Another Friday in War Time

I have to make this brief today, gang, because I need to run errands before I go into work.

First off, it’s interesting to note that, as predicted last Friday by S * mon P *rkes, there has been a pause in the M ax we ll trial. We’ll see what happens next.

From RT News:

“Gh is la in e Max well trial cut short after lawyer gets sick

The federal sex-trafficking trial was abruptly cut short Thursday after the judge reported one of the attorneys working the case was ill. (Guardian)

“We have no reason to believe it is C* vid-related,” judge Alison Nathan said, adjourning the trial at 10:30 am – the sick attorney was not identified.

The curious revelation came as both prosecutors and the defense met in the judge’s chambers, at the request of the prosecution.”


As you likely already know, J u ss ie S m oll ett was found guilty of faking his own hate crime and blaming fake Tr **p supporters.

And A s s ange is coming back to the U S. Although, I heard months ago that that had already been decided and that A s s ange is already back and has been in protective custody.

Also, As s ange is allegedly Tr **p’s cousin. I don’t believe anything nefarious will happen to him here in the U S.

From RT News:

“⚡️ Julian A s san ge: US Govt WINS Extradition Appeal for WikiLeaks Founder

A judge at a British lower court blocked the extradition in January, assessing that A ss an ge was at risk of suicide in the US justice system.

Lawyers for the US govt argued in October that the judge had not given sufficient weight to other expert testimony about A ss an ge’s mental state – the UK Supreme Court agreeing with their argument.

A ss ange can now be extradited to the US pending a final decision from the UK Sec. of State.”


From the Epoch Times:

Astronomers Discover Massive Planet 10 Times Bigger Than Jupiter

A group of astronomers has discovered one of the biggest planets ever found orbiting a massive and extremely hot two-star system, despite previously believing that such an environment was too inhospitable for a planet to form in.

The planet was discovered by Markus Janson, a professor of astronomy at Stockholm University, and colleagues, according to research published Wednesday in the science journal Nature.” [full article here]

And also this, from RT News:

“New exoplanet – which shouldn’t exist – leaves scientists puzzled

Researchers have been left perplexed after discovering a massive planet orbiting the hottest two-star system known to date – and more than three-times larger than the sun. (Independent)

Located 325 light-years from Earth and three-times bigger than Jupiter, the exoplanet is orbiting around b Centauri and should, as scientists say, not be able to exist.

It was previously believed that no planet could form in its orbit due to excessive X-rays and UV radiation… until now.”


Nancy Drew” had her doubts yesterday about whether Bob Dole had died of natural causes, or had been “dealt with” (i.e., taken out):

“Someone showed me the video of Bob Doles funeral. I had my doubts on him. My heart was beating very quickly seeing his hearse the other day, I mentioned it in my live. His flag is not worthy of a hero, here. Immediately I noticed the way they were “seated”. I’ve showed you the “star” on the Rotunda floor. His coffin is covering it. It appears as if they are seated like it. The star, represents the roads “tunnels”. I also read the “star” also represents an anus, however, I cannot confirm. Was someone, “dealt with”?”

The star that shows which roads in D C followed the sex- trafficking tunnels:

Bob Dole’s casket placed directly over the star:



The restored Republic news update today had some disturbing details about the Satanic 9 th Circle, and every Pope involved in that since 1967, including (the late) Pope Fr a ncis. It will probably turn your stomach, but at least it is all coming out now.

Also, they are still saying that (the fake) Pope Francis and the (fake) Qu e e n are dying…. we shall see just how long it takes. (Remember the old Monty Python sketch? “I think she’s dead.” “No, I’m not!”)


Restored Republic news update (19 mins):

Sh ar i R a ye news update (37 mins):

This bit of good news just in from Voice of Reason U K: Its Over For B * ris EXCLUSIVE ⚠️ He’ll RESIGN By Christmas Torries Are Planning Replacement & REVOLT (7 mins) :


And that’s it for today! Enjoy your Friday, wherever you are in the world, gang!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

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