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Intensity Heats Up!!

Okay, gang.

Two big things:

Kazakh government resigns after MASSIVE protests and riots.

RT News (scroll UP for the many videos of the riots):

“⚡️Kazakhstan Govt Resigns after Night of Violent & Escalating Nationwide Protests

Officials will continue their duties until a new cabinet is formed.”

And Tr **p cancelled Jan 6th for an unbelievably lame reason (meaning: something that’s already been going on forever is suddenly enough to make him cancel an important speech). I wonder why?? Here’s what he “said”:

Tarot by Janine decodes Phil about what Tr **p is really saying (15 mins):

Tr**p has allegedly moved his speech to Saturday Jan 8th — Elvis’s birthday, btw!! (And Bowie’s birthday, too).

This is going to be a very, very interesting speech, gang.

Also, S *mon P *rkes is giving an intel update on Saturday at noon EST.

Saturday should be a killer day. Let’s wait and see.

Okay. Here in The Hinterlands yesterday, the skies were filled with grids created by jets spraying we-don’t-know-what. I’ve never seen anything like it, gang. I called my [Q]-following co-worker to come outside to the parking lot and look up at the sky. Wow. She couldn’t believe it, either. At that particular moment, there were no less than 5 jets visibly making grids all over the sky.

She went back inside, got on te le g ram and went to Richard Citizen Journalist’s channel and saw that people were commenting from all over the world that the same thing was happening where they were, too.

So that’s pretty interesting, right??

On a sad note… one of my favorite [Q]-following customers came into the store yesterday and said that 3 more people in her family had died from the v a x during the past week.

(Even if you’re in the movement, gang, often the people nearest and dearest to you just won’t listen. Most of the people I know are va xed ,t oo. but so far, not dying.)


[Q] The Storm Rider posted more from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Poland:

Bill Gates & Klaus Schwab Named In Genocide Case To Polish Parliament! – The True Defender !
People, nefarious reasons exist for events currently occurring in the world, caused by nefarious people.” [full article here]

And on a whole other note…

Cave’ Things announces the 3rd in the Warren Ellis Pure Exploitation series:

Style: Dressing comb
Size: 16 cm
Material: Tortoiseshell coloured plastic with gold foil stamping

#3 in the Warren Ellis Pure Exploitation series. Inspired by the great man’s immortal words ‘Proceed with absolute confidence’ from the movie, One More Time with Feeling, the Warren Ellis Pure Exploitation Comb is a must-have for all those who still have hair.”
Nick Cave

Part of the exploitation? It costs a whopping £10.00 plus shipping. Hurry and purchase it here!

Okay. That’s it for this fine Wednesday, as the world continues to go up in flames.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I hope you are having a good day, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic news update — another one jam-packed with very interesting intel (30 mins):

Sh ari R a ye news update (34 mins):

Mafia assassins descend on Rome over exe c ut ion of Pope(11 mins):


Ch * r lie W *rd chats with Cl ay Cl ark :THE TIME LINE & BOOK OF REVELATIONS, GENETIC EDITING, BASEL 3 (52 mins):


It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

I don’t know, gang. WAY too much stuff is going on that makes it feel like it might actually be a good Christmas. But we really gotta look beyond everything that’s right in our faces in order to see what is going on out there.

Before I forget —

Today starts the Christmas Sale at Smashwords. It runs to January 1st. All 4 of my titles that are still on Smashwords are free to download throughout the sale.

These are old titles: All 3 volumes of The Muse Revisited, and Freak Parade.

(I see that my books are now being categorized by Smashwords as “Taboo Erotica.” Not sure when that happened, but interesting. For the first 30 years, it was just called “erotica.”)

Anyway. Freak Parade, an award-winning novel, has had many really good reviews over the years. Including:

Freak Parade chronicles the slow and sometimes painful resurrection of a previously-famous recording artist, Eugenia Sharpe. Her world is populated by those who are compromised in any number of ways, and that is perhaps the most refreshing part of this novel — nothing is clear cut and very little is as it seems at first blush. Although the novel does feature a happy ever after ending, the road to that conclusion is deliciously fraught and convincingly realistic. The writing is clear and compelling. A very enjoyable read.”

And this:

“[…] As I was reading this novel I thought to myself: this is the real Sex and the City. I felt as if I had lived Genie’s tough days in New York, because the streets and the people were so real and vivid in my senses. I wanted Genie to survive, to pull through and shine like the brightest star again, and she does, but there’s no triumph for Genie without initial hardship.

“Marilyn Jaye Lewis is one of the few writers who can pull off this type of novel. As an author she doesn’t shy away from issues of gender and sexuality, the realities of abuse, racism and poverty. She shows us the seedy underbelly of the city as well as its luxurious and privileged side.

“The book is intensely erotic with scorching sex scenes. It’s shocking and raw in places. It’s also warm and funny and sad and deeply emotional. It’s about destruction and redemption, friendship and desire, love and hate, pain and pleasure. It’s also a powerful romance. All of these things make Freak Parade an unforgettable read.”

Anyway. It’s FREE now, if you haven’t already read it. But it is intended for adults only.


So, “Nancy Drew” has been doing some Gematria! And she also posted some thoughts about how the W H is lit up at night in purple and gold, and sometimes it even has “wings” — like a Phoenix!

“So, for several nights, we watched on the live cam, the WH lit up light purple, and on this particular night, below, we clearly could see the image of wings. I honestly did not know what they represented. I still am not sure, but, I have been decoding all the Gematria, from Il Donaldo, for the past couple of days, working on something else, when it actually showed me something else, that caught my attention. These two, below came up, that made me jump back, to this going on it the WH. JS 🤔🤔

The rising of the Phoenix
And you will see violet light when he is near”

To read her Gematria about H i ll a ry and Tr **p, follow this link and scroll. It extends over several posts and it is very interesting.


All right.

So the most interesting thing I’m reading right now is about N A T O, Moscow, U S, and this draft security agreement they are writing. Read it carefully.

