Reasons to Celebrate!!

Don’t quote me yet, but it looks like Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (and presumably the other Bad Seeds) might have a Grinderman 3 album in the works right now!!!

Yes, even as I type!!

Grinderman, aka testosterone on speedballs, (well, okay, they’re only known as that by me, but still…) have made some truly awesome songs. So I am seriously excited by the prospects of round 3.


I will keep you posted, or you can keep me posted, as the case may be!!

Nick Cave Hints at New Grinderman Album to Complete the "Trilogy" | Consequence of Sound

Also, Cave Things announced this morning that pre-ordering for those cool Dread Tiles is now available. £20 plus shipping (each).

Here’s one!

Load image into Gallery viewer, THE DREAD TILES: STEP INTO THE VORTEX

I am getting a really late start here this morning, because I am in the process of transferring all my g mails to the new secure server and it turns out that it is not exactly an intuitive process. But it is now occurring.

In case you weren’t aware, g m a i l had yet another suspicious outage during the night! This makes 2, not counting the outage of Y* u t* b* and g* * gl* from Sunday night. So I am just getting worried, gang. And wanted all my old emails to be safe.

The outages could be a trial-run for the upcoming social m* d*a blackout (anticipated, at least). Or it could be white h*t h* ckers hacking their way in, but either way, best to just move to a safer corner of the online galaxy until the c* up has c o u p ‘ed itself out…

All righty. Since my morning is just about gone here (!!), I must scoot. I hope you have a good Wednesday, wherever you are in the world. Don’t forget the solar storm is supposed to begin today!! If you start getting wonky satellite reception and/or weirdly-acting electronics, keep it in mind. (And if night suddenly falls on the Earth for 6 days, it’s not the Devil — the solar storm is why…)

Okay. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!

This one requires a strong stomach, gang. (I may never go back to LA)

Curious Network Outages and Bill B*rr is Resigning:

The Eagle Has Landed! Don’t miss this one, gang!! It is a must!!

Curiouser and curiouser… The President de-regulates just about everything!

Sobering, as always!

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