Happy Hearts & Flowers, Gang!!

I hope you all have a happy Valentine’s Day, wherever you are in the world!!

It’s still early here, but I’ve been eyeing that chocolate heart I mentioned in yesterday’s post — the vegan one that was a thoughtful gift from a friend, which is really really pretty and quite taste-tempting to the eye, but which — sadly –tastes awful!!!

I keep thinking that maybe today it will taste better because it’s Valentine’s Day…. so far, though, all I do is keep taking it out of and putting it back in to the kitchen cupboard.

But we shall see! The day is still young!

There is not a whole lot of news today because the news from late yesterday afternoon was truly fantastic.

However, now we are on two distinct courses: the upcoming trials re: the e l * c * on fr * ud, and the increasing push-back of the fake v  a  c   c ine. 50% of the world’s population doesn’t want it. And hundreds of thousands of doctors worldwide are refusing to give it to patients. And yet certain governments are still going full steam ahead, still trying to find a way to convince you to take the fucking thing!

Be careful, people. This is experimental gene therapy technology;  the kind of harm that can be done to you could be  irreparable to your body (i.e., a full-on failure of your immune system), and for a lot of people, it has already proven to be fatal. Once it’s in you, it’s in you and they have no real fucking clue what it’s likely to do to you — but judging by the track record so far of certain v  a  c  c  ine-megalomaniacs in the world, yet another  geno c  i d  e is the outcome they’re banking on.

(Also– If you’re gonna insist on calling it a v  a c  c  in e, which it is not, at least call it an experimental one, and make sure that people you talk to know that anyone who takes those shots is actually participating in a clinical trial  (check the  pf  *  z  er web site) and is doing nothing whatsoever to guard themselves against catching a co r o na virus. At this point, people at risk would likely be safer getting the regular flu shot. It is flu season, after all. Although you’d never know it… A lot of folks are still really brainwashed into thinking there is a terrible pan  de  m ic going on out there; but according to actual numbers, and not the inflated c  d  c and w  h o agenda, that c or o a virus from w * han played out at the end of last April. The rest of this has been about trying to keep people frightened and controlled and oblivious to the actual flu.)

Anyway. I hope I live long enough to see main stream m * dia mag nate’s going off to green land for the merciless part they are playing in all these crimes against humanity.

All righty. I’ll be brief today, since it’s a happy holiday today and we’re expecting another snow storm, starting later this evening! I’m leaving you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning — appropriately enough, it’s the love theme from Doctor Zhivago! C  o  mm  u  n i sm!! Love!! Snow!!! Enjoy, gang. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.


Okay! Those of you who live in NY or know anyone who does: be on guard against Ta  ha  n  ie A  b   o  u s  h i, a far-l* ft,  D istrict A  t t or ney candidate in New York. She is launching a full-scale war against police… and calling all prosecutors “inherently harmful.”

Her goal is to put as many criminals as possible back on the streets… We’ve already seen this come to horrifying fruition recently in Los Angeles, folks. The threat is real.

From the Protect Our P * l i ce P  A  C :

If she wins her election, violent felons will roam the streets… no one would be safe. Take a look at her radical Criminal First agenda:

    • Replacing cops with “violence interpreters,”
    • Halt all prosecutions for heroin dealers, burglars, and prostitutes,
    • Cap all sentences at 20 years – even for the most grisly, depraved crimes.

Any reasonable American should realize this is insane… but she’s getting huge support from national politicians and major funds from S  o  r  os’ P  A  Cs.

It happened already in LA, folks.  Enough said. Here’s hoping s  o  ro s is not long for this free world.

I can’t imbed this video here but this is an important update with R  o  b  er  t  D * v id S t  ** le and Ju an O S  a  v   in, including a possible delay in the upcoming  in  a u g  ur a tion. (18 mins.)

Below: K O checks in, after being gone all week! This video was uploaded just prior to the ac quittal, but it is still a very informative quick listen! (11 mins)

Below: Accordin’ to Jordan: ATJ #27: TR** P AC  QUITTED, Lin  coln Project, Evil Cu * mo, Crypto Soars & Aliens in the MSM [2.13.21]

Below: Robert D*  vid St **  le update on el * l * c t I on  r * g g ing  and S* d  ney’s d * m i n * on lawsuit. (13 min.)

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