“Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!”

Well, all right.

If you didn’t listen to that soundcloud interview with Re* ner Fu*ll m*ch, et al,  that I posted yesterday, you really must. At least listen to part of it. Do something. It will open your eyes beyond your ability to close them again.

And who doesn’t want that??

It brings together in one place what scientists all over the world have been trying to tell us for months about the fake C* VID p*nd* m* c.  Meaning, that there wasn’t a p*nd* m* c . That C* VID is just a form of the flu. That Dr* st in Germany purposely created a P C R test that would be intentionally used to create  a worldwide panic, since the test’s sole purpose was to create 89-94% false-positives for C* VID. (Apparently, even papayas and chicken wings test positive for C* VID when tested with the P C R test.) (Everything tests positive with the P C R test because it cannot detect infections…)

However, the interview goes into detail about why it would be better to not take any of the upcoming vaccines — apart from the fact that the average person likely does not need a vaccine against the flu. But more importantly, pharmaceutical companies are at the ready and banking on the many side-effects that will be caused by these vaccines, some of them probably really dangerous and unalterable.

Which brings us to the very worst part: a.) creating the fake C* VID test that would create false-positives which would put the world into a panic that there was a p*n d* m*c; was because: b.)  certain people wanted to get rich off of new vaccines that would be mandated  and then off of the side-effects the vaccines would also cause.

So please listen to these interviews, read the papers that the links take you to (I’m talking about all the stuff I’ve been posting for the last few weeks).

Here is a new one: an interview with Dr. M*ke Ye* d*n, who for 16 years was the VP and Chief Science Officer of Pf * zer.  He contributed to a scientific paper published back in September 2020 about the “fake second wave” of the v* rus. And it is full of a lot of statistics about T-cells and herd immunity and suspicious graphs put out by mainstream media, but is ultimately easy to understand.

It says exactly what we here in Marilyn’s Room have been trying to tell you — there is no p* nd* m*c going on out there. It was just a form of the flu. This new “wave” is fake and is being done to frighten and control you.

And also to get everyone to purchase expensive vaccines, and then purchase expensive drugs to combat the anticipated side-effects. (At least one of the vaccines will be introducing a living GMO into you.)

The virus reached its peak in March and April and then began to recede, behaving like any other flu. It’s over. Has been over. Did not have any new waves. Only new waves of false-positives or asymptomatic positives or repositives which are not contagious. Along with the annual wave of the flu that we always get around now.

But oddly enough — worldwide L* ckd* wns and mandatory m* sks began after the peak was done peaking in the early Spring…and is ramping up again in many places.

Which is why, both here in certain States in America and in certain countries across the Atlantic, where constitutional rights to free speech and the freedom to assemble are being trampled on, causing unknown amounts of mental, emotional, and financial destruction, that have nothing whatsoever to do with any real health crisis —

And add to that, that at least here in the US, hospitals benefit financially (as much as $39,000 per episode) every time C* VID is officially on the death certificate…(which is why a woman here in the Hinterlands is suing the local hospital for officially stating her husband died from C *VID, when he didn’t; he died from congestive heart failure)…

And add to it the worst v*t*r fr*ud in US history…

And add to all that, all the attempts by mainstream & social media to censor everyone from any real news (about both the virus and the fr*d *lent el*c ti on)…

Follow the fucking $$$ is all I can say.

And it looks like, soon enough, the people funding and reaping the financial whirlwind of all this madness, will be brought out into the daylight.

Crimes against humanity, indeed, gang.

Below is a brief but concise interview from this past Wednesday (12/2) about the new defamation lawsuit just filed in Germany against mainstream media & social media “fact-checkers” (aka “liars,” “besmirchers,” etc.). This will help you understand the C* VID false-positive P C R test at the center of the Crimes Against Humanity lawsuit/class-action suit, getting underway in Germany, the US, Canada, and (I think) Australia.

Below is the English-language video that Y* u T* b* blocked. This explains the Crimes Against Humanity case being brought against Dr* st, We* ver, and the who for knowingly starting a worldwide fake C * VID panic (this is from Oct. 2020; the case has rapidly accelerated since then and now includes at least 30 international lawyers):

Below, the New World Order, also known as the Great Reset, is expertly explained. (HINT: It’s all about greed and control) (Wait— wasn’t that what the fake C* VID panic was all about?????)  Hmmmmm….

The US Supreme Court seems to be sending a signal to state legislatures re: the v*t*r fr*ud. (This is a very good sign.)

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