So That’s Kinda Nice, Right?

A message from our Vi c e P res ident!

And this is what he had to say:

A Message From The Vice President

Nikola Tesla is able to see the past, present and future, what we call The Gateway Process. He was able to harness the source ether energy, able to transmit it - wirelessly or directly as alternative current. A world with no power lines, no power poles, no telephone poles just a beautiful sky unobstructed. Space travel is done with Spaceships that can create wormholes/portals to far distance points in the infinite universe. Using flying ships for Earth travel or personal spaceships that are capable of crossing nearby stargates that have destinations across the universe. Nikola used vibrations and frequencies for healing along with color, which are used in medbeds. This will be available for all to use. A Brave New World Awaits With Infinite Possibilities 

John F Kennedy Jr.
-19th Vice President


Stuff like that really makes me smile, gang. I guess we can only wait and see if all the rumors are true (that he is not only alive, but was also inaugurated months ago).

This also made me smile!

The mi l i t ary convicts the late Ch el sea Cl in ton’s husband. He gets life on gitmo (5 mins):

And I really loved this, but forgot to post it yesterday. It’s from Friday afternoon.

Ch* r lie W * rd chats with Jackie White. Even under non-disclosure agreements, Ch * rlie always manages to get some encouraging news out! (51 mins):

And this was much cheerier than yesterday’s update. In fact, they say that the W H was lit with green lights on Friday night, which means “green for go” — and that there were moving vans spotted at the W H yesterday. Naturally, “Nancy Drew” is off on a Thanksgiving break, so I couldn’t confirm that anywhere, but I sure hope it’s true, gang!

Restored Republic (15 mins):

Ci r st en w considers that the high winds in the UK and in CA are weather warfare. But which side? White hats are good at giving us scary weather when there’s stuff they gotta do that they want everyone indoors for. We’ll see, I guess!

Anyway, markets crashing; the new variant is a hoax (32 mins):

Oh, in case you didn’t see this! It is awesome. Egypt has opened up the Avenue of the Sphinxes, after it had been buried under the sand for I don’t know how long:

It was buried under the Egyptian sands for centuries.

“But after extensive restoration efforts that began back in 2005, the ancient road that links the temples of Luxor and Karnak is back – WATCH!” Video is at RT News here.


Here’s some exciting footage! Over 1 million protesters turn out in Melbourne! (1 min):


And this redpill has been making the rounds. It was originally on tiktok, but Sh a ri Raye also posted it the other day. Check it out in case this is all new to you. Some of the high profile ex e c u tions that allegedly have already taken place (mirrored on bluewater) (1 min):

And in other happy news…

UFO Man’s Saturday night livestream!! “Interview of Dr. Irena Scott, Author, Ufologist/UFO Video Reviews/ Open Chat” (1 hr. 36 mins):

And I guess we’ll close today with this not-so-funny look at normalizing p e d o ph i lia (another redpill? We can only pray, gang).

Awaken with JP: “The Left is Normalizing Pedophiles? A Special News Report” (8 mins):

Okay. That’s it for today!

I’m hoping to get that Christmas tree up today. We shall see if I actually have enough energy yet. But I am really feeling good, gang. Every day, I get better and better, finally. I am so grateful for that.

I hope you are having a nice Sunday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys!! See ya!

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