A Slow Train Coming…

On this day in history…

Yes, J F K was assassinated in 1963. I actually remember that day very well, even though I was only 3 years old. My mother was sitting on the couch in the living room, staring at the black & white TV set, crying in the middle of the day. That is the part that makes it so memorable for me.

“Mommy, why are you crying?”

“President Kennedy has been shot.”

I will never forget that.


This is a big day for Neg 4 8 followers as they get closer to having J F K’s murder avenged, exposed, revealed. (I still get the feeling Neg 4 8 is someone like, I don’t know — P a tr ick K en ne dy?? We just have to wait and see, folks.)

And tomorrow is a huge day for all Americans. M*ke L *n dell and various State Attorneys General will go to the US Supreme Court to have the 20 20 pre s id ential ele ction decertified. Which is predicted to bring martial law, the E B S, the final takedown of M S M, even the death of the Q u e e n, among other things.

And rather than the K y le R i tten house verdict being the “culprit” for all the current mayhem in WI (and in other D em/blue cities across America), I think the fact that WI wants to decertify the el e ction for massive v o t er fraud that has been uncovered in their state is what the M SM really doesn’t want you to look at.

The big distraction.

Let’s look at K y le and blame him for all sorts of things he didn’t do. Let’s not look at WI uncovering massive v ot er fr aud.

And the tragic Holiday Parade in WI yesterday — a lone SUV driver plows into a crowd, injuring 20 and “killing” a vague, unreleased number of others in the crowd.

Not only does it, too, have all the earmarks of a “big distraction,” it also has all the earmarks of a C I A mind-controlled “lone killer” who was then easily apprehended after the spree and is now in custody. And that’s scary because — how many more rogue C I A d e e p sta te players are still out there? When are they going to root out the final one? Stop all this effing mind control?

Some M S M outlets are trying to change the narrative, by saying the driver of the SUV was fleeing a knife fight and, in a panic, drove recklessly into the parade…

I’m not buying that, are you? No, because we’re not stupid.

Another thing that the M S M doesn’t want you to look at: yesterday the I r a qi din ar finally went gold- asset backed. The newly revalued di nar is now in ATMs all over I raq. This sets the stage for 209 other countries to follow suit.

Hence: Ne s ar a/ G e sara gets closer and closer, gang.

And —

The other huge thing — besides the Supreme Court case tomorrow — that the M S M wants to distract us from is, of course, the Gh i sl aine M ax well trial getting underway in NY.

The trial begins next Monday, and jury selection is going on now.

From the Gateway Pundit:

Gh I slai ne Max well Child S e x ual Abuse Case Opens with Little Attention from the Media

“Max well has pleaded not guilty to six counts of s e x traf fic king and other crimes. Jury selection is underway, with opening statements scheduled for Nov. 29.

“Some people are questioning why the biggest child s e x ring case in history is not well covered by the Big Media.” [full article here]

Here is a partial list of co-conspirators in the child-s e x tra f f icking case:

You can visit this link for a pdf of the court document.


Here’s some great news:

And other good news:

I believe his book is a photo book with photos from his first P res i d ency.

And “Nancy Drew” is also trying to figure out what the heck Friday’s fake colonoscopy for the fake B*den was all about:

“Ok. So Im trying to dig. Lets think. Friday, while Sleepy was under anesthesia, he supposedly signed over power to Camel Toe for a brief amount of time. Friday, the unexpected M1 flight during the afternoon, came in with decoys. Now, I keep getting conflicting stories whether she is legally allowed to be President, due to her parents citizenship. What, if she isnt? What would that mean, then? What repercussions would come with?🤔🤔🤔 If anyone cares to help me dig, for confirmation …..this could have been huge, on Friday. Not just an embarrassing colonoscopy. 🤔”

And other than that, the news worldwide is positively explosive. The amount of v a x protests in UK, Europe, Australia. Some getting very violent.

Violence all over America yesterday — lots of looting and mayhem. Cops everywhere not wanting to get involved.

This week is supposed to be a huge week for the much anticipated changes that will finally oust the fake B*den admin, but dates are slippery, gang, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Other than that…

Some videos are below.

Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a good Monday, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya.


Restored Republic News Update (32 mins):


Source Directives: New frequency download (play it near water, then drink the water) “THE FORCE (ABILITIES, TELEPATHY, TELEPORTATION, ANTI-AGING, DNA, LEVITATION, ETC.)” (13 mins):

Dr. Steven Greer – When the Science & Consciousness Merge… Coming Out of the Shadow of Secrecy (10 mins):

Voice of Reason UK: AMAZING WEEKEND 👏 Look 👀 At Rome 🤩 Wow 👏 The World Stands Up To Passports ❤️ (4 mins):


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