Mostly Super [Bowl] Comms

Okay, gang. There is not a whole lot of news dropping yet this morning, so most of my news is from yesterday. And most of the “news” seemed to be Super Bowl comms from the game last night.

I haven’t had regular TV service in years, and even if I had it, the Super Bowl is not something I would ever watch. But I will try to at least point you in the direction of what happened at half-time last night, if you didn’t see it where you live.

Before I forget, though(!!) — yesterday, right after I posted to the blog, my one and only friend here in the Hinterlands texted and said she had to run an errand for one of her sons in the town on the other side of Crazyesburg. So, long story short, she stopped by here, picked me up, we bought cups of coffee at the gas station and spent a total of 40 minutes in her car, driving to her errand and back, and trying to catch up on what’s going on in each of our lives.

It was so nice to get that breath of fresh air — meaning, an actual person to talk to. The day was cold and grey and the snow that is still all over the place is now just mostly melted and black. But it didn’t matter. I just love every chance I can get to spend some time chatting/laughing with her.

I was wearing my favorite black wool coat — it is inexpensive but actually really beautiful. Normally, I look like a hippie chick, I talk like a sailor, and I have the heart of a 12-year-old. But she took a photo of me wherein I looked like a really high-end grandma. It was so funny.


“Nancy Drew” is a big fan of Tupac’s and she was eagerly anticipating the hologram of him during half-time, hoping that it would actually be him. (Tupac is allegedly still alive and in witness protection.)

She believes that this man could be Tupac, after plastic surgery. etc. He is always sitting behind Tr **p at Tr **p rallies, and the press even talked to him and he’s allegedly “just some regular guy,” so why interview him? (She has footage of the brief interview here.)

And Whiplash347 has a tik tok video posted, featuring all the comms from last night.

“Superb[owl] comms number…….

Watch this….and listen closely.

“Hold On, I’m coming, Hold On, I’m coming….” [Tr**p’s new theme song]

[Tik tok video is here]

And then there was this:


Before I forget–

Banned YouTube Videos has posted both Day 2 & Day 3 of the Grand Jury testimonies in full.


RT News posted this very helpful advice from Thailand:

Ahead of Valentine’s day, lovers in Thailand are advised to wear masks during sex

Thai authorities have recommended lovers to wear masks to refrain from “deep kissing” and avoid face-to-face positions during sex, explaining the unusual advice [as] C*vid risks.”


The Real Kim Shady posted at Whiplash347 yesterday:


BREAKING:🚨 Reports from HF radio monitors of a significant amount of US military EAMs (Emergency Action Messages) across multiple frequencies within the last hour. 🕘


Getting Americans ready for Tr**p’s P E A D announcement?


Co d e Mo n key z still calling all truckers:

“We need more truckers down at our broken southern border to stop human trafficking. [Arizona]

If you are a brave trucker and want to fight human trafficking, please get in contact.


Mi ch a el J a c k son pointed out something of interest:

“Did You Know: The #1 source of foreign donations to the Cli n t on Foundation was Ukrainian oligarchs.”


From Whiplash347 this morning by way of QuantumLight1111:

“Stock markets in Europe are plummeting🔴📈”


And this is very interesting for Au str a li ans.

From Whiplash347:

“There is NO Governor General, Check the last lawful date.”

“Indeed? Where is the Queen?
No Queen, and no Governor General for Australia? So what’s going on here?”

[tik tok video footage of documents here]

Also, very very interesting:


And two pieces from RT News that make you say, “Well, hmmmmm…”

Ukraine Might Drop NATO Bid – Ambassador

The country’s envoy to the UK, Vadym Prystaiko, has said Kiev is looking for the “best way out” of the current crisis.

Asked by BBC Radio 5 Live presenter Stephen Nolan on Sunday if his country might “contemplate not joining NATO” to avert a war, Prystaiko responded: “We might, you know, especially [having] been threatened like that, blackmailed by that, and pushed to it.”

He then appeared to indicate that some representatives of the military bloc have also rallied behind that option. “You know, we will sometimes hear voices from NATO that ‘Guys, maybe, really, we will be able to avoid…’” the ambassador said, trailing off mid-sentence.”

AND ALSO [includes videos]:

Take a Closer Look: West Turns Up Fear Tactics as ‘Granny Rambo’ goes Viral

“Brink”… “Brink”… “Brink”. But blink, and you might miss it. While the UK press this Monday has gone into overdrive that Russia has put Europe on the cusp of WW3, one story catches the eye more than anything else…

… A 79-year-old woman clutching a machine gun in Ukraine to defend herself from Russian President Vladimir Putin and ‘imminent invasion’.

What’s described as a training session by Ukrainian special forces, is actually a slight understatement. A flipped angle of the shot shows that Valentyna Konstantynovskaya is actually being trained by the Azov Neo-Nazi Battalion. Look at the insignia on the soldier’s arm.

Remember the Neo-Nazis? Yeah, them. British media still impressed they are training women and children to fire weapons?”


Okay, that’s it for now, gang.

Enjoy your Monday, wherever you are in the world. And if you celebrate Valentine’s Day, have a happy one!!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning. Once again, there are two options! The first is dedicated to the one I love — he knows who he is!! Wilson Pickett, singing his huge hit from 1965, “In the Midnight Hour”:

And this one — a song that keeps getting more and more like me as the decades go shooting past! Sort of my personal anthem, I guess?? Waylon Jennings, singing his huge hit from 1978, “I’ve Always Been Crazy (But It’s Kept Me From Going Insane)”:


Restored Republic news update (15 mins):



Amazing Polly: CAFÉ ST. GEORGE – THE CONVOY VS THE TYRANNY – FEB 13, 2022 (25 mins):


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