Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!

Okay, gang. I’m once again gonna be real quick. I had to sleep in this morning to ensure I would be 100% ready to go back to work today.

Don’t forget today is the release of the A Z au d it report. This is a BIG DAY. If you want to try a fun way to watch this live, visit R e d P i ll 78 news . com and go to “watch”.

Tomorrow, for Tr **p’s rally in G A, you can also watch it with R ed P Ii l l 7 8, as well.

I’m seeing conflicting reports about whether or not the release of the a u d it findings will trigger the E B S or not. The E B S will lead to the “10 days of darkness” on the Internet, TV, radio, etc.

Just be prepared, gang. Food, cash, water, gas in the car. Try to do all of that today. Although I think it would be really unexpected to have the E BS right before the G A Tr ***p rally. But we’ll see.

Okay. I gotta scoot.

Don’t forget that Nick Cave & Warren Ellis will be in Gateshead UK tonight. You can buy tickets here. There are only limited tickets left. The photos and videos from the show in Sheffield last night looked fantastic. They have extended their tour now to Amsterdam and Antwerp.

Nick Cave in Sheffield last night

Oh, also! Don’t forget to start following the Sacred Blue Tent channel on tel e gram. Nonstop truth-bombs, gang. It’s coming fast and furious now. Everything the c a b al’s been up to, worldwide, also tons of stuff on the Ke nn e d ys and Lin co ln, etc. You can feel the end of this movie really coming at you.


Okay. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys See ya!


Below: Great update from Sh a r i R a ye (35 MINS):

Below: Re d P i ll 7 8 News update (17 mins):

Below: Info Wars: Some disturbing footage from a u str a lia (13 mins):

Below: X * 2 r * port: everyone has a choice (42 mins):

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