I Got Nothing!

Honestly, gang. In the old days in NYC, we used to use the Yiddish word for it: bupkis. Which doesn’t literally mean “nothing.” But it does mean that what I’ve got today is not much that you would actually want.

In fact, here it is.

From il donaldo tr **po’s te le g ram channel. A re-tw**t from E lo n M * sk. (And the only reason I found it of interest is because, clearly, E l o n M* sk is now being utilized to try to wake people up).



S*mon P*rkes posted this today:


Will the Canadian government resign as Trucks block city? Will Truckers travel on to DC? Will this cause B*den administration to collapse without a shot fired? Will constitutional action with demonstrating bring about end of tyranny? Or do military have to become overt?”


I have no answers, btw. Just the questions. (Plus, I have a whole bunch of other questions that I won’t go into right now.)

I’m guessing you already know there are now truckers forming convoys all over the place — which is very good news, but expect shortages in everything. There is also seriously bad weather heading everywhere (although Val in Brooklyn and Wayne in Manhattan have reported that, so far, the blizzard in NYC is not as bad as was being reported.)

There were more protests all over Europe over the weekend, some getting quite violent. Tons of key people are “testing positive for C*vid” — which generally means they are being taken out. Every country imaginable is going to war with Russia, while at the same time, no countries at all are going to war with Russia.

Some sources are saying the E B S is set go, while other sources report that there will be no E B S at all. Although some people seem to be in agreement that the fake B* den will, indeed, be arrested (and not for being a bad actor, it’s really just to make some sort of point about a rigged el e c tion already, which is High Treason).

And of course all the truly horrible news about the many horrible v a x es out there is still everywhere.

Oh, and Buckingham Palace is going to undergo something like 6 years of renovations…(it has absolutely nothing to do with most of the royals being dead already) (and there are still reports that the Palace, the Vatican, the W H, etc., will be blown up by rods of god, while other sources say there will be no demolitions at all).

Honestly. I really have no idea what to tell you today. Everyone contradicts everybody else. (I can tell you that I woke up this morning, realizing that tomorrow is February 1st already, which is my birth mom’s birthday and I did not send her a card!!! I cannot believe it is almost February. Boy, did I lose track of time.)

Anyway. Below are the videos.

Have a good Monday, wherever you are in the world, gang. (And don’t forget that tonight at 7pm EST, Phil will sort of deconstruct Tr**p’s speech from Saturday night. His livestream links will be posted here.)

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


S*mon P*rkes had an update yesterday afternoon (52 mins):

Restored Republic news update (23 mins):

UFO Man’s Saturday Night Livestream: Terry Lovelace – “ABDUCTION AT DEVIL’S DEN” Part Two – “The Reckoning”. (1 hr 27 mins):


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