Sorry We’re So Late!!!

Hi, gang!

Well, today was another one of those days where I decided to go into town and get the groceries because I was down to, like, one 5- ounce container of Greek yogurt and some cranberry juice!

I’m so funny — I’m always wanting just a wee bit more than that in my fridge! But anyway. So I drove into town to get the groceries. But then I wanted to get some more stuff for my yard, and also, the other day,  I discovered that my backdoor — which I almost never use because it basically opens out onto the old well (another reason to stay sober!! and to steer clear of the backdoor if not sober!!) — anyway, I discovered that it has a hook at the top of the door so I suddenly needed to go buy a weatherproof summer wreath from the dollar store. Because god knows, I don’t want a perfectly good hook (3 summers now before I noticed it!) going to waste.

So I just ran a bunch of little — but very fun — errands in town this morning. And I tried to make that hideous backdoor area of my house look a little bit nicer. As the summer goes on, the morning glories start blooming like crazy back there along the old fence, so that helps, but otherwise, it is such an eyesore and, unfortunately, since my house is on a corner and my backyard takes up an entire block, you can pretty much see the eyesore from this whole area of town.

So now, as you can see, there is a colorful fake-flower wreath hanging there on the door, to try to draw the eye up and away from the general hideousness.

Here is a tightly cropped idea of what it now looks like.

I’m trying to crop out all the damage the starlings did to the soffit up above the door, and also crop out the old well, which is very close to that lawn chair there.

Even though, in real (non-cropped) life, it still looks sort of uninviting back there, I can actually see myself sitting out there at night, after dark, because you can see all the fireflies and of course the stars.

From the kitchen porch, where I usually sit, you can’t see any of that because there’s a roof over the kitchen porch.

So, we’ll see how that goes this summer! As always, you are welcome to #ComeVisitCrazeysburg (!!) , but bring your own mosquito repellent, gang, because we got skeeters out here like nobody’s business! (Oh, and I guess, bring another lawn chair!)

Well, I did indeed, accidentally unsubscribe myself from Nick Cave’s Red Hand Files letter-thingy, so I had to fix that problem. But he sent out another one today. A list of some of his favorite books! You can read it here if you so choose!!


My day here is more than half over already.  Luckily, I don’t have too much to say here today.  I’m in the middle of watching Withnail & I for the hundredth time. Even though I’ve seen it many times, all those many times were many years ago, and for some reason, I found myself wanting to see that again. So I started watching it last night but then I fell asleep. So I want to finish that, and also get some writing done.

Which means, my friends, that this is all I’m posting today! I hope you’ve had a good Monday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting. I leave you with my driving-to-town music from earlier — “Let Yourself Go,” by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (from their awesome album Mojo, 2010). (It’s SUPER swingy, so play it loud, gang, and just chill!!) (Or, I guess, drive to town!!) All righty. I love you guys. See ya!!

“Let Yourself Go”

Rain on the river I’m soakin’ wet
Waitin’ on friend who ain’t come yet
And he might not get here for three or four days
Got to make a little bit go a long way
I’ve got a blond-headed woman who likes to come around
Cute little hippy girl lives in town
Brings a bag a records and she plays ’em ’til dawn
Give me little lovin’ then she got to go home

When times are hard
When you start feelin’ low
Let yourself go
When the river’s risin’ and the world feels cold
Let yourself go
Let yourself go

I got a 442 sittin’ in the sun
Well it’s been ten years since she used to run
Man she was a beauty in ’69
But there ain’t no more comin’ down the line

When times are hard
And you start feelin’ low
Let yourself go
When the river’s risin’ and your world feels cold
Let yourself go
Honey let yourself go

© – 2010 Tom Petty

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