First, from RT News:

❗️Russian Foreign Ministry publishes draft proposals on Russia/US/NATO security guarantees

Moscow has proposed to NATO that an emergency hotline to resolve urgent issues be set up, and that both sides confirm they do not consider each other adversaries in draft security guarantee proposals, which include:

▪️Russia and NATO members only deploying armed forces in other countries with the consent of all parties to the agreement, with no missiles to be deployed within range of members

▪️NATO members committing to excluding Ukraine and other countries from joining the alliance, and to not conducting military activities in Ukraine and ex-Soviet states.

▪️Both sides committing to not establishing military bases in post-Soviet countries or develop military cooperation with them

▪️Nuclear weapons to not be deployed by members outside their territory, with existing nuclear assets to be returned inside their country’s borders”


Whiplash347 had some very interesting things to add, though. I had to read all these posts several times to try to really process this:

“I have shown 7 Presidential Msgs = 7 Trumpets = 7 Kingdoms. Russia are about to take back former Soviet States.
Naturally when they announce the collapse of the Commonwealth/Crown there is need for a new make up to share wealth.
The reversal of the 1871 Act Of England means massive things for the make up of the World.

“Like i mentioned Russia is taking back all Soviet states

“Turkey becomes Turan which are states like Uzbekistan, Kazak, Turkmenistan etc

“Australia & Pacific Islands go to the USA.

“Russia taking back former Soviet States.”

And then Whiplash posted this (you should probably visit the link in order to read everything posted about this):


The other thing that stands out is that there seems to be a lot of stuff going on in the U K– cancelling Christmas, London Tube system shutting down (being called a strike), uptick in Omi c ro n, which is fake, so I find the statistics really curious indeed — I’m guessing they are getting ready for a lot of arrests. White hat m i litary has been in control there for a while.

I guess we will see.

Other than that, everything remains the same: wars & rumors of wars, v a x deaths mounting, governments in key cities worldwide acting like full-on lunatics, more and more pe d o ph iles getting arrested all over the place. I don’t want to tell you to ignore all that, but the “real” news is underneath all that.



In other news…

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis’ original soundtrack for La Panthère des Neiges is out now. You can stream it through the links here.

About the film:

High up on the Tibetan plateau. Amongst unexplored and inaccessible valleys lies one of the last sanctuaries of the wild world, where rare and undiscovered fauna lives. Vincent Munier, one of the world’s most renowned wildlife photographers takes the adventurer and novelist Sylvain Tesson (In the Forest of Siberia) with him on his latest mission. For several weeks, they’ll explore these valleys searching for unique animals and try to spot the snow leopard, one of the rarest and most difficult big cats to approach. The film by Marie Amiguet and Vincent Munier will be released in the U.S. on December 22.


And that’s it for this fine Friday, gang.

I hope you are enjoying your day, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


3 from Voice of Reason U K, each approximately 3 mins:

What A Day Of Bullshitery 🤦‍♂️ It’s Gonna Get Worse Before It Gets Better:

NOW I’M P!SSED OFF 🤬 This Is Ludicrous…

88,376 Infections Is NOT DOUBLE In 2 Days 🤬 Lies, Lies & MORE Scaremongering Lies 🤥


Restored Republic news update (21 mins):

Sha r i R aye news update (44 mins):

Ch * rlie W * rd and S *mon P * rkes chat with Chas and Dallas: BANKRUPT FIAT SYSTEM, MEDIA SILENCE ON KOREA PEACE (40 mins):



Days of Thanksgiving Just Ahead!

So. Yesterday saw rolling internet outages and banking outages all over the world.

This is allegedly to enable Starlink internet and satellite to hook up but honestly I don’t know if that’s true. But what seems clear is that the outages are pre-planned white hat ops.


Today, I want to start with M * ke L *n de l l, the various state Attorneys General, and the U S Su p re me court case to decertify the 20 20 el e c tion, which was filed yesterday.

Beginning tomorrow (Thanksgiving here in the U S), through Sunday, M *ke will be livestreaming on F r a nk s s p ee ch. This will be a complete, step by step look at his case, including many of the lawyers who helped write the complaint.

This will detail all of the el e c tion fr au d, country-wide, and why the e le c tion results need to be decertified.

From the War Room yesterday (8 mins):

On Co de Mo nk ey Z’s tele gram channel, you can download L * n de l l’s S C O TUS complaint. It is 82 pages:

“It’s addressed in a way that allows any state AG to sign on.

“It includes complaints against machine fraud, vote flipping, unconstitutional voting procedures, and includes exhibits from Dr. Shiva, Jovan Pullitzer and others.

“To be clear this is just the complaint so it will be HIGHLY fascinating to see the exhibits once they become available but all in all, this is a very solid complaint with great detail and documentation.”


U S Fr e e dom Fl yers, the organization representing airline pilots and airline personnel fighting the v a x mandates, has filed their lawsuit.

Lawsuit Alleges Glaring Federal Overreach Which Threatens Critical Supply-Chain and Transportation Industries

“Health Freedom Defense Fund and US Freedom Flyers filed suit (Case 8:21-cv-02738) in US District Court against Jo se ph B* den and the federal government challenging B* den’s desperately overreaching executive order mandating C* VID ^^ 19 injections for employees of all federal contractors and subcontractors. The suit alleges, among other things, that “the President arrogated to himself general police powers over the lives of millions of people, which are contemplated by neither the Constitution nor any Act of Congress.” 

“[…] the Executive Order’s purported purpose to “decrease worker absence, reduce labor costs, and improve efficiency of [Federal Government] contractors and subcontractors” the mandate will likely have the opposite effect by forcing the termination of thousands of essential workers from critical supply-chain and transportation industries that are already over-stressed. As the country emerges from the C* VID ^^ 19 crisis, a serious workforce shortage has already wreaked havoc on the airline industry, resulting in hundreds if not thousands of flight cancellations. Empty shelves, a sight once reserved for times of natural disaster, are now a new reality for Americans throughout the nation. B * den’s mandate and resulting guidance from OMB and the FAR Council come at perhaps the worst possible time in our nation’s history, threatening to exacerbate an already-critical situation going into the holiday season.

