No Surprise There!

As predicted, gang, the fake dr f a u c i is going down. In a big way.

In fact, everyone imaginable is now going out of their way to distance themselves from him and dropping the proverbial dimes on him, all over the place — which seems weird to me, since I honestly believe the real one was a  r  e s t ed a long time ago. (I probably would have begun my distancing and canary-singing way back then, you know? But go figure…) (Probably the white hats were forcing everybody to pretend the fake fa u ci was the actual f a u  c  i until something like 62.36592% of Americans were finally awake.) 

Anyway. Everywhere you look, the gloves are coming off — oops! Of  course, I mean the m* asks are coming off.

Even here in Ohio! The go ver nor has carefully studied the unbelievably intelligent c* vid virus and has finally determined that somewhere around June 2nd, it will no longer be contagious in Ohio.

This stuff is SO fucking stupid, but at least they will finally stop the stupid m* sk bullshit.

Now, if they would only stop pushing the fake vax bullshit. (I sure hope this was some sort of weird psy op and all those fake vaxes turned out to be just sugar water or something. Wouldn’t that be nice? But I’m afraid that is a bit of serious wishful thinking.)

All right, well, the  v * t e  au d it in N  H has already gotten really, really fucked up, gang. (Yes, after one day.) Obstruction all over the place. It’s frustrating but I guess we can’t be too surprised by that, either, since anyone involved in the v * t e fr * ud is looking at charges of high tre  as  on…  I’d probably be scrambling to cover my ass, too,

I cannot even imagine how these people have been able to sleep at night since Nov. 3rd, you know? I swear by my CBD oil. I have not missed a single night of CBD oil in 7 months, so I sleep like a baby and I highly recommend CBD oil to everybody. However, I had nothing to do with throwing any national el  e  ct  ion.  So I don’t have quite so much on my mind as some of these other folks do.

Well, today I was supposed to start researching investing in dogecoin (with next to no money at all) for me and my friend at work.  She sent me numerous links to look into, and I said that I would! But for some reason, I just felt like taking it easy today and having a nice day for the first time in forever, so I will do that investigating stuff  tomorrow instead.

It was gorgeous weather here today, folks and it’s supposed to get more and more beautiful as the coming week unfolds. I think May is finally getting underway, now that it is half-over!! I did some yoga today. I did a footbath in pine needle oil (because, God knows, it would not be me if I weren’t doing 17 things a day to make my body as inhospitable as possible to na  no b*ts.) I looked at really, really interesting 3D hentai porn on my computer for awhile. (These 3D hentai animators never cease to astound me, gang — I, personally, cannot draw my way out of a paper bag!) (I can do other erotic things quite nicely, but not that.)

Then I made an early dinner, caught up on some more podcasts, and I am finally getting around to the blog!!

But I hope you had a great Saturday, wherever you are in the world. The wars and rumors of wars do continue, so I hope you are not enduring any of that awful shelling and bombing wherever it is you call home.

Below are quite a few videos — from last night and today (and one from a couple of days ago). Any moment now, Ni cho las V en ia min will upload a chat with juan o sav in that he did earlier today, so that will be the highlight of my evening, I’m sure!!

Meanwhile, thanks for visiting, gang. Have a lovely night. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: UFO footage filmed by USS Omaha (3 mins):

Below: In  dia survived c * vid just fine but now the fake vax is killing them all, and now C ana dians are getting mad cow disease… (7 mins):

Below: 19 mins of really bad news. (Honestly, gang, I have not gone to a medical doctor in over 20 years.  If, for any reason, I can’t connect to the Christ Consciousness to cure whatever might be ailing me, I go to a naturopathic practitioner to get my spirit back on track. )

Below: Quick update on N  H a u di t with  D a v id N * no Ro  drigu ez (18 mins):

Below: Sad, strange truth about FDR — D a v id N * no Ro  drigu ez ( 1 hr):

Below: Guardian A  l  l ia  nce (I think A d am A po l lo is non-terrestrial, gang. I seriously do. Look at his eyes.) Anyway. ( 18 mins):

Below: P * trio t str eet  fighter chats with Canadian street fighter, Christopher J a m e s (1 hr):

Below: We the People News Update (25 mins):

Below: Mi cha el J * co chats with Mel K ( 1 hr. 25 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (53 mins):

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