Well, Blessings & Curses in Crazeysburg!!

The blessing, of course, was that an unbelievably strong wind came through yesterday afternoon and indeed blew whatever leaves I had left in the front yard clear over to the next county!! Yay!!

The not-so-good news, though, is that my neighbors’ leaves blew into my backyard and got stuck up against that fence again. So now my backyard has  a bunch of leaves, but nobody cares about that because it doesn’t block the sidewalk.

However, the curse…

That wind blew a piece of the siding off from a ledge of the roof that is impossible to reach without a serious ladder. A step-ladder will not do it. And this huge strip of siding is now hanging there, sort of twisted, flapping in the breeze.  Viewable from all over the village.

Just when I had everything looking so nice, gutter-wise.  It is so frustrating. All it would take to fix it is some nails. But a ladder is needed to get all the way up there.

I am praying for carpenter’s elves to come by in the dark of night and fix it…

I bring your attention to the famous Norman Rockwell painting at the top there.

Listen to the X22 R*p*rts down below if you so choose. And you will likely come to the same sad conclusion. Which is, that Operation C* VID Panic is not only in full swing, but has likely been a type of hoax this entire time.

Not that people didn’t get sick. I did. But it really is just like the flu. Elderly people and those with compromised physical conditions will likely suffer serious effects from it. Some will die. But now there are therapeutics and most people will no longer die from it, even if you have to be hospitalized. Even if you don’t ever get the vaccine — and the latest news on the vaccine is that 25 million vaccines per month will be ready, starting in December.

Hence — the numbers of new cases all over the news, but no numbers about new deaths.



But mostly control.

And now trying to enforce new l*ckd*owns, in time for Thanksgiving.

Constitutional rights here in America are not just free speech but the freedom to assemble. M* sks and l*ckd*wns do not work but they do indeed curb your freedom to assemble. They isolate you and they kill your bank account.

Use d*ck d*ck go to search for the research on that.

If they did work, we would not have had a wave of outbreaks this summer. Or a wave of new outbreaks now.

It’s more about curtailing free speech and freedom to assemble. All over the Western world…


Remember what I said about the local nurses here complaining that the tests are not accurate? People are testing both positive and negative?

By now, you’ve likely seen El*n Musk’s comments about his own tests. If not, use d*ck d*ck go to search for that. Look at what he said, not at all the crap the news has to say about what he said.

Multiply El*n by the actual front line nurses here in small town Ohio who are seeing this every day — and remember what the nurses said! Only the positive tests are being counted!! If the same person then tests negative, it is discarded from the statistics.

Why would nurses make that up? They, more than anyone, want the virus to go away. They are beyond exhausted, gang.

All right, so. Onward to Monday!!

I hope you have a good day underway, wherever you are in the world.  Thanks for visiting, gang!! I love you guys. See ya.

Also check out Mark Levin’s podcast, audio rewind. I do not want to risk linking it here.

3 thoughts on “Well, Blessings & Curses in Crazeysburg!!”

  1. If only i had the power to set up the guillotine used during the French Revolution on the Mall in Washington D.C. And enough Klingon shock troops to round up the Socialists…Oh Well one can only dream…

      1. I remember too. i once saw a picture of Mussolini Il Duce and his wife hanging upside down after being captured and shot by the Italian resistance. Nor have i forgotten the lynching of black men during the Jim Crow Era in the Deep South. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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