“Further, the lawsuit alleges that as we have been living with C* VID^^ 19 for at least 18 months, no “urgent and compelling” circumstances justified issuing an intrusive, government-wide procurement regulation on contractor employee health, let alone without notice and comment…”


Good news for A u ss ies:

Daniel Andrews’ government thrown into disarray after three MP’s quit

“Daniel Andrews’ government has been rocked by a mass exodus that has seen three key MPs quit the Victorian parliament on the same day. 

“The Victorian Labor Party has been thrown into disarray after three parliamentarians threw in the towel on Wednesday.  

“Altona MP and former Attorney-General Jill Hennessy, Yan Yean MP Danielle Green and Ringwood MP Dustin Halse have advised they will not be seeking re-election. ” [full article here]


Good news for others (keep in mind that “testing positive for C * VID usually means an arrest is underway). From RT News:

Top EU ministers in quarantine over positive C* vid test

“French PM Jean Castex has tested positive for C* vid ^^19 after returning from a trip to Belgium. Five Belgian ministers, including PM Alexander De Croo, have self-quarantined as a precaution as well.

“Castex, who is fully vaccinated, announced on Monday that he tested positive for the virus. He will be quarantined for 10 days but continue to work, his office said in a statement.”


Great news for Barbados:

A new republic is born: Barbados celebrates ditching Britain’s queen

“Barbados, a former British colony, will next week ditch Queen Elizabeth as head of state, breaking its last remaining imperial bonds with Britain nearly 400 years since the first English ship arrived at the Caribbean island.

“Barbados casts the removal of Elizabeth II, who is queen of Barbados and 15 other realms including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Jamaica, as a sign of confidence and a way to finally break with the demons of its colonial history.” [full article here]


Good news for the rest of us!

Over at Cave Things, Black Friday starts early! Beginning today, and lasting until November 30th, many items are on sale!

40% off all T-Shirts
30% off all Lyric Sheets
25% off all Charms
30% off all Notebooks
50% off The Crucifixion Art Print
35% off The Pocket Angel
25% off The Elvis Silkscreen Print
25% off The Melancholy book

You can start shopping HERE!


Okay. That’s it for today, gang.

If you live State-side, have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow!! And if you live anywhere else in the world, have a truly wonderful day.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

And I leave you with a lovely new film soundtrack from Nick Cave & Warren Ellis: “We Are Not Alone (La Panthère des Neiges)”


Lots of money moving, worldwide! It’s happening, gang. Restored Republic news update (17 mins):

Sh ar i Ra ye’s news update (35 mins):

Limitless Creator: Abraham Hicks — Let Your Desires In (9 mins):

Source Directives new frequency download (play near water then drink the water): TARGETED INDIVIDUAL SANITY RESTORATION & ATTACK PROTECTION SESSION (RELIEF FROM GANGSTALKING) (4 hrs):


The News is Oddly the Same

Okay, gang. It is getting a little ominous.

Aside from a p f * zer lab burning to the ground in Madrid, Spain (yay!), and horrible Hurricane Ida- related flooding in NY that wiped out the offices of pr o jec t v er i tas, there is not much new news.

But we are still expecting some sort of f *lse fl * g or black sw an event at any moment, so stay alert and, as always, question everything.

And remember to stay out of D C on 9/11. That is a definite f*lase fl*g trap for P * triots!!

The news has shifted away from a f gha ni stan and is now back to focusing on the A Z audit results — a couple of those auditor guys had that bio weapon attack, more affectionately known as c * vid. But they are back on track and all is moving forward there again.

This is a map of how the trucker blockade in a u st r alia is going! Apparently, they have all the main roads shut down. Red dots were “police incidents”.

The other news, of course, is that — in the event you hadn’t heard — the m R N A “v a x” is another bio we a p on and is “extremely dangerous”. But seriously… There are nothing but endless horrific videos about that, gang. I’m going to stop posting them, because they only get worse and worse. Although they estimate that 80% of the v a x e s are placebos, please DO NOT tempt fate. Do not get the v a x… do not get the booster. (And an update on the recalled M o d er n a va x in Japan: now 1.63 million doses have been recalled due to “contaminated vials.”) (Hey, can’t we go ahead and contaminate everything and just recall the whole darn world?? Hmmm… I’ll check into that!)

I am really hard-pressed to give you more concrete news than that today. Videos are, of course, below.

Meanwhile, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis launched their Carnage tour in Poole, England last night! One fan posted a really cool review of it on Instagram last night. This is part of that review (I don’t know the actual name of the guy that wrote it):

And a couple of photos from Instagram, as well:

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis in Poole, UK 9/2/21
Nick Cave in Poole, UK 9/2/21

I don’t know who the photographers were. Sorry.

The next show is tomorrow night, in Croydon, England.

All right. So.

Here, the weather is simply beyond perfect. I can’t even tell you, gang! it is just so amazing, after those many days of heavy rain, high heat, and about 90% humidity… All of it is gone now. The nights are cool and clear, the days are sunny and mild. Perfect weather for sitting out on the kitchen porch, staring at the flowers and/or thinking about stuff!

That said, life is still pretty darn stressful around here. Depending on the financial situation in this country, I am now planning to take early retirement next summer. Between that and working at the store, I should be able to survive. (Yes! I need to retire in order to be able to afford to work! If you think that I’m over this already, gang, you’d be right!)

And on anther sad note — my absolute favorite summer PJs have now bitten the dust! But I refuse to throw them out. I will continue to wear them until it is officially Fall, which is in about 3 weeks. Seriously, they are so full of holes now, it is ridiculous, and the fabric is so thin now, I can’t mend them. But I really love these cotton pajamas. I have worn them for 5 summers in a row and they have such great memories for me now. I might actually press them into a scrap book rather than throw them out!! Luckily, the online company I buy them from, always has more. So I will buy a new pair for next summer. But still…(heavy sigh) sp sad to see them go.

This is what they look like!

