Wow, What A Day!!

Okay, gang, I’m just saying hi. I gotta be brief for right now.

Not only is it a stunning morning around here today but today is my day to drive into town and buy all my flowers for my porches for the summer!! So I’m super excited.

I still haven’t raked those leaves from around the front porch yet, so I want to try to do that this morning, too, before it gets way too hot.

I am still hard at work on Letter #8, “The Choice to Kill,” for Girl in the Night: Erotic Love Letters to the Muse. I got great work done on it yesterday, but it’s one of those segments that’s going to be a little intense, so it is a little slow going (i.e., I’ve re-written the first page of it about 6 times already). But I’m still happy with it.

And life is returning!! I got a text from a friend last night who lives in Granville, and he said that my beloved Granville Inn is re-opening this week! He has reservations there for dinner on Saturday night.  So the new normal is apparently upon us!! I might actually get to see people again soon!! We shall see.

After a $9 million restoration and renovation, the Granville Inn ...

Okay, have a good morning, wherever you are in the world, and I will try to get back here later today and at least post photos of my flowers.

By the way, if you’re viewing this on a computer and not a phone, you can visit my Instagram page through the photo toward the bottom of the left hand side of the page. I posted a video there at 5am this morning, showing just how noisy all these wonderful birds are at that hour! For some reason, WordPress doesn’t let me post videos from my phone. They have to be converted to a different file format — and who the heck has time for that at 5am, right??!!

Okay! Thanks for visiting, gang. Hopefully, I’ll check in again later. I love you guys. See ya!

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