Suicide Watch, Now Underway!

  1. Well, okay.

I think everyone knows that nothing is as it seems, or as they are saying. No way on earth is that military l*ck d* wn in D  C  because of a virtual in  au gur  a tion. They  are not only keeping everyone out, but as of late last night, they are not letting anybody leave — they must show ID.

S  e  a   n  S  p * c  e r posted a short video around midnight, showing what it was like there on the streets.  It is unreal.

And other footage of ambulances and bomb squads surrounding  the c  a  p  i  t  o  l. All lights flashing. Sirens.

Borders between U  S  and C  a n  a  d  a, and U  S  and Mexico now will remain closed until Feb. 21. Can’t get out…

Many more States are now in a state of emergency, including here in Ohio. Na t  i  o  n  * l G u a  r d.  Should be an intense weekend all over the country.

A  r   o t  sch i ld has died from a “heart attack,” age 57. Right as Merkel (alleged off spring of the mighty you know who) steps down in Germany. (Sorry for using the quotes, gang, and sorry for posting a highly debated rumor, but I don’t believe anything on the surface anymore.)

the following governments are having serious issues right now:

G e  r  m  a  n  y

Nether lands



I   t  a  l  y

Here in the U  S, yet another l ef t ist mouth piece backpedaling on the virus. N  e  w  s w  e  e  k now says that “l * ckd * wns don’t work.  Natural ways are better.”

No lie. This makes C * u m  o; mayor of c  h  i  c  a  g   o; the N  Y  Times, and now n  e  w  s  w  e  e  k — all in just a handful of days! No coincidence at all.

What are they gonna do on National Popcorn Day ( Jan  19  th), when the virus is supposed to suddenly surge out of control? Their narrative simply no longer works.

Jan  22  nd — rumors of another ar m ed  ra  lly. Another t  r  a p. Avoid at all costs!

b  l  m  guy, J  S, was released last night. No ja  il, no b a i l.  After his brother tw  ** t *d that he (the brother) turned in names of over 200 a  n  t * f  a / b  l  m’s who stormed the c  a  p  i  t  ol.

Methinks J  S  is a dead man walking…

TONS  and I mean TONS more p *  d * poh il e stories coming out this morning. Huge names involved. Won’t print names here until I know for sure. S u * i c* des underway now, too.

And PLEASE: if anyone emails you photos of H  *  n t * r B * den having  s  *  x with that little g  i  r  l , delete it and do not share it.  It is illegal to do that!! Even if it’s not your photo.

Okay. Lots of military action. Watch Key board Op er ator’s 2 short videos from last night, below.

I’ll touch base later if things get intense. Stay safe. Stay close to home.  Fill your gas tank. Get a little extra food and water, just to be cautious. Question everything you’re being told right now…

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Watch and share. We have to help each other. (short)

Below: K O  from last night (short):

Below: K  O pt. 2 (short):

Below: “The MSM is now reporting that it is very important to open up the economy. Clouds are now forming over D  C, the Storm is coming, Tr***p  just ordered the Declass of everything, either today or Monday. The [**] is pushing FF events to change the news cycle. The declass will just happen, the [**] will be caught off guard, all three movies will be playing. The [**] is doing exactly what Tr*** p and team want them to do, bring in the N  G, it is now being done in many states, the show is about to begin.” (38 mins.)

Below:  “The [**]/[**] are now prepared to bring the economy down, [**] is now putting all the policies back into place where this will help people in the short run but in the long run kill businesses.” (short)

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