100% cotton, from India

Okay, on that cheery note!! Have a nice Friday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: “Nancy Drew” D C update (6 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks t a f g h an i stan: done on purpose? Absolutely! (17 mins):

Below: P * triot Stree t fighter intel update (1 hr):

Below: c ir st en w news update (38 mins):

Below: Mi cha el J * co’s update from 2 days ago (32 mins):

Below: No illegal immigrants in Poland!! “If you import a 3rd world country, you get a 3rd world country!” (3 mins):

Below: M ark S t e e l e: Update on I s r a el and the va x b oo sters (5 mins):

Below: Watch Al e x Jones take i ver me ctin — and survive!! (19 mins):

Below: The Salty Cracker: CA an ti f a teacher now fears for his safety (9 mins):

Below: X * 2 r * port: We are here for a reason (52 mins):

Answered Prayers!

Well, almost…

Ra ch el ma d cow had her contract with ms n b c — well, not really cancelled. Just highly re-arranged. A year from this October (assuming she stays out of gitmo) she goes down to a once-a-month show, but for a lot more money: a reported $30 million to appear once a month.

I’m guessing that when m s m disappears from the face of the planet (we can only hope that it will happen ANY DAY NOW —please!), that $30 million won’t even buy her a cup of joe at gitmo, but we shall see!! (5 mins):

Before I forget….

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis begin their Carnage U K tour tomorrow night, in Poole, England at the Lighthouse Centre for the Arts. I think there are limited tickets still available. (I have looked over the venue’s website and they don’t seem to have any specific C *vid mandates in place, just that you need a photo ID to get in (I’m guessing you also get to vote for the U S President if you bring your photo ID….) (Oh wait!! You usually don’t need a photo ID to vote for a U S President. You only need the ID to get into a concert,….)

All right.

So if you’ve been following the back channel reports on a f g h ani stan, it does really seem — as we have suspected — that the t a li ban is working with Allied forces, gang. They did liberate af gha ni stan (and not overnight but, apparently, county by county, until it was time t go in k * bul).

The d**p st * te govt is gone now and the bombs, attacks, etc., are indeed coming from is s is k, which is d ** p st* te C I A, Yes. Americans. But not Allied forces. And apparently the opium fields have already been burned away and will no longer be the bane of the existence of af g h an i stan. But — oops! — this will help to bankrupt b*g ph * rma’s once-massively lucrative opioid monopoly.

What the heck are they gonna do?

Who fucking cares….

Special forces, both current and retired, are working with Allied forces in a f gh a ni st an. So, yes, people are dying, and rogue Americans are involved in causing that. It is not the t a l i ban.

Really, gang — when will they get rid of m s m? This is just getting almost too hard to stomach for another minute. They cause so much misinformation, disinformation, danger, garbage, death. Get rid of that fucking m s m already and people would simply have to wake up.

At the very least, they would have to scramble to find their news somewhere else and — voila! — they will at long last find the actual news. Maybe even take off their fucking m * sks.


So. P r o ject ver i tas released another video yesterday that absolutely turned my stomach. The video went beyond viral, of course, so maybe you already saw it: G a bri el G i p e, a Sacramento CA high school teacher, discusses how he turns his students into communists/an ti fa/ fa scists (hidden camera) (10 mins):

The local schoolboard responded early yesterday that it is aware of the video and is “looking into it”.

And this little bit of good news came by way of the Br igh t eon podcast:

“The resistance begins now – Global non-compliance movement launched.

“All around the world, informed, passionate citizens are rising up against medical tyranny, from the truckers in Australia to peaceful protesters in France, the UK and Canada. In the United States, the Tea Party P* trio ts have announced protests in 60 cities.

“The people of the world are increasingly realizing the plan demic was a malicious scam to mass murder innocent people while enslaving the people under tyrannical government rule. People are waking up like never before, and they’ve seen people they know and love killed by the c* vid v a x (or the traumatic lockdowns). We are now seeing the beginning of the peaceful uprising against medical tyranny, and a true sleeping giant has been awakened.”

The video they are referring to is this one (48 mins):

There is also some sort of f a sl e f l * g pro test being planned for D C that is a trap. Refer to X 2 2 r e p o rt below for details. Do not attend!

D a vid N * no ro dr igu ez and j u a n o sa vin paid tribute to ro bert d a vid st e e le (sort of) & other stuff (1 hr 17 mins):

“Nancy Drew” had two videos from D C (both around 2 mins):

A quick UFO sighting on UFO Man (1 min 44 seconds):

Tarot by Janine looks at Rods of God (16 mins):

Se an S ton e and ju an o s a vin ( ju an talks circles again — hiding hiding hiding the real information — but at least it’s something): Death of R D S and his “Best Kept Secret” (1 hr):

Always enjoyable! Real R aw News presents Day 2 of the alleged tribunal of pe do b * l l g * tes (6 mins):

X * 2 r * port: Stay alert. Be vigilant (1 hr):

Okay, gang. That’s it for today. I am getting really, really fed up with this m * ck ing bir d med ia on ALL SIDES. It is getting next to impossible to discern the actual news right now. The best bet is to stand back, look at the surrounding facts from recent events and ignore what most people are saying today.

And then onward, right?

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys, See ya!

People, Just Get Ready

The news is a bit disturbing today. So I’ll just jump right in.

Remember those United Nations armored vehicles in Canada that I posted about yesterday? How I said “that can’t be good”?

According to J * co’s intel in a conversation he had with ni ch o l as v en ia min yesterday, those U N vehicles are meant for the U S and we need to expect war, gang.

That doesn’t mean we need to engage. What it seems to mean is that what’s left of the D **p S t * te here in the U S, is still aiming to create a “race war” here, with heavy A n t i f a rioting in the key cities. These forced riots will “prove” that America has a terrible “race problem” and that the U N must call in its N A T O forces and stomp it out the old fashioned way, with guns and tanks. Conveniently, they are already waiting at the Canadian border.

