Freedom Weekend Begins

Richard Citizen Journalist had many videos yesterday of trucks beginning to pour into the DC area — by the thousands. The Freedom Convoy is over 70 miles long.

He also mentioned, though, on March 3rd:

“Tours buses are back and all over downtown. The fencing is all pretty much down.”

Including that street-level fence that was quickly put up around the Capitol building in time for the fake Biden’s fake State of the Union Address on Tuesday.

So what was that fence for, if not in preparation for the convoys? Who the heck knows, gang. And I’m hearing from other sources that all of the over-the-top security is gone — the stuff “Nancy Drew” was reporting on several days ago. Now it’s basically just the National Guard and — the NYPD (??!!), for some reason.

And since all mask mandates and vax mandates and COVID emergencies are now apparently over in the US, I’m not sure what the convoys will be protesting. We’ll just have to see if something weird goes off the charts…

Also — Phil did not do a livestream last night, but will do one tonight at 7pm EST instead. Go here at 7pm for links to the live.


Not a whole happening. But I found these to be of interest.

First off — head’s up, America: This re-post from 4 years ago is definite signaling from Trump:

Then a curious thread from Whiplash347:

South Africa

Now look up what i showed you with Ripple/XRP
In the last couple hours.

Wake up
This tells you so much that i have shown you with everything.

The war is vs the Khazarian’s.
The new Financial System.
India/Swiss connection etc”

“Why India?


“Go through the list of INDUS Assets & Search Latest News on all of those companies.
Think breaking up Corporate Monopolies as i mentioned.
Think 1955
Think Gesara
Act of England Reversal
Laws wiped
IRS wiped
Every system on earth gone and replaced.
13818, 13848, 13959
It is so blatantly Obvious now.


And I thought this was curious, indeed. Imagine the millions of people, civilians, citizens this includes —

Still Whiplash347:

“🇷🇺 Is Russia really is in isolation?

Here’s a list of countries that have already refused to associate with sanctions against Russia. Others are hesitating. Listings that are not exhaustive.

🔹 Moscow partners in the BRICS group (Brazil, India, China, South Africa). 41% of the world population.
🔹 The countries of OSC (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan).
🔹 Azerbaijan and Moldova have abandoned anti-Russian restrictions. But the most surprising thing is Georgia’s position.
🔹 Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Guatemala, Colombia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Chile).
🔹 The Middle East (Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Iran).
🔹 The Balkans (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina).
🔹 Hungary, yet a member of the European Union.


And I found this thread curious, too.

From Phil, yesterday (FYI: RT has now been banned from telegram…):

Russia bans several foreign media outlets citing ‘fakes’ about Ukraine conflict

Russia’s media regulator has confirmed to RT that it had ‘limited’ the online access to news outfits such as the BBC, Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Deutsche Welle, and Meduza.

The agency claimed it found them purposefully publishing ‘fake’ information regarding the ongoing Russian ‘special operation,’ forms of combat it involves as well as military and civilian casualties.”

And then this morning, from IET17:

“The fact that CNN and CBC both stopped broadcasting on Russia after Russia said it would jail those reporting fake news about Russia



A couple of interesting tweets from Elon Musk this morning:

Along with:


And, of course, from RT News:

China makes Taiwan warning
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has reiterated that Beijing wants peaceful reunification with Taiwan, but rejects separatism and foreign meddling

[full article here]

And we wouldn’t want to overlook this foreign meddling:

From Mike Pompeo last night:

“Taiwan must have America’s support if freedom and democracy still have a chance to thrive and triumph in this region and beyond. This is as important for the Taiwanese people as it is for the American people.”


I thought this would be a helpful meme.

From Patrick Bouvier Kennedy‘s telegram channel:

“Once you understand this, you understand everything.”


And that’s it for now.

Here’s a photo from the Nick Cave & Warren Ellis concert in Dallas, TX last night!

And don’t forget, they will be in Austin, TX tomorrow night! You can buy tickets here.

All righty! I’m gonna scoot. Here, it has suddenly become Spring. The red-winged blackbirds are back, the robins are back, and the starlings are everywhere. It’s supposed to go up to 73 degrees Fahrenheit today, which is kinda insane for March 5th, but it should be a really nice day by the time I get off work this afternoon.

Enjoy your Saturday, gang, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting!

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning! Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, from their LIVE Anthology, 2009 — “Runnin’ Down A Dream” (one of those songs whose “live” version knocks it out of the park!!). Enjoy. I love you guys. See ya!!

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