“Danger, Will Robinson!!”

All righty! Well, you might have noticed that Marilyn’s Room has a new header photo. Why?

Because the new fake-stimulus relief bill was signed yesterday and in that fake bill (I call it fake, because it was supposed to be a stimulus package, but what it is, actually, is a way for Congress to launder money and repay crooks & traitors everywhere for robbing the country blind…)

However, my point today is that, deep within the bowels of the fake stimulus bill, is something about copyrights, gang, so you gotta be careful. Downloading and then uploading copyrighted material now comes with heavy fines and/or jail time.

Well, guess what? It always did, but no one seemed to really give a fuck about it. Still. It’s super odd that now, all of the sudden, they are pretending to care.

Personally,  I have always tried to use vintage, public domain images here on Marilyn’s Room and, whenever possible, do things like connect to videos on YouTube through the sponsored site — meaning, the record company that owns the rights. And never post anything without a link back to whoever owns it.

That said, the header for Marilyn’s Room for the last 723 million years, was a photo of Granville, Ohio (an old town out here in the Hinterlands that I truly love, which is 25 miles from me), that I do not own the rights to, so I thought it was better to just switch to a photo I actually own.

Do I think this “new” law will keep game boys from illegally sticking my erotic short stories into torrents all over the world, or keep sites from offering my books — in their entirety — completely for free??!!

No, I don’t think so. Not at all. Not for even one brief, fleeting moment do I believe that.  However, I’m not willing to tempt fate, myself. I don’t want to cough up $30,000 and do jail time because I used a photo of Granville as my header…

So there we go.

Even though a whole ton of people in this country are seriously upset that Tr**p signed that fake stimulus bill, I don’t think he had a real choice, politically. Congress made sure he couldn’t pocket-veto it by revisiting it before they left for Christmas break.

Yes, the same Congress that is more than likely 70% in office because of the rigged v*ting software that is seriously plaguing this country now on a huge scale… The same Congress that doesn’t actually give a fuck about Americans (remember, gang: if they did not vote ‘No’ for the fake stimulus bill, they do not give a fuck about Americans. That bill is set to bankrupt this country. For that matter, so will $600 for every American — we can’t afford that, either. But the mere fact that the fake-stimulus bill is only a way to pay people like dictator C* om o, and make sure he has a stellar Christmas season, while they give you $600 to do — what?  I’m not sure. For me, it will pay my heating bill, my electric bill, and make a contribution toward my property taxes on my mortgage. But it won’t save anyone’s floundering small business. It won’t help people all over the country avoid eviction. It’s all you need to know about Congress.).

But I digress. Congress could not let Tr**p do a pocket-veto on that bill because then all the crooks, the world over, would never get the billions of dollars they are waiting on from America, because a whole bunch of new Congressional people are coming into office in 2021.  And so they had to re-address the bill and send it straight back to Tr**p, who then had to sign it, otherwise the mainstream m*dia would ram it down our throats that the Republicans are to blame for us having no stimulus checks at all, and then it could hurt the really important election coming up in a handful of days in G A.

Yes, it’s all rigged. But sometimes you just have to choose the lesser of the fucked-up-ness and keep moving forward.

(And keep in mind: the death penalty at the Federal level is now legal again. Yes, things like treason (you know, like — rigging a pr*s*d* nt*al el* ct *on and violating a clearly stated E O ) bring the death penalty again. Firing squads, etc. I’m just sayin’…)


And still more danger on the horizon, gang.

How do we know this? We know this because the f  b  i sewed up that fake-RV bomb in record time. (I call it fake, because the video clearly shows the explosion came from across the street from the RV.) Everything about that whole deal smells funny, except for all those stranded people whose apartments got eviscerated in the explosion; whose pets are now missing, etc. That’s not funny. And I don’t think the explosion itself was funny.

I’m just sayin’ — weird how the only guy (white, middle-aged, who had some sort of zealous hatred for the 5G network, so he targeted a  t and t — I mean, really. Come the fuck on.) Anyway, that lone guy is conveniently already dead. But the case is solved and seemingly closed. In, what? 48 hours?

And still we have thousands and thousands of pages of sworn affidavits, we have video testimonies, we now even have a 200-page document of testimony from the foreign countries who were also monitoring our el* ct* on fr* ud in progress —

and, um… hmmmm. Where’s the f   b   i on that? It’s been going on two months now.

Okay, so. A crazed gunman shoots up a bowling alley in Illinois. Some other shooter was active in Florida somewhere. Another seemingly random RV was reported parked in downtown Cincinnati. A box truck — not an RV — was at a gas station in T N and playing an audio recording…

All these indescribably unrelated things are going to start getting hurled at us at alarming speed over the next week or so, because the D ** p S t * t* wants to frighten us and keep us indoors and away from D C on Jan 6 th.

No lie, okay, gang? The fake p* nd* m*c no longer scares anyone who isn’t suffering from delusional psychosis. So they have to come up with another way to scare people, and explosions and gunmen are actually kind of effective.

However, that said, if you can afford to get to D C on the 6 th,  you have to be there. Too much is at stake now.

All righty, folks, I have to scoot. There were some really interesting videos posted yesterday –Sunday, on a holiday weekend, no less. I’ve linked a few below. Some of them are long — even two hours. But very worth listening to when you can invest the time.

I also leave you with my late-night-lying-in-bed-listening-to-music-by-candlelight-music from last night: ”Key West”, from Bob Dylan’s Rough & Rowdy Ways (2020). In the song, he talks about President McKinley getting assassinated. McKinley, oddly enough, was from Ohio. There is a McKinley memorial outside of Canton, Ohio, but if I’m not mistaken, I think his actual remains are buried in a cemetery in Cleveland. Because I believe I saw it when I was a little girl. His grave, I mean. The people in Cleveland were very proud of McKinley.


Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.

A short & sweet politics update. (This guy is so not stressing. I just love it…)

Declassification of all secrets (plus tons more leaks) are coming, gang. Below: “The plan is in place and the [**] is building their narrative of a total communications blackout. According to the constitution it all comes down to P* nc*, will he accept the el *cto ral votes that are illegal or will he only count the legal votes? The p * tri ots know the [**]/MSM playbook and are prepared for any scenario. The [**]/MSM are getting ahead of the deep fake video story by showing fake videos now. How do you remove blocks? Declas, delcas. ”

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