A Light in the Middle of the Tunnel!

Okay, gang.  Each day gets more intense. The news updates, all over, are just off the charts now, every day.

And even though things indeed feel dire, there is also that feeling that the transition to that “best-is-yet-to-come” thing, is actually in progress.

Below is a very good update for this moment. But I’m sure that by the time you read this, there will be even newer updates.  (And her update from yesterday was kind of incredible — mostly J u d y Byin  gt  on blog updates, but they were intensely intense. It is posted farther down below.)

Please, you know the drill — extra food, extra water, gas in the car (if you don’t live in an insane State that is hoarding gas right now, that is). And cash on hand for when that ATM goes down!! (Ours are back up here in Crazeysburg. Well, we have ONE ATM here in Crazeysburg…)

Anyway. Do these things now, just to be prepared. The types of situations they are coming up with to distract you from what is most important right now are really off the charts — the cyber attack of the pipeline; wars and rumors of wars;  Tr ***p allegedly on life-support (not): body doubles accidentally getting a r e st ed instead of the real culprits (not), etc.

And here in the great State of Ohio, our beloved go ver nor, whom I wish I’d never voted for and certainly would be happy to wave him off as he sails away to Greenland for crimes against humanity — anyway. He declared the Monstrosity Lottery yesterday. If you are under age 17 and agree to get the vax, you can enter to win a chance to get a full scholarship to an Ohio-based university. And if you are an adult and get the vax, you are eligible to enter to win $1 million.

Um. I don’t know if I actually have to tell you how outraged people here are about that.

And this is funny! This Monstrosity Lottery comes just in time for sponsor testimony on Ohio House Bill 248 before the House Health Committee, on Tuesday, 5/18. Bill 248 attempts to protect the privacy of unv a c c inated Ohioans, and to protect them/us from discrimination.

So — opitcs, anyone??  You think that the sick lottery, which is getting coverage all over the country, just might be keeping people from even knowing that there IS an Ohio House Bill 248??!!

Oh, and E l le n D e g e ner is has decided to “step down” after 19 wonderful years as a happy, funny, light-hearted a dreno chrome drinker — oops! I mean  “daytime talk show host.”

Yes, she’s worn her ankle bracelet for a year now. She outed other a dreno chrome drinkers  Hollywood big wigs, like J en A n ist  on and L e o Di Ca pr io. She played the part of “E l l en” in public and now I guess she gets to live out her life as Ellen at g it mo (or someplace similar, since rumor has it that that prestigious place is utterly packed now), rather than getting the death penalty. This is at least what I’m hearing.  Obviously  m * litary tri bu nals do not consult with me, ever.

Anyway. Her days in the sun are caput. Just so fucked up, because I used to like her. 

Oh, and I have to add here that the video re: f r &*^^ ee * m *  a  s^$# ns in show business, royalty, politics, etc. — the one that got my humble blog s  h ad  ow   ba  nned for the first time ever in 22 years or something like that — everyone else is posting that video like crazy.  I find it curious that it got me  sh a d ow  ba  nn ed, but everyone else, who is not on W*rd  Pr*ss can post it.

(I am not really sure what is up with W*rd Pr*ss. I know it is run by  a dreno chrome drinking  g ** g l* and I’m guessing that when the quantum Internet wipes out op er a tion mo ckin  g  bir  d and all related s * cial m* dia sites, my blog will disappear right along with everything else… but in the meantime, I keep wondering if white hats are easing into W* rd  Pr*ss, and if this pressure to force us into the fucked-up block editing, instead of the old-school editor, which was “just like WORD”, is part of erasing anything remotely Micro Soft from the quantum Internet??? And that maybe my blog can stay??!! Just a thought.)

I digress. Anyway.

I don’t recommend watching that video on  f r &*^^ ee * m *  a  s^$# ns unless you want to get sick to your stomach and feel very, very disturbed. (It’s  a little over 5 relentless hours.) But I’m just saying, it’s still out there and everyone’s watching it. And I will be perfectly happy to never watch that thing again, as long as I live.

(And I believe that the fact that it’s even still out there means that the white hats got hold of it — or even helped make it — and want you to see it.)

Okay, so. Still good news on the Q F S front, the world over. And even though millions, the world over, have gotten the vax and are probably ushering themselves off the Earth, there are still plenty of us who are still underground, fighting the good fight and keeping our focus off of the false flags and looking towards a future when all this insanity is done. 

I’m gonna go finish up the laundry and then get some work underway here. It’s a gorgeous day, finally. It’s been really chilly for a couple of weeks now. So I’m going to try to enjoy myself today, even while I feel that the 10 days of darkness shut-down is hovering right around the corner (or is maybe even already underway).  (And my lawn care guy came yesterday and cut my grass! It looks great!!) (And it makes my yard now look like every other yard in the village! And it makes me look like a home owner who’s got everything under control around here!!) (Sadly, that is just optics…)


Nick Cave sent out a very curious Red Hand File yesterday. I wish I had a clue how to feel playful and imaginative during these indescribably intense times. However. Whatever. At this point, I am only hoping to stay alive until the moment the Constitutional Republic is securely back in place. I cannot see beyond that anymore. But that’s me.  You, on the other hand, can read the playful exchange here.

And have a beautiful day, wherever you are in the world, gang. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: We the People News Update from yesterday. J ud y B y ington blog Gov and Lt gov of G A  a r r ested, more… (48 mins):

Below: M * cha el J * co: the Na z is and where did they go? (44 mins):

Below: Tarot by Jannine: doubles and rumors! (17 mins):

Below: Nich ol as V en i amin chats with P * trio t Street fighter (42 mins):

Below: X *2 R * port ( 40 mins):

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