Please, gang. Tell everyone you know — family, co-workers, friends– that if a n t i f a is starting to riot in your area of the country, STAY HOME. This is a trap. This won’t end well for p a tr io t s who engage, especially with guns. So stay home. It’s a trap.

(Remember how I told you back in December that Jan 6 was a set up and to stay away from D C?? Sadly, there are now truly peaceful attendees of Jan 6 who are still in jail, without any real charges brought against them, no trial, and they are being beaten by guards, and the safety of their wives at home is being threatened, etc. )

Please stay home,

J*co also says that conversations among U S congressmen (I thought they were all on g i t mo by now….) Anyway, leaked conversations indicate that even if/when A Z and G A and P A de-certify their el ec tion results due to proof of massive v* t er fr * ud, they will not allow a vote or a formal ruling on any of it.

Which means we are fucked.


It also means that the m * litary and Tr **p (the rightful winner of the pr e si d ential e l * c tion) will finally have to go public and take over.

So that’s the good news. Even though it is going to bring all this above-mentioned violence.

This is supposed to start coming down soon — as in, August.

So we can choose to maybe look on all of this as “good news.”

On another topic, D on a ld Rum s feld allegedly committed suicide during his tr* bu nal at Di e go Ga rcia U S mili tary base in the Indian Ocean. He was charged with the deaths of countless U S soldiers in ir a q and af g an i stan who were seeking imaginary weapons of mass destruction, as well as his involvement in 9 1 1 and trillions of dollars of misappropriated money. He did not die from “cancer” but by his own hand. (3 mins):

On yet another topic…

This morning, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis announced their UK tour in support of their latest album, Carnage, It will take place in September and October. Tour dates and ticket info is here.

Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya.

(Oh, and PS: Indeed, Amazon has banned the eBook sale of 1954 Powder Blue Pickup for “offensive content.” Please consider buying the print book here (on Amazon, oddly enough) for $7.99 plus shipping, or the non-kindle eBook here, on lulu.com, for $3.98. Thanks.)


Below: J*co explains it all to ni ch ol as (35 mins):

Below: N* no chats with Richard Citizen Journalist: D C is a ghost town (20 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 at the shooting range (15 mins):

Below: R *d P * ll 7 8 news update: Sharpiegate unravels the whole lie! (25 mins):

Below: Ni ch o las chats with ge n e de cod e (45 mins):

Below: A news update about horrible life in jail for innocent Jan 6 protestors (13 mins):

Below: Ni ch o las chats with Tarot by Janine (38 mins):

I keep forgetting to post this one. It’s from several days ago, but it was really good. Ni ch o las chats with Al an Fount ain about S R A and child s e x t r aff i cking (25 mins):

Below Ch * r lie W *rd and Mel K Monday intel chat (38 mins):

Below: Sheriff Mack and the Constitution at work (2 mins):

Below: Canadian doctor: 62% of va xed have permanent heart damage (8 mins):

Below: Jessie Cze bo tar (who I’m not 100% convinced isn’t a white hat plant at this point, gang) discloses upcoming reveal of M a c a fee’s dead man switch ( 2 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: All assets deployed (43 mins):

Ah, Yes! The Good Old Days!

When liberty used to cost only 5 cents! Unlike now, where the potential cost of it is the modification of your DNA…


Here is something that will be very handy for Americans — since I think we are the only country in the world that has made hy dr o xy chl or i qui ne illegal to sell without a prescription. Why not just make it at home??? Turns out it’s super easy! (So easy, that it only takes 58 seconds to tell you how to do it!!)

And here’s another very interesting update on the m * li tary tr i bu nals. Turns out that Git mo is full, gang! (Oh, and I learned yesterday that the tri bu n als cannot put anyone on trial for Crimes against Humanity — only for military crimes, like treason — which is likely why a d a m s c h i f f has not (yet) been found guilty of ch i ld s ex / mur der in places like the Sta n dar d H o tel in L A.) Crimes against Humanity get tried in places like The Hague.) (Are there places “like” The Hague, or is there only The Hague??)

Some of the info below contradicts other things we have heard about entertainers and movie stars who were said to have already been e x e c ut ed (i.e., Gaga, Hanks) …. but it is still very interesting info about Tiera Del Fuego. Worth 3 minutes and 24 seconds of your time!

And there was another quite interesting a rr est whose time had come! (Recognize scarf-lady?) (Don’t cry for me, Argentina, or anything like that…)

Also, U K podcasters caution you to disbelieve M S M statistics that tell you hundreds, or even thousands, of people joined the anti-l* ck d*wn protest in London over the weekend. The actual number was closer to one million protesters…. (that’s just a photo, so don’t try to “play” it!! kekekek)

And there was lots of great information in yesterday’s Di gi tal War rio rs update (U K/ Sp ain):

And before I go off on a veritable Nick Cave update spree… I want to mention a very interesting, albeit extremely sad, update.

Remember how certain airlines were saying you could not fly with them until you were vax xed??? Oops!! Since it turns out the vaxes cause life-threatening blood clots, and since folks who are at risk of blood clots are not allowed to fly in airplanes (don’t know, yet, about flying in TR-3Bs)… Well, turns out, vaxxed folks will now be banned from flying in airplanes, too.

Darn. And here they went and altered their DNA and filled their bodies to the brim with na no bots that will severely shorten their life expectancies in order to fly to Tiera Del Fuego. Oops! I mean, um, Ft. Lauderdale or someplace like that.

Okay. It’s actually not funny. At all. But who will the airlines be ferrying at this point? The unvaxed can’t fly. The vaxxed will likely die even sooner if they fly so now they can’t fly, either… And non-terrestrials have much more efficient modes of air transportation. Who is left???

On a more somber note — I spoke with my ex-husband in Seattle yesterday. He was feeling very blue about the vax situation because everyone is pressuring him to get it, but he refuses. He said, “I will be 65 in 3 weeks. I didn’t live to be 65 just to get a blood clot and die.” However, he told me that his entire family back home in Sing a p ore have had the c* vid PCR tests and the fake vaxes because it is mandatory in that country. An entire country. It is so sad. His mom is 86. Chances are high that she could pass away from that vax (or anything else, really) before he has a chance to see her again. (And not just because of the forced vax — but to visit Sing a pore right now mandates a forced vax on the visitor and a 3-week quarantine-hotel stay, at your own expense.)

