Doing My Own Great Reset!

I’m not doing an actual post today, gang. I need to pull back for a minute and take everything in.

The news is exactly the same, regardless:

  1. Something hard to really pinpoint is going on in K * b ul. The only thing that seems to be accurate to state is that people are dying there.

2. The vax es continue to kill people but also saline v a x es seem to be in abundance, too.

3. A Z a u dit reports remain elusive and still have the d **p st* te players jumping around, trying to set and also to stamp out unbelievable fires.

What is puzzling me at the moment, is that there are people whom I genuinely respect in the “movement” who are showing a curious lack of integrity over the apparent m u r der of R * bert Da vid S t e e le.

He was not someone I usually followed, because he was way too conservative for my tastes, and I know that he and P * trio t str eet fighter parted ways earlier this summer, but I still respected the ton of work RDS did to bring attention to and to try to stop the s a t an ic child s * x tra f f i cking worldwide.

He was followed ardently by a lot of P * trio ts, who now are left without a beacon to follow.

So I have to step back and ask myself: why the apathy about this in the community?

Integrity is really important to me, gang. I don’t have to agree with everything you say or think or feel or believe, but if you have the courage and the honesty to stand up for all you say, think, feel or believe, then I can trust your integrity and I can respect you. And I would hope that you can always feel that way about me. Plenty of people don’t like me, gang, and don’t like what I stand for. But I’m pretty sure they can feel confident about where I stand on my beliefs, 24/7.

Integrity matters.

So I need to step back and take a deeper look at things today.

And I am also curious why some people in the community continue to call-out Ne ga tive 4 8 for being a d **p st* te plant — and primarily (it seems) based of the fact that he doesn’t show his face. Neither does g e ne d ec ode, or j u an o s a vin. So I would need more to base my judgment on than that flimsy piece of advice.

Do these people actually listen to him? To they listen to the astounding amount of insane, off the charts stuff that Neg 4 8 says, or posts to te le g ram, etc.? How on Earth could any of that stuff be considered d ** p st * te?

I’m not seeing it. But I guess time will tell. Perhaps d ** p st * te is now on an all-put mission to shoot itself in the foot…

I also want to point out that Amazon continues to allow 3 eBooks that I did not author to be blatantly for sale on Kindle with my name on them as the author, even though we have had a number of email exchanges, wherein I have asked them to have those eBooks removed.

They give an elaborate and quite remarkable run-around. And the fraudulent eBooks remain.

What I have also noticed, though, is — what? a lack of integrity?? Amazon now has my print edition of 1954 Powder Blue Pickup back for sale on the site, but this time, the edition published by LULU.

I’m curious — how long before the publisher of those fake eBooks allegedly authored by me, complains about my “offensive content” and requests that 1954 Powder Blue Pickup once again gets banned?

I guess we shall see. Because clearly Amazon itself doesn’t give a fucking fuck what I write or don’t write.

Meanwhile, I am planning to publish a new print edition of The Guitar Hero Goes Home on LULU so that I can remove it from Amazon and pull all my self-published titles from them.

And as an aside: if you have not yet read The Guitar Hero Goes Home, please consider this 5-star review from a reader in the UK:

“GUITAR HERO GOES HOME, when coupled with NEPTUNE AND SURF and FREAK PARADE, reaffirms Marilyn Jaye Lewis’s standing as a preeminent writer of erotic fiction in the English language. Her depth and range, both on a literary and emotional level, is masterful.”

I will post one bit of news, from ni ch ol as ven iamin’s te le g ram page:

Apparently the press are now getting invites to tri bun al s at gitmo.

Be sure to RSVP, gang! September 6th-17th is coming up mighty quickly…

Okay. I’m outta here. Thanks for visiting, gang. I will be back tomorrow with my usual news updates. Stay alert. Question everything. I love you guys. See ya!

This one goes out to a protector of little children everywhere! She knows who she is!

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