Dear Diary, Someday I Want Them To Give Me All My Hours Back!!

It is that day I truly dislike, gang — that day where we set our clocks ahead and lose an hour and then I spend the next month or so trying to pretend that the “new time on the  clock” feels normal.

But I always feel like I’m racing against the clock. Even though it’s still morning here, I feel like my day is half over!!


Okay. Well. For some reason, there were no podcasts to listen to last evening that weren’t about a liens, the c a b al, the  N W O, and all that good stuff of which nightmares are made.

It is actually kind of fascinating, when you can get past the awful stuff.  You know, this (until now) parallel world that was right next to us forever. And it’s all coming out into the light now.

One of the videos from last night (P h il S c h nei der)  is already gone. But if you have yet to watch a video featuring the late P h il S ch n eider, I have one posted below, however it is of very poor quality. I have seen others that are much, much better. So you can hunt around for them, if you’re interested.

He gave lectures on his years building d e e p under g round m* li tary bases ( DUMBs) , what they were actually about, what the a liens and the m * litary were up to inside them, the technology they’ve had for decades that was kept hidden from us (until now).

They murdered him, of course, after he gave something like 17 lectures in one year. (Back in the 90s.) Several were recorded, though, and have wound up online.

So check it out, especially if you are still on the fence about whether or not you believe in any of this stuff. He will likely change your mind.

And then Jessie Czebotar discusses what it was like to be a child growing up here in the US in the c a b al and the fascinating things she was taught to do with her mind. (By a N a z i, here in the U S, as part of that operation paper clip thing that was so wonderfully successful for all of us.)  And she talks about her life lived down in those DUMBs, tunnels, etc. What she discusses about the various members of our federal government as well as Hollywood and also the music industry — and their involvement in the c a b al; it will probably turn your stomach, but it is still worth knowing. Especially since most of these people have (allegedly) already been taken out.

It made for an interesting evening, though.  Left me very much lost in thought, as I laid in my bed, with my beautiful Himalayan Salt Crystal lamp glowing.  Wondering about all my own many involvements with spirits, and psychic phenomena throughout my lifetime — yet all of it, without question, was loving and helpful and kind. (Except for the people in my actual life, my family, that is. Odd, right?)

You know, now that we are learning all this awful stuff about people like the Bush family (actual Nazis), O ba ma, O  p r ah, our beloved h  i l l ary, Ma donna, l  a d y g a ga, etc., etc.; I find it sort of interesting that I have never actually liked any of these people, and most of them, I actually despised.

Turns out, it was for good cause.

Curious, isn’t it? That you just get that “gut reaction” to people on a spiritual level, and then it turns out that they are actually evil? Jesus, you know? I’m still really disappointed by T  om  H an  ks (to put it mildly), and the Mr. & Mrs. G  e o r ge Cl o  on ey’s, who seemed nice enough.  It, of course, makes me wonder who else that seemed “nice enough” — or whom I actually might really like— will be revealed to be part of all this s a t a  n ic stuff.

I’m still trying to get my mind around the idea that J  F  K Jr is still alive… (It turns out, our beloved cl in tons, who are apparently no longer of this world, I’m not sorry to say, will try to murder just about anybody.)

The world has gotten so weird in the last few years, hasn’t it? But along with all this bad stuff, came some really, really great stuff, too. That’s for sure. My life has never been happier. Even while it has gotten very simple and very quiet.

All right. So. I need to get moving here, gang. I just feel like my morning is disappearing and I want to do some writing today. It is chilly right now, but it’s a truly stunning day out there. I hope it’s similar wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting.  Hang in there. All sorts of good stuff is on its way! I love you guys. See ya!!


Below: Poor quality but still fascinating. Ph i l S c h n e ider talks about his experiences building deep un der ground m* litary bases, a liens, what the U S and a liens are really up to. (1995.  He was murdered not too long after these lectures.) (1 hr 10 mins):


Below: Jessie Czebotar talks in depth to Michael J  a  c o and C ar min St ut er about growing up in the C a ba l and what they taught her about using the power of the mind, energy frequencies, the dem on ic realm, etc. Intense. Don’t miss it.  (1 hr 37 mins):

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