This stuff does indeed keep me awake at night, gang, because it is so tragic. His entire family, forced to be vaxxed. So I continue to thank the entire universe for my CBD oil, otherwise, I would never sleep.

Okay. For some mysterious reason, I have neglected to post my many Nick Cave updates from this past week!!

The announcement that I found most disheartening was this one: In honor of Carnage finally being released on CD and vinyl on June 18th, there is going to be a live, online Q &A with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis about Carnage, on Friday, June 18th, at 7PM BST. (Info on how to submit your question is here.)

Sadly, this is the very same time when grown-ups in America who have jobs in health food stores actually have to work…. So that fucking sucks.

Also, Cave Things announced that you can now listen to “Letter to Cynthia” on YouTube! Which, oddly enough, you will find directly below!!

And, also last week, Nick Cave put out a Red Hand File that was really just amazing. Some great advice about how to get over yourself and just keep on living… (I am paraphrasing hugely. What he said was much more compassionate.) You can read it here.

All righty.

One more (sad) video. If you hadn’t kept up on this trend, there was at least one orphanage/convent in Canada where the remains of babies and children were dug up from mass graves. Very, very fucking sad.

Tarot by Janine looks at this sad situation this morning:

And then last night’s UFO Man Saturday night live stream:

Okay. I guess that’s it for this fine Sunday morning in cold and rainy Crazeysburg.

And in keeping with the holiday weekend, I leave you with “Stars & Stripes Forever” — a John Philip Sousa favorite from yesteryear!! (Listen at your own risk! Once this gets in your head, you will not get it out!!) All righty. See ya, gang. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys!!

I Swear to God they have an Effing Time Machine!!

Every time a [17] drop lines up absolutely perfectly — meaning the c h * n  e se rocket that was a non-event, and the [17] drop from May 8th 2020 that had it perfectly predicted — I can’t help but get sort of gleeful inside and feel for certain that they do have access to a time machine.

FYI: If you watched the amazing documentary, F  a  l l of the c a b a l ,  you no doubt recall that, at the end, she proposed the theory that j  f   k  jr has access to a time machine, and that he is involved with [17] and the m * litary behind [17] and with the quantum computer, etc.

But the way these drops line up so precisely, gang, month after month, year after year — and sometimes it was a couple of years into the future — how else can you possibly explain it? (And I don’t think l ook in g g lass could be so precise all the time; I think you’d have to actually go and see what exists and then choose the correct timeline, without fail, every time.)

It’s so exciting.

And all these iconic people that have allegedly been dead a really long time — suddenly, not really dead?

In case you missed the post with the Charles Dickens’ character, Mr. Fezziwig… that was the one and only post in my 22 year-career of keeping a blog, wherein I got  s  h  a  d  o w  ba  n  n ed. I reported that S  c *  v i n * revealed the te  le  g r am accounts for m * ch ael j *ck s  on and j * m m * r r * son. (!!)

I won’t post it again. You’ll have to go find it, if you are interested.  (It is readily viewable to all now, because I deleted what got me banned — a stomach-turning video about f  ^^ r & e   e M ** s &^ n s in show business, etc.)

So I have been following both of those accounts, and I have to say they are the strangest t e l e g r am accounts I follow. So I’m beginning to believe they are legit.

And which fucking weird-ass timeline we had to get onto in order for all these iconic dead people to not only still be alive, but to also be hardcore “p* tr io ts” is just beyond me.

But I’m willing to get on that ride and take it as far as it’s going to go because it is exciting.

I only wish that we didn’t have the constant revelations of ungodly horrors to contend with at the same time.

I’m now having what constitute “nightmares” every single night, but only because I am trying so hard to process stuff.  The bad stuff, I mean. I have complete faith in the good stuff that is underway, and in the even better stuff that I know is coming. But the bad stuff — the broad swath of humanity that thinks (or thought) that the horrors that it was okay to inflict upon innocent animals, children, people — you know? What is that thought process in humans that makes any of that okay? (Not to mention the alleged non-terrestrials that allegedly led these c  a  b  a  l folks by their fucking noses right into this stinking pit…)

If you listened to g e ne de c ode and citizen of gotham yesterday, you no doubt recall them saying that anyone who thinks that all “aliens” are benevolent  is dangerously naïve… that would, of course, be me.  For some reason, I have Anne Frank in the very core of my soul: In spite of everything, I still believe that people are good at heart. And that belief in me extends to the entire Cosmos, apparently, since I seemed, until recently, to be the only one who thought the Anunnaki were benevolent… (well, it’s turning out that some of them are and always were.)

Fucking-A, life is so weird. You have no idea how much time I spend each day thinking about this stuff. For instance– NYC was my home for almost 30 years. Why the fuck did I suddenly end up in this place in the middle of absolutely nowhere, safe — for the most part — from the true atrocities of the scam d emic, from the m*sk mandates, and now the deadly va xes that have overrun NYC (and the world); what led me to this safe haven? And why did I suddenly find myself among these ancient burial mounds? I remember them from my childhood — not from this specific place, but they were all over Ohio, but no one really understood the scope of what they were back then.

Yet, suddenly, here I found myself, in the middle of nowhere, literally surrounded by the ancient burial mounds. The only thing I knew about them was that they were 2000 years old. 

Well, since I am a minister– as unlikely as that seems — and since I do think about Jesus much of the time; that idea of “2000 years ago” of course made me think: Wow, Jesus was alive back then. Over in Jerusalem, in Nazareth, in Capernaum. Back when these people here in Ohio were building these burial mounds that I am now walking upon.

