To the Moon and Back!!

Happy  Weirdass Wednesday!! I am effing exhausted.

This is probably going to be another quick one, because I can’t seem to get anything done this morning and I am running late now.

Most important things I’m hearing:

    • While the war between Israel and Hamas is intensifying, FOCUS on A Z re- count instead. Also: M I re-count getting underway, and efforts in N H re-count. Focus on these things. Re-count will bring in m * li tary and officially bring back Tr **p and new Constitutional Republic.
    • Do not focus on the stupid gas shortage in the southeastern States. This is being caused by lunatics who are hoarding gasoline. (Methinks it could still be optics — cyber attack creating “gas shortage” so that more and more Americans can hate B*den.)
    • I’m also hearing get ready for the housing bubble to burst, big time.

On the good news front, it is looking like Dogecoin is the crypto that will go intergalactic.  And I don’t mean just that it’s value is getting ready to go to the moon; the actual dogecoin will soon be accepted on the Moon…

Pin by Roxanne Watson on Collection of Moon Illustrations ...

I’m hearing that we should all invest at least something in dogecoin now, as it is on its way back up. (I don’t actually know this; I’m telling you what I am hearing all over the fucking place.) (This has a lot to do with Space X being built on dogecoin funding, and Tesla car sales soon accepting dogecoin, etc.)

(And, yes, I am still skeptical about the color of e l o n mu sk’s hat, and I’m hearing that he’s just CGI now, too, but oh well. Onward, gang.)

I’m also hearing XRP will skyrocket, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the crypto they will accept on the Moon… And I don’t know about you, but I need to know that what little money I have will be good anywhere, throughout all galaxies.

Okay so.

If you are following the once-dead-and- now-alive-again J *m m o rr i son’s te le g ram account, you will no doubt have noted that he is urging you to follow the also no longer dead but very much alive j f k jr’s t e le g ram account.

So, of course, I did. ( @jfk_Q17 )

I will say again that the weirdest thing about these formerly famous dead people’s te l e gr am accounts is that they are unlike any other accounts. Their posts almost sound computerized or something. Or heavily “managed.”

I watch all 3 of these accounts now (m * ch ael j*c k son, j *m m o rr i son, and now j f k jr) and I just get the feeling they are going to explode into something super weird, probably right around the time that the c a ba l blows off this planet for good. We shall see.

This morning, after my breakfast, after my Inner Being journaling thing and after my meditation, I was back in bed with my coffee, watching the sun come up and listening to the Beach Boys song from long ago, “California Saga: California”, and I started to have a little cry. You know, everything on this new timeline is just too fucking weird. If you are on this same timeline, then you know what I mean: Everything’s different. Absolutely everything. It is just so fucking weird.

Okay, I gotta scoot. Someone in a far away land needs me to do some editing for him before I take off out of here this morning.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I hope you have a good Wednesday, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Da v e N * no R od r i guez: “Hollywood is dead” (12 mins):

Below: More exposure of f a u c i ( 7 mins):

Below: Tarot by Jannine: very cool as always (16 mins):

Below: P a trio t str eet f ighter U S Constitution class #6 (1 hr):

Below: Always interesting!! Ni chol as V en ia min talks clones, N W O, clin tons and more (1 hr):

Below: X * 2 R * port (45 mins):

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