Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire???

Okay. It’s just too much.

If you are not following l  l  i  n  w  o  o  d, on p a r l e r you must. He’s dropping all kinds of stuff now. You can’t even keep up with it.

    • v p P * nc *’s private email exchanges
    • A whole series of videos about blackmail and how and why it’s done and the history of it and how technology can now create absolutely fake people, etc.

You have to invest time in it, though. The video I recommend is over an hour long. The one about “Victoria’s Secret” and was Queen Victoria a lewd selfie-taker and did she get blackmailed over pornography? It leads to stuff about W * x n * r and Ep st * in’s island.

When you read all the posts together, one after another after another, a pattern emerges. And then he just dropped this one:

The shooting in the capitol was fake. The woman is alive and well. A false flag shooting

That link takes you to a video, where they deconstruct the actual video of her shooting and they explain why they believe it was all staged. Watch it and decide for yourself.

Actually, it is a little odd that no one was scrambling, screaming, panicking when the woman was shot and fell to the ground… they were basically all just filming it.

Actually, it is also even odder that her husband, child, parents, siblings, BFF’s, co-workers, former Air Force pals aren’t all over the news outlets everywhere demanding justice…

I’ve only seen one homemade flier taped to a telephone pole in DC saying the cops killed her…

Oh, and hey — how come the whole city isn’t up in arms, rioting, and demanding justice and smashing windows and torching stuff since “a cop” shot her, as they similarly did back in 2020 in a Midwestern state…

And it’s super odd that now b  l   m wants to publicly take credit for the riot. What’s that gonna do to the D *** P St * te ‘s narrative to pin all the chaos on Tr ***p?

And now, the police chief resigns!! (Funny, he didn’t resign when the whole city was burning last summer… to be fair, though: maybe he was on a lunch break, having sandwiches with the rest of the pd as the city went up in flames so he wasn’t aware of what was happening. He probably would’ve gotten right on it had he only known…)

(But to be serious — a police officer seems to have died from wounds he sustained in the riot. I’m unclear on the details, though. Maybe it was wounds he sustained when he wanted to say something that he knew about the riot. I have absolutely no idea.)

But too many Tr***p supporters immediately posted videos of how easy it was to get through those police “barricades” on the capital grounds… (I personally have already seen the videos too many times to count.)

The ease with which they gained access to what should have been the most tightest lockdowned-est building in the world on Wednesday,  made it look like the police actually wanted the Tr**p supporters  there… that’s odd.

Videos of police chatting out on the lawn with a n t * f * before the “riot”… not too odd, all things considered.

Jesus, gang.

I told you things were going to get off-the-charts insane the closer we get to Jan 2 0 th. And indeed, it is.

    • Out of control virus in c h * n* again.
    • Simultaneous l*ckd*wns and vaccine roll-outs, the world over. (Have you ever seen anything like that in history?  “Here, this will save you! Now, don’t leave your house and don’t talk to anyone!”)
    • And  perhaps more deaths looming now from the vaccine itself than we ever actually had from the virus since all sorts of other co-morbidities (including gun shot wounds and poisoning) came along with those virus deaths.

I really wonder if, some day, when the e u ‘s c e n t r a l b an k i n g system actually does completely implode and the world goes off onto some other god awful system — will we then find out just how many people actually did die from just the virus itself, with no co-morbidities?

Just curious — although, by then it won’t matter. But I digress.

So now the mainstream me*dia wars are just fucking insane here in the U S. About the riot, I mean. And their need to froth at the mouth about Tr ***p, when, all summer long, they mainly wanted to convince the entire population that those riots weren’t even happening. (And don’t go after those folks you see on video actually destroying stuff, because we need to make some real estate investments as soon as we can get those fires put out…)

You know, of course, that the weirdest thing of all is that, allegedly, Tr**p will step down in about 12 days… So why on Earth are the Dems scrambling, and I mean scrambling, to impeach him before then?

(They’re also demanding that Tr **p and all his supporters be shot. No joke. They want to shoot all of us. That’s something like 85 million rounds of ammunition, assuming we all sit still…)

Okay. I digress again!!

Why are they in such a panic to impeach him, if he’s stepping down in 12 days? They got their little c o u p d ‘ e t a t. They completed their crime — they held a f a k e e l* ct *on and got a f a k e Pr * s* dent  El * ct instated, what more could they need to be able to sleep better at night, and not need impeachments and mass shootings of something like 85 million people?

They are acting like they are fucking scared. Of something.

Like, something that could drop in the unceasing posts from L * n W ** d…

OR — perhaps the DNI report came out????? (See Keyboard Operator videos below!! Don’t miss them. Please. )

You know, gang. Last night, as I was lying in my unbelievably comfortable bed, little tea lights and my new incredibly awesome pink Himalayan salt lamp casting a soothing glow all over my room, and while I was listening to podcasts from Christian Patriot News and X *2 R* port, and Keyboard Operator, I was wondering about two things. 1.) How long am I gonna be in an empty bed while the man I love is sort of permanently unavailable; and 2.) just why did Tr **p tell everyone to come to D C on Wednesday?  (The day after another rigged el * ct * on, btw.)

Over and over, he insisted we come, that it was gonna be ‘wild,’ that things would be shown to us. (I didn’t go.)

Millions of supporters showed up, knowing full well that something violent would likely happen involving ant * f * and b   l   m, and everyone was told to document everything with their phones, their cameras, etc. (and they did).

He even releases an E O the day before, specifically about an t* f*  and terrorists not being allowed into the country. (I’m paraphrasing.)

But millions of supporters showed up and Tr **p spoke for a little over an hour, behind bullet proof glass. Then he told them to go with him to the capitol. (He didn’t go — he was evacuated out on a plane — but millions faithfully marched to the capitol, singing and praying together and in really great spirits.  Only to be the pawns in some rigged riot, where three actual people died from medical issues caused by the commotion, and one woman was either shot or faked herself getting shot.) And chaos took over.

And I mean, chaos. Absolute chaos.  This is within, like, one hour of Tr **p’s speech.  Then he issues a video speech, that is blocked by all mainstream social m * dia, telling everyone to remain peaceful and to just go home. All the millions of them. Go home now. We love you.

Honestly. I lay in my bed, in the peace of my glowing room, and I wondered what the hell was all that? Millions of people showed up to hear him speak for an hour and then he sends them into a rigged riot while he’s evacuated out and he tells them all to be peaceful and go back home.

(I know q theory — the declaration  to tell the insurgents to disperse, or however that actually goes.)

It seems clear that all these things combined are indeed the very things causing absolute panic on capitol hill…

Methinks that everything imaginable is all part of the trap.

Okay, gang. Thanks for visiting!! Have a terrific Friday, wherever you are in the world. I leave you with this, just because I love it so much!! Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, “Do You Love Me?” Yes, I do!! And I love you guys too. See ya!

Holy shit. It’s on.

It’s happening.

Impeach him now, otherwise we have to endure 12 more hellish days… (or 288 hours, whichever makes you feel more panicked)

Always inspiring and awesome!!

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