Who Would Have Thought?

But, yes — there is even less news than yesterday.

So very interesting, right?

By “news” I am not including all the horrible v a x stuff still going on, or all the worldwide protests against it. Or the insanely weird shit that they now have the fake B* den doing (so much for his last public appearance being last Tuesday. I guess we could not really be so lucky! Yet.)

However, both B*den and our beloved fake k ma ala are now enjoying the lowest approval ratings in the known history of the world. Surely this must mean people are awake now?? That the end of the final reel is near?

Let us pray, gang. Let us pray.


Slim pickings as far as the news I’m talking about.

Although, I did want to mention this one thing, because I found it so interesting, but have not found any back-up stories for it anywhere… but allegedly, not only did Ne s a r a come to Hawaii a couple days ago, but I heard that Hawaii has been restored to its original sovereign state — the Kingdom of Hawaii. And that it will no longer be considered part of the United States under the new/old Constitutional U S. And that we (the US) are to help it get on its feet but that Hawaii has had its freedom and sovereignty restored.

That’s exciting, right?? I guess we will just have to wait and see how that news pans out over the next several weeks.


Okay. Cir sten w had this very interesting post on tel e gram yesterday. It certainly explains why sch u mer has been a completely insane jack ass throughout the tr**p/c*vid/el e c tion fr aud landscape.

From cir sten:

“Just trying to head off another stolen election or assassination.

Soviet KGB officers inside the CIA initiated a plan to control the government in the 1950s. They enlisted CIA officers as unwitting “assets” targeted for political office.

Chuck Schumer is a CIA officer. He was a KGB “asset” when he was elected in 1980 and is clearly violating the Constitution.

Article I, section 6 states: “No Person holding any Office under the United States shall be a Member of either House during his Continuance in Office.”

Officers of the United States Central Intelligence Agency “hold office under the United States,” and they are Constitutionally prohibited from being Members of Congress while they are in the CIA.

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After the KGB was exposed in 1984, Schumer and his Deep State colleagues took up the mantle and began their own quest to control the government.

Leftist CIA officers enlisted Biden as an “asset” targeted for the Presidency.

Schumer, Biden, and all their Deep State colleagues became acutely aware that the KGB officers assassinated 13 Members of Congress in a 26-year period from 1957 to 1983. Twelve of the assassinations came by way of “accidents” and “suicides” that are now classified as homicides.

The KGB officers assassinated President Kennedy, and they tried to assassinate Reagan to catapult KGB “asset” George Bush into the Presidency. They also had plans to assassinate Presidents Johnson, Nixon, and Ford.

Renegade CIA officers assassinated four Members of Congress in four separate “accidents” while CIA officer George H. W. Bush was President.”


I thought this was of interest, too.

From LauraAboli on te le g ram (her post has a video):

“A Romanian Member of the European Parliament explains at a press conference how Big Pharma forced governments around the world to sign secret agreements in exchange for vaccines. Moreover, 90% of the information on these contracts is redacted.”


This was fantastic news. Now the whole family is gone!! CONVICTED CHILD TRAFFICKER CHELSEA CLINTON EXECUTED AT GITMO (3 mins):

Sha ri R aye is back, after a horrible bout of food poisoning. News update. (34 mins):

cir st en w’s update from yesterday: GAVIN NEWSOM SICK FROM 3RD BOOSTER AND ARRESTED, LAST STAGES OF THE #TAKEDOWN (31 mins):

R*d P * l l 78 news update: a deep dive into the Durham indictments and what they reveal (18 mins):

Voice of Reason UK: A moment of levity and insanity: NOW, EVEN TRAINS ARE RACIST 🚂 £9000 Investigation 😂 WHO KNEW? (3 mins):


Okay. That’s it for today, gang. have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

[I leave you with my driving to town & back music from yesterday. Billy Swan from 1974, “I Can Help.” A real reason to smile. Play it LOUD. Enjoy!!]

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