Fore-Warned is Fore-Armed!!

All righty, gang.

Wow. Yesterday had almost too much news. But a lot of it — assuming you’re getting the actual news — was very promising indeed.

WI, MI, AZ all had very, very interesting v*t* fr*ud -related news.

A really great, brief and succinct overview is here:

And other things are also brewing…

First off, I want to mention 2 important things that are celestially- based!

On the 21st, Saturn and Jupiter are supposed to align for the first time in something like 2000 years. Well, a really long time. People say this will create a truly magnificent bright “star” in the sky.  Other people are saying that this occurrence could be what the 3 Wise Men saw when Jesus was born. (Although, whether or not you believe anyone at all, besides Jesus’ family, knew he was being born when he was born, and/or whether or not you adhere to Jesus’ traditional birth date (in January), or you believe that Christmas Day was his birth date — whichever scenarios you believe could, of course, influence what you believe about stars and Wise Men, etc., today!)

Anyway. It is supposedly going to be quite a breathtaking sight, with or without frankincense, myrrh, barns, and babies.

However, seeing it might hinge on how much dust is in the sky that night…

Most of you probably know that from December 16th through December 21st, we are supposed to be having very intense solar storms. I believe NASA describes them as hurricane-strength storms, up there in outer space. Causing all sorts of debris and dust to block out most of the sun. Maybe even blocking as much as 90% of it — making it feel almost dark outside for 6 days.

I heard one report that said NASA is suggesting you have enough food and water at home, in case it is hazardous to go out. But I have no clue if that is factual or not. It could just be one of those “better safe than sorry” things.  They are also saying it could effect our electronics, our satellite reception, and all that.

Which is where it gets really interesting.

You’ll want to listen to the (longer) X*2 R* p*rt from last night, because he goes into detail about how the D** p St* te could use the solar storms as a way to pretend that all banking systems are down and compromised in some way, and use that as their new excuse for the great r*set, since the fake p* d* m*c is losing steam all over the world.

They need a new crisis in order to tank the economy. You’ll want to listen to how he explains it. It will be really interesting if we do indeed start hearing that the “banks went down”…

The other truly interesting thing is that the report for the E O from 9 1 2 1 8, is due Friday — while the solar storms will be allegedly underway.  A good time for that full-on social m* dia blackout, don’t you think??? The E O report. Solar storms.

However, also in last night’s X*2 R* p*rt, he believes the E O report has already been turned in and that this is why we are getting so many extremely interesting (or alarming — it depends on your take on all this) leaks about security problems, with full-color photos of who’s involved.  Just to name a few:

    • H* nt*r B* den ‘s huge problem with that laptop
    • emails where he specifically talks about his dad being in on all of it
    • the ever popular F*ng F*ng
    • then the awesome database leak detailing just how many C * P agents have infiltrated big business and governments around the world — especially here in the U S
    • the data breach of S* l* r w*nds software and everything that the US Rangers uncovered in Austin T X

These are just from the past couple of days, gang. And each of them, on their own, is huge. All of them together — wow.

Anyway. I guess — don’t be surprised if truly astonishing shit starts hitting the fan between, like, right now, and Christmas Eve (the next E O goes into effect 1 2 2 4 2 0).

Okay, on another one of my favorite topics.

The vaccine is now available in the U S. Whether or not you want to take it is up to you. But the fear – factor of the fake p* d* m*c can now subside. No reason to fear. With or without a vaccine, the CDC clearly states that the average person has a 99.97% survival rate. And there are cures for the virus. Problem solved. In record time, p*n d*m*c-wise.

Oh wait — how come the Mayor of Airstrip One is now calling for stricter l*ck d*wns?? How come Bill G*tes thinks we’ll be in l*ck d*wn through 2022???!!

Vaccine. Cure. Astoundingly high survival rate… Equals stricter L*ck dwns?

Remember Orwell’s math equation from 1984, folks: 2 + 2 = 5

And doooooon’t you forget it!!!!

And if you heard the report on the breakdown of the CDC stats on the U S death toll over the last 5 years, you will have already noted that in 2020, we actually had somewhat fewer deaths in the U S  than in the previous 4 years…

Overall, approximately 2,800,000 people die in the U S every year, from all sorts of things. And 2020 was no different, and in fact, it was a little less. (This is based on public CDC stats.) (I can’t help but wonder where it was, exactly, that the virus was killing people in record numbers…)

(What’s truly enraging are those numbers out of Italy, gang. Where they now estimate that something like 164 people under age 40, who had no other medical complications, died strictly from C* VID, with no co-morbidities (I’m estimating that number, gang, but it was really minuscule, although it was certainly still sad for the families of those people who died). Anyway. They fucking put Italy through hell for that. And then started more l* ckd*wn nonsense in the fall.)

Okay. Well, in case you didn’t know, you can always visit The B*n g* n * R* p*rt for updated news, all day long. Also, The Ep * ch Times. (But to get the full news there, you have to pay something like $1.)

I bring those sites up because, since word press is owned by g** gl*, it could likely go down in the blackout. And so my blog will disappear…

Meanwhile, on we go… Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys, see ya.

Breakfast-listening music from this morning!!!!

Do not miss this one!! I am so serious!!

Gold is pushing back up. Great re-s e t is falling apart…

More about the solar storm, hacking, and the upcoming  attempts to provoke worldwide panic.

More astounding c*n s*r ship from the mainstream media:

Excellent details about what the heck happened here in the U S yesterday!!!! It was kind of an exhausting news day, gang.

Because I won’t stop sharing this!! Here it is again! Crimes Against Humanity C* VID lawsuits underway.

And this just because it was creepy and cool. A great song from my childhood!! “In the Year 2525” with German subtitles.

Our new Manchurian Candidate!


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