Wow, So This Is Cool!

In that same State where they are halfway to getting enough signatures to recall their governor and remove him from office (aka California and Governor N* s*m), this was announced today (push-back, anyone?):

Los Angeles Orders Residents to ‘Remain in Their Homes’ or Face Fines, Jail Time

And, btw, that link to the petition really works. If you live in CA and want to sign it, download it at that link.

And in the city that I used to call home for many decades, but which I now call Airstrip One because it has become indescribably Orwellian, this was the New York Times (online) headline (oh, and mind you — Tr**p gave a 45 minute speech last evening about el*c t*on fr*ud and the historic scope of it in the 2020 el*ct *on — not at all newsworthy, obviously) (and, mind you, this is the same vaccine that Governor Cu*m* at first steadfastly refused to allow NY to have because it was developed under Tr**p’s Administration):

Cornovirus Vaccine in NY: What to Know

Yes, not a peep about extensive, country-wide v* t*r fr* ud. It instead describes when New Yorkers can expect to get the vaccine (in a handful of days — btw, the UK is actually getting it first). But it goes on to state:

Still, Mr. Cu*m* warned of hard days to come. New hospitalizations for C* vid continue to rise, with 3,924 reported in the state on Wednesday, up from 3,774 reported the day before. Also on Wednesday, New York City reported a seven-day test positivity rate of 4.8 percent — its highest rate since May 29.

(This, of course, means that New Yorkers don’t get to celebrate Christmas…) (And if you want to have your heart broken — and who doesn’t??– all you need to do is take a look at the most pitiful Christmas tree ever in the history of NYC in Rockefeller Center this year. It truly is heartbreaking.)

This is the weird awful world Airstrip One is now living in. No mention that positive cases mean nothing in terms of deaths from the virus, which are extremely minuscule for people who aren’t elderly and/or who don’t have other extenuating medical conditions.

No mention that the CDC has now stated that people only need to self-quarantine for 7 days instead of 10 because the statistics are not bearing out anything at all that they’ve been talking about for 9 months.

And, keeping in mind what I’ve just said above, this article will astound and amaze — meaning, because it illustrates how awful life has gotten for people in Los Angeles and in Airstrip One:

Americans Are Suffering ‘Delusional Psychosis’ About C* P Virus, Psychiatrist Claims

And here are some of my favorite paragraphs. I’m sure they’ll be yours, too:

So much misinformation and exaggeration about the lethality of the C*P virus—also known as the novel coronavirus—has been broadcast by government officials and the media that many Americans are suffering from a “delusional psychosis,” according to Los Angeles child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Mark McDonald.

[…]“They don’t want to give up the mask, they don’t want to give up the social distancing,” he said. “[People] are impervious to reason, to logic, to education at this point. They are psychotically managed by their fear.”

McDonald says the condition is most prevalent in Los Angeles, where he practices, and New York, places that he described as “ground zero for this.”

The government-imposed controls that were initially temporary in March have been repeatedly extended for months and have now “become social controls exercised by us,” he said.

[…]McDonald said federal data on C*P virus deaths “are highly suspect” because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has acknowledged that “94 percent of the deaths had an average of three co-morbidities, meaning they were probably going to die within the next 6 to 12 months anyway.” The 94 percent figure refers to coronavirus death cases, in which the official certificate of death named the disease.

McDonald said more than half of those who died were 80 years old or older, while the average life expectancy, based on all causes of death, in the United States is currently 79 years.

“So, if half of the people who have died purportedly of coronavirus are over the age of 80 and they had three or more co-morbidities, that speaks to the fact those people died with it rather than of it,” he said. [my emphasis]

[…] McDonald said he views the CDC “as no longer credible, [because] they have issued so many reversals of their own policies and decisions.” He was referring to the agency’s initial denials that m*sks are effective at preventing the disease spread and subsequent reversal from that position.

Similar reversals have occurred by the CDC regarding the effectiveness of social distancing and on the issue of whether surfaces should be repetitively cleaned to avoid spreading the disease.

[full article –with substantiation links — is here]

And on a related note, here in Ohio, Articles of Impeachment against our Governor have been filed — for the same reason: his handling of the virus. Officially, it is stated:

Governor D*Win*’s mismanagement, malfeasance, misfeasance, abuse of power, and other crimes include, but are not limited to, meddling in the conduct of a presidential primary election, arbitrarily closing and placing curfews on certain businesses, while allowing other businesses to remain open. He weaponized the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to bully and harass businesses and the people; to enforce a statewide mask mandate and other controversial measures of dubious ‘value,’ making Ohio a hostile work environment.”

Our Governor is a Republican, and yet the Articles of Impeachment have been brought by Republican lawmakers.

So, I guess Ohioans move with much rapidity away from so much as a hint of  Airstrip One status…

And I guarantee you, very few people here in Ohio seem to suffer from that delusional psychosis mentioned above.  Most of us are really angry and keep saying, “Why the fuck do we have to keep wearing these goddamn fucking m*sks??!!”

(Ohioans are also people who tend to own guns, and to say things like: “Just because the Governor tells us to do something doesn’t make it A Law. Legislators make the laws, not Governors. You show me where it is an actual law that I have to wear a m*sk.”) (Smarties with guns…)

Okay, so, if you’re interested in an update of Tr**p’s accomplishments while he’s been in office — you can visit this hugely long list. He is also one of the few US President’s who has donated his salary entirely to charity, since he is already crazy-wealthy. This means he doesn’t need the job; hewanted it because he hated to see what was happening to America. Unlike other recent Presidents and/or potential Presidents who hate to see America not become Ch*  na.

Other than that, gang, what can I say?

Operation C*VID Panic in progress…

More audio tape leaks on the propaganda machine:

The US economy is still doing good, gang:

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