Get Out there and Effing FIGHT

Okay, gang.

On t e l e g ram yesterday, theTrueGreatAwakening dumped literally a thousand de-classified pdf docs. Including, but in no way limited to, a pdf on the p o p  e and his affiliations with the roc k e fellers, the r o ths ch i lds,  the f or d foundation, and others for a program that would not be very good for no less than the entire world.

I am beginning to think that the recent rumors of the p  o p e’s  arr * st and the gold retrieved from deep beneath the v a t i can are NOT  greatly exaggerated, folks. We’ll have to wait and see. But it distresses me. I really thought that p o p e f r an cis was one of the rare few who was an honest  p o p  e…. Starting to look like it couldn’t be further from the truth.

All righty. Much came to light yesterday re: m y * n m * r, the r * gged e l* ct*on, her connections to not only our beloved h i  l l  ary and O b * m*, but also to S * r o s, to genocide and to  fucking gh*  sla  ine max we l ‘s family! Jesus fucking Christ. Is there no end to human s* x tr * f  f  i ck ing????!!

They’re now pretending that c h * n* is preparing to invade m y * n m* r and release her, but I’m guessing that is only optics and really more about the Formosa Plan — you know, how t  a * w * n and the U  S, with the help of the now-white-h* t  X  i, will move in on an increasingly unprotected ma i n land and well — etc., etc. Problem solved. Worldwide. Watch the K O video below for a diagram showing where our N* val fleets are right now and then ask yourself what is really up over there.

(HINT: It’s all good, gang. It’s all good.)

Unfortunately, what is NOT all good, is the ever-growing catastrophe re: the fake “v a c c i ne.” The video directly below is from about 2 weeks ago, but it will further blow open your mind about the audacity of these criminals.

Then peruse the videos at that r u m b l e  channel, if you have time: FactSeekers202-2021. You will learn everything you need to know to be completely enraged by this scam-demic and those who are getting rich off of it, while helpless people the world over are becoming disabled and/or dying.

Okay. Below: The “vaccine” is actually an Experimental Gene Therapy Technology, similar to chemotherapy. It is hiding behind the liability shield of “vaccine” in order to protect it from legal ramifications.

Personally, I took some time out this morning to write to my State Senator and you should take some time, too, gang. We are never going to move past these fucking stupid useless m * sks, and get the world to stop taking the incredibly dangerous fake “v a c c in  e” if we don’t personally get in the fight and demand CHANGE and accountability at our local levels.

It is easy to contact any and all of your elected reps through email addresses that you can find on the Internet.

Okay, I gotta scoot, folks. Thanks for visiting and have a beautiful Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. I leave you with the best song about snow, ever!! Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds,, “Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow.” (We have a ton of snow here!!!) All right I love you guys, see ya.


Below: J*dan S * ther news update : “ATJ #23: The MY* N M*R El* cti on C o  up – L*n coln Project – Fraud Fa ** ci – More Vax Effects [2.1.21] – (18 mins.):

Below: K O update: The My* nm*r situation is MUCH Bigger than it appears. (23 mins)

Below: X *2 R* port: “The patriots are now ready and prepared to go after the [**]/MSM. In My*n m*r the m* litary decided to take over because of el* c t* on fr* ud. Is this projection on el * ct *on fr* ud here in the U S?  Tr*** p and the p* triots are ready to inject el * c t * on fr^ ud, tr e a s o n , and crimes against humanity facts into the upcoming im peach   ment trial. Panic in D  C, they don’t know the plan of the p* triots.”  (29 mins)

Below: Da n n y K * r ma (Netherlands) and Ch a  r  li e W*rd (Spain) discuss the current events worldwide that are affected by Tr **p and the p* triots. (The world is indeed watching, gang.). (28 mins)

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