me the chance to drive myself completely nuts over whether I want to fly to NYC or drive! Yes, my never-ending conundrum. If I had to be there in February, I wouldn’t risk driving across Pennsylvania, but March is not quite so dicey. (I know — I made myself promise that I would quit doing all that driving to NY and just fucking fly into LaGuardia, for chrissakes…)

Anyway. The really good news is that the Christmas card campaign was a complete success.  We didn’t send out very many cards at all. They were highly targeted towards people I actually want to work with. You know, ideally.  And judging by the numbers between the week of Christmas and today (we don’t have access to any names), it looks like basically everyone who received a card checked out the Tell My Bones web site, and a whopping 88% of those same numbers clicked on the excerpt of the play!

This is an astoundingly great result. I don’t have the numbers yet on how many people actually signed up for the newsletter, though. Still, it’s an awesome result. And I had handwritten personal notes to each person, introducing them to my play, who didn’t know me from anyone else on Earth. So it was an investment of (hand-cramping) time and money that really paid off.

I left the meeting today feeling really encouraged about those numbers.

Now, of course, I have to fix that character arc. Without having it be a massive rewrite of the play.

Well, Nick Cave (and Warren Ellis) posted to Instagram today. However, it was for a sad reason — the catastrophe going on in Australia and asking people to do what they can to help. (They are donating $500,000.)

I don’t know where you live, but here is a NY Times piece from 2 days ago, giving links to places you can donate to, if you’re not really sure how you can help.

I give to wildlife charities, specifically, if you are interested in that — which are here and here. (Although the first link, International Fund for Animal Welfare is doing a massive drive right now to help Australian wildlife.)

Anyway, it is quite sad. But it still counts as a personal Nick Cave Instagram post…

Okay, so that was today! At least some really good news for the play. I’m feeling on a much more even keel than I felt this morning, for sure. But now I have to seriously focus on that one character and get her story figured out.

All righty, then! I’m gonna go eat something. Maybe watch Black Books. Have a nice evening, wherever you are in the world (assuming it’s still evening there, of course!). Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys, See ya.

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