(And I do walk upon them — not on the paved paths beside them — because it is always best to let the sacred energies in the Earth go right up into you through your feet.) (Yes, that would be me — the lone girl with the long silver hair, always dressed like some sort of hippie chick, who refuses to wear a m* sk, who refuses to walk on the path…)

It was seemingly by “accident” that I moved here and immediately started to uncover long lost local history books from 200 years ago, when the mounds had been dug up by local farmers and the skeletons of giants were discovered. And that they were sometimes buried with altars that included stone tablets with the 10 Commandments carved on them in ancient Hebrew.

And at the very same time, the Latter Day Saints showed up at my remote door in the middle of nowhere and told me that these burial mounds were sacred ground to them, too, because they are written about in the Book of Mormon. And they showed me where it was indeed written — or could be interpreted as such. And that the giants were the Nephilim. Dark angels who fell to Earth, raped impregnated the women and all that.

But I’m still thinking, no, they were not angels. They were real.  And by “falling from heaven,” I think they mean that they came from Outer Space. And they were not evil, they were good.

.And then the next thing I knew, I was up at that incredible Kirtland Temple, where Jesus himself appeared to Joseph Smith and they had a great and awesome chat — yes, Jesus appeared here in nowhere Ohio, about 200 years ago, long before the c  i  a thought to mind-control everyone into thinking that Jesus could appear in weird places like that — and then things went bad for the Latter Day Saints very, very quickly after that.

(But that temple is still holy, gang. You can feel it there. The good and the awful. It’s all there, in the air. Regardless of what you have been taught to believe about Latter Day Saints.)

Kirtland Temple constructed in the 1830s. First temple ...

And so again and again, I struggle to process all this uncanny stuff, and I come to the conclusion that the sole thing that is the most evil here on earth are the minds of certain human beings.

Well, anyway. In addition to famous movie directors and Hollywood producers, and most of the A-list actors and actresses that we all know and love, and perhaps even some of the best boys and grips, and every single person who ever had a hit record on the radio, the other thing that apparently can be really evil is some of those non-terrestrials.

In my dreams at night, I try to figure it all out.  And it is disheartening and exhausting. But when my eyes finally open to the here & now each morning, the words that always come to me are the reminders that I took the vow to follow Christ and that I must put on the full armor of God and let life on Earth be whatever it is —  go out there every day and walk in it, come what may.

Below, there are some short  videos about what is up with the spike pro  teins that escape from those fake va x es. (The va x es are loaded with them.) One thing that I found interesting is that they now believe it was the spike pro tein itself that was bio engineered to adhere to the cor no vir us, and that the spike pro t ein was what caused some people to get very sick, especially if they had underlying conditions. (And now, of course, it is the vax that will kill you. It’s a time bomb, waiting to happen.)

When I got the vi rus last Easter, it did indeed attack my ability to breathe — it depleted oxygen from my lungs, my brain, my blood. It was unlike any “virus” I had ever had and so I really believed, even back then, that it was man-made.  That is wasn’t from some bat in w  u  h *n.

Anyway. Some interesting videos below, so check them out at your leisure if you haven’t already.

And some good news! Chief Justice Clarence Thomas, the sole Federal U S Judge who apparently is not a pe do phile, finally declared that any s * cial m* dia banning speech that is protected by the First Amendment is unconstitutional, and that Section 230 itself is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Finally. A beginning to the end of all this cen s or ship. Perhaps even the beginning to the end of me having to type in this fucking weird way, day after day for a year now!

All righty. Enjoy your Sunday. If you celebrate Mother’s Day today, enjoy it. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

He went up against the c a b a l :


A moment of peace and beauty:


Below: Tarot by Jannine (20 mins):

Below: Medical professionals worldwide losing faith in w h o; too many kids have autism worldwide, why?? (7 mins):

Below: Doctors warn the v a xed are t he new leprosy, keep girls and child-bearing women away from them (14 mins):

Below: Internet and phone lines going down worldwide (15 mins):

Below: Digital Soldiers U K: Viral shedding (27mins):

All the Fancies of Spring!!

Yeah, well. At least it’s sunny today and not snowing anymore, but it’s still a really chilly day here today.

Don’t forget — the fan-made videos over at Bad Seed TeeVee are still streaming live! There are some really amazing videos, gang. Be sure to stop over and check it out from time to time. They will make you happy. Make you feel quizzical. Break your heart. Make you smile.

And Nick cave sent out a lovely Red Hand File yesterday, in support of the 48-hour birthday event for Bad Seed Tee Vee. You can read it here.

And, as if that weren’t enough excitement — Cave Things today announced a new Warren Ellis-exploitation item that is now for sale! Yes, for only £22 plus shipping, you can purchase one fine bone china egg cup with a  simple drawing (by Nick Cave) of Warren’s face on it. (In American money, this is slightly over $30, plus shipping.) I feel this item has achieved it’s purpose of being purely exploitative (with a tiny bit of actual, functional use)!!


All righty.

Well, there are wars and rumors of wars all over the place today (i.e., r us s i a, uk r aine, U S). I’m not 100% sure that I’m too concerned. I know people are indeed dying all over the place — mostly here in America, it seems; from lone shooters and allegedly crazed cops.

In fact, Ohio got hit with one again yesterday. This time a cop allegedly shot and killed a 15 year-old girl.

This is all being done to try to persuade Americans to give up their 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. However, what I think it’s actually doing is making more and more Americans buy guns, and making us absolutely immune to feeling any emotions over these continuing shooting deaths.

A news item will suddenly pop up in the middle of the day: “Oh no, another shooting.” And every one will say, “Man, this is more shootings than in O b * m a ‘s a d min istr ation.”

It seems to be “backfiring”– no pun intended.

And something to be on the lookout for are the current photos of “m a x in e W at ers.” Compare them with what she used to look like and ask yourself if maybe she’s really on g i t mo now… I repeat, the r i ot s are real, but the entire G e o r ge Fl oy d thing was a psy op from start to finish, folks.

Do not cry for those guys; just don’t.

Also, what’s very curious, is that the person now playing M a x in e W a ter s in the press looks just like the current Al S h ar p ton, in a wig.

It is weirdly uncanny, gang. I guess all we can do now is check to see how often ma x ine and A l are out & about together… (If it weren’t so repugnant, it could be a hit TV sitcom from the 1960s.)

