Another Rainy Sunday in the Hinterlands

Okay, I am feeling better — all these hours later, now that the mainstream media is getting some criticism for not reporting the violence against the people attending the rally yesterday night.

You can now read reliable new stories here and here, if you so wish.

While the violence upsets me, and I know that more violence is coming because these groups are literally trying to overthrow the Government — make no mistake about that — what upset me the most was that NO ONE was mentioning it in the regular news. Not a fucking WORD. (First, they didn’t want you to know the rally was happening, then they didn’t report the attacks.)

So, now that that’s changed, I feel calmer.  For now.  But, in case you didn’t know this yet, the mainstream media here in the US is on an absolute mission to convince Americans and the world that Tr**p is no longer the Pr*sident.

This is serious. It is not an exaggeration or a joke.  For instance– right this minute, do you know that Tr**p is still the legal President of the US?

He is. Even if the vote fraud and the recounts and law suits weren’t underway, he would still be the legal President until noon on  January 20th 2021. And NO ONE is a Pres* dential El*ct until Dec.14th in ordinary times…

I will give you a moment to go look at your calendar.

Now I will draw your attention to the fact that World Leaders (possibly even your own) are congratulating B* den for being the Pres* dential El*ct.

Clearly, World Leaders are given faulty calendars and they think it is already December 14th.


I found this image on Balladeer’s Blog. It shows what one ingenious citizen did to try to get the word out there. (And if you think it hasn’t gotten this bad, please believe me that it has.)

trump is still your president

All righty.

So, yesterday — a beautiful although chilly day — I got all three of those gutters cleaned out. And I fixed the soffit over that one back gutter where the starlings like to build their nests every Spring. Well, I sort of fixed it; I think the starlings can easily undo what I did if they really, really want to. But I was astounded by how elaborate their nests were. They had, like, an actual duplex going on in there!! Literally, it was two-stories high — inside the soffit over the back gutter. And, wow, was it well constructed. Birds build the most amazing nests.

But I feel better. Three out of four gutters are cleaned, and a ton of leaves got raked. I’m still not the perfect home-owner, but I feel better.

So, yesterday, I also had the most unusual coincidence occur — I was once again walking over to Subway, the sandwich shop, and I passed a group of about 4 neighbors, smoking and chatting and I realized that one of them was the cute older blonde guy who rides the Harley motorcycle.

I was basically right next to him before I even realized it was him, because he was wearing a winter jacket with a hood, so I didn’t see his blonde hair from all the way down the block.

And I have to tell you, gang — up close, he really does look like someone who has served time. He really does! Now, maybe he has that hardened look because he’s spent his whole life outdoors, smoking cigarettes, etc. Maybe he’s merely “weathered” and not “hardened.” Who knows. But he definitely looks — up close — like a guy who’s spent time in jail. So, go figure! Me and my track record.

Anyway. On we go, right?

Okay. So also yesterday (meaning the whole day — 9 hours) was the taping of the staged reading of my play, Tell My Bones!! It then gets edited and the premier streaming of it happens next Sunday, at 7pm Eastern Time.

Please RSVP so that you get to watch the premiere!! It will stream for a few days after that — all of it FREE — but the premiere needs an RSVP to get the link. You can RSVP here.

All righty. I’m going to close now. Enjoy what’s left of your Sunday. And thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys, See ya.

“Printed media in the Soviet Union, i.e., newspapers, magazines and journals, were under strict control of the Communist Party and the Soviet state. The desire to disseminate propaganda is believed to have been the driving force behind the creation of the early Soviet newspapers…”

I’m just sayin’…

Operation C*VID Panic in progress…




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