Just A Quick Post For Now

I’m not feeling well today, gang, so I will just post some stuff quickly.

Out today! Idiot Prayer Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace — The album!! Download it wherever you get your music!

Idiot Prayer - Wikipedia

Please don’t forget to stream the staged reading of my play, Tell My Bones. Sunday, Nov. 22nd 7pm Eastern time!!

You can visit here and RSVP to get the link. It’s free!!


Some headlines of interest:

Two Counties in Oregon (the same State with possible 30 days of jail time for not wearing m* sks ) (which don’t seem to do a darn thing to stop the spread of the v* rus) are voting to secede from the State of Oregon and become part of the State of Idaho. (They don’t say that it’s because their Governor is off-the-charts ins*ne; you have to fill in that part.)


Aren’t you glad you don’t go to this college? A Law Professor there is still oblivious to the facts that there was massive & illegal vote fraud:

University of Illinois Law Professor C* lleen M*rph*, for example, suggested on Nov. 18 (2 days ago) that such a commission is needed because “the uncertainty surrounding the election—both in Tr** p’s refusal to concede and in the rhetoric and unfounded allegations calling into question its integrity—has generated questions and concerns in a lot of people’s minds about whether there will be a peaceful transition of power.”

[Full article here]

And this article, just because m* sks work so darn good!!! (Can you fucking believe it?) (See posts from yesterday re: scientists and doctors worldwide, stating that the p*nd*m*c is a fraud and that the virus is basically a form of the flu…)

And this girl’s dog was illegally registered and voted on an absentee ballot! (Not rigged???!!!) (Aren’t you glad, seriously, that you don’t study Law at the University of Illinois???)


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