So, even though the fake A ng e la M er k * l (aka daughter of you know who — or sometimes known as “everything you always wanted to know about H it ler but were afraid to ask”) is trying to be friendly with r u ss ia and the pipe line; it sounds like the non-fake (but probably also fake) Ger ma ny has passed some sort of mandatory vax law that now unleashes the N ur em burg C o d e on the world. “Forced medical experiments” are crimes against humanity.

The fake but extremely dangerous vaxes are ex perimental medicine…

We will see where this all is heading, but I think we have a good idea.

Oh, and g ** gle was down this morning!! That makes t w * tt * r, g m ail, now g ** gle — having blackouts in the space of 2 days.

Also — REMEMBER!!! Be on guard against fake alien invasions!! Yes, apparently there are evil ETs out there. However, all intel indicates that ETs here are benevolent. The threat of invasion is D **p S t * t* garbage to frighten you. According to David N *no Ro driguez, even the KAR DA SH IANS are now seeing U F O s (!!). (I don’t have TV, so I am basing this on what he says below.) (10 mins.)

Okay. Enough. I’m gonna scoot and get down to some writing here today, gang. Thanks for visiting. I leave you with the (unlikely) song that was in my head when I awoke at 3am this morning — from 1971, the theme from the legendary tear-jerker TV movie, Brian’s Song, “The Hands of Time.” As sung by Johnny Mathis. Enjoy. I love you guys. See ya!!

Brian’s Song (The Hands of Time)

If the hands of time
Were hands that I could hold
I’d keep them warm

And in my hands
They ‘d not turn cold

Hand in hand
We’d choose
The moments that should last

Timeless moments
That have no future
And no past

The summer
From the top of a swing
The comfort
In the sound of a lullaby

The innocence
Of leaves in the spring
But most of all
The moment when love first touched me

All the happy days
Would never learn to fly
Until the hands of time
Would choose to wave goodbye

© 1971 – Michel Legrand, Marilyn & Alan Bergman


Below: P a trio t str eet fighter Pt. 2 with B i shop L arry Ga iters. Off the charts once again!! Do not miss!! G e or ge f l oy d revealed and a ton of other stuff!! It moves to r umble do t com when it leaves YT ( 2 hrs 22 mins):

Below: Nich olas V en ia min chats with Jason [17]: More optics on fake flo yd trial and more (55 mins):

Below: Round table with several heavy hitters! Ch * rlie W *rd, Mel K, Daivd N *no Rodriguez, Simon P * r k* s (58 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 News ( 15 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (42 mins):

Another Great Day in the Hinterlands!!

Can you feel the energy shift in your part of the world, gang??

All over the place, pockets of people are gathering — and not wearing masks.  State Governors are declaring v a x passports unconstitutional.  That vaxes are choices.  That enough is enough.

Everywhere, all over the world, people are taking (mostly) peacefully to the streets.

More and more intel indicating that Tr ***p will likely be back for the 4th of July. (And also, that he never actually left…)

There are some great podcasts posted below today, too. Try to listen to them if you have time, gang. P *  trio t str eet fighter had great intel re: S u e z C ana l on his tipping point radio show Monday night.  He has also begun a Tuesday night special class on the U S  C on stit u tion, in case you are of the younger generations who were not taught about it in school.

Learn the Con st it tuion and KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

N i ch olas Ven i a min had a great chat with a Pharma insider  (also below) that was very insightful re: all aspects of c * vid and the vaxes. But he also warns (as are other podcasters,  warning about SPARS) that a stronger strain of cor ona vir  us will be coming at the end of this year, and that this is where those folks who are getting vaxed  now (assuming they live through that) are going to get serious medical complications caused by the m R N As.  This will be where the depopulation aspect of the experimental vaxes will likely start kicking in.

(However, according to gene d e c ode, there are things you can do to remove the vax from your system, involving borax and activated charcoal. You have to search for it on duckduckgo.)

And people who did not get the vax need to maintain their immunity protocols:

    • High doses of Vitamin C
    • High doses of Vitamin D3
    • Zinc + Magnesium
    • Quercetin

In addition to the above, I personally add elderberry, echinacea, raw local honey, and organic apple cider vinegar (with the mother).

And FYI: stock up on elderberry now (!!), because there is going to be a worldwide shortage of elderberry next season (due to a crop shortage that already happened this year).  It’s going to be hard to get elderberry in the Fall and will also be expensive.

So by Fall, gang, you need to make sure you’re maintaining an immunity-boosting routine, every day.  (And also some sort of prayer/meditation/visualization routine, every day — starting right now.) (And don’t forget to add things to your diet that help decalcify the pineal gland, and also detox from heavy metals!!) (Yes, my life is truly that insane, gang. But this is war. Seriously.)


We have 10 of our 21 windows open here in the house and the birds are signing (also singing!!) like crazy outside and the cats couldn’t be happier. It’s going to get cooler again at the end of the week, but for right now, we’re remembering what summer is like and we’re getting excited!

I’m hoping against hope that I’ll have enough money to buy my flowers and plant them in May, and also be able to pay my lawncare guy all summer.  I hope that wherever you are in the world and whatever season it is in your hemisphere, that you are finding reasons to rejoice on the Earth today.

Okay. Check out the podcasts below, gang. They were really informative and inspiring. I leave you with the song “Carnage” again, from the great new album Carnage (2021) by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis!! Enjoy!! Have a great Wednesday, and thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Ni ch o las  Ve nia min chats with Ph ar ma Exec. VERY INFORMATIVE!  (1 hr):

Below: P *  trio t str eet fighter. First hour has great intel re: all aspects of the S u e z C ana l — do not miss!!; then U S C on sti tu tion (2 hrs):

Below: P o d e st a arrest and Tr **p back for 4th of July (28 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 78 News (will the truth about fake  c i a – g e or g e fl o yd  case finally come out? Can you say “fentanyl overdose” gang??!!) (25 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: This was awesome! Listen and SHARE!!  (48 mins):