Yippee ki Yi Yay, Cats & Kittens!

Looks like the Q F S has come to Crazeysburg!

Yes, in our wee bonny local community bank this morning, every single customer, myself included, woke to discover that our bank cards had been “used fraudulently” to the tune of $1.00 and so everyone’s debit cards had been blocked.

At the same time, mind you.

Every customer of the bank.

I was in the actual bank at 9am this morning, at the teller’s window, trying to figure out what was wrong with my ATM card — and their phones were ringing off the hook and everyone had the same one dollar fraudulent charge and everyone’s cards had been stopped.

And all the teller said to me was, “We’ll mail you out some information and let you know what you need to do in about ten days.”

That was it.

She didn’t cut up my current card. She didn’t ask for any type of ID. Nothing.

She said I can still write checks. I can still withdraw or deposit money inside the bank. But all the electronic stuff was blocked.

How interesting, right??!!

We shall see, gang!!


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