Okay, so… Wow

We really seem to be getting close, gang.

From Mcafee yesterday:

You are probably aware now that the other day, another assassination attempt was made on President Trump, by way of sabotaging the borrowed plane he was flying in — out of New Orleans, heading to Mar-a-lago. Phil believes this could accelerate our timeline for completion, so hang on tight, gang.

Phil’s livestream last night was all about the assassination attempt, then he did a very interesting Q&A. His livestream on Chernobyl has been moved to Monday (possibly over the weekend).

These were the main topics I found kind of astounding:

1.) Obviously the assassination attempt on Trump

2.) Putin is the real Putin and has been all along

3.) Ukraine military is indeed taking out Ukrainian civilians

4.) OJ did not kill Nicole & Ron — his son did and OJ took the fall for him

5.) Tupac is indeed still alive

6.) What they found in the tunnels under Chernobyl is even worse than what is being reported

You can listen to the playback here — first 20 minutes is about an upcoming event in Las Vegas (1 hr 45 mins):


Here’s something important that’s happening today (Putin said that Friday is going to be the start of a beautiful new world for everybody. I’m paraphrasing because I don’t speak Russian). However:

From GEORGE News:

“⚡️UN Security Council will convene Friday at Russia’s request to discuss Moscow’s claims of US biological activities in Ukraine.”

From JuliansRum:

“The meeting is at 10am EST, you say?

That’s 6pm in Moscow.

“Six o’ clock can be dangerous”


Also from JuliansRum by way of Disclose.tv:

“JUST IN – WHO advised Ukraine to destroy pathogens in “health labs” to prevent “any potential spills” into the population.

The World Health Organization would not say when it had made the recommendation.”

Brian Cates adds:

“This is an admission being made to get out ahead of something. The WHO is rushing out this admission right after Russia demands a meeting at United Nations Security Council where it claims it will present evidence the US and the Ukrainians were violating biological and chemical weapons accords.”

More from Disclose.tv:

“NEW – UN Security Council will convene Friday at Russia’s request to discuss Moscow’s claims of ‘the military biological activities of the United States on the territory of Ukraine.'”

Then from Pepe Lives Matter (I believe this current Zelensky is an actor, based on comments Trump made at CPAC):

“Zelensky is addressing the biolabs. 👀
“I am the president of an adequate country and an adequate people. I am the father of two children. No chemical or any other weapons of mass destruction have been developed on my land.”
Why did they try to hide the evidence if there’s nothing to hide? Why did Nuland fear that the Russians would get a hold of the so called bio research facilities.” (video footage here, English subtitles)

Again, Brian Cates:

“Today Russia demands a full meeting of the United Nations Security Council and the entire Council is having the meeting TOMORROW? They already agreed to this? This is….this is NOT how this goes usually. It takes DAYS to set one of these things up. There’s negotiations that go on. Posturing, grandstanding, hand waving speeches, etc. How did all the ceremony and red tape get cut?”

From BioClandestine:

“Holy shit you guys… I’m trying my best not to get my hopes up, but it’s starting to look like this is “it”.

Zelenskyy and US getting out in front, trying to claim they weren’t creating biological weapons in Ukraine.

Why do they feel the need to come out and say this over the past few days? BECAUSE THEY KNEW WHAT RUSSIA WOULD FIND!

Nuland, completely full of shit. Zelenskyy, completely full of shit. They are trying to cover their asses because they got caught. And tomorrow the Russians will show their evidence of the USA breaking international bioweapons treaty, agreed upon by virtually every country on the planet.”

From Patel Patriot:

“Russia calling for a UN Security Council meeting is a big deal. As I was talking about earlier, almost every country in the world is part of the Biological Weapons Convention. Article 6 states: “Any State Party to this convention which finds that any other state party is acting in breach of obligations…” “Such a complaint should include all possible evidence confirming its validity”.

Russia has proof the United States breached their obligations and they are about to prove it to the world.”


Getting kinda interesting, right?

Okay. YouTube pulled the recent Trump interview with the Full Send Podcast Boys. But rumble now has it in full (54 mins):


Ted Cruz did a press conference with the Freedom Convoy yesterday, this photo is from “Nancy Drew”:


From Tracy Beanz yesterday by way of Chief Nerd — the bullshit is finally starting to disintegrate:

“United Airlines to let unvaccinated workers return

‘The move permits staffers with exemptions from the carrier’s vaccination requirement for its U.S. employees to return from unpaid leave or from the non-customer-facing roles they were allowed to apply for as an alternative to their regular jobs, the report said.'”


Riccardo Bossi informs Australians about what’s really going on in Ukraine (listen up, he’s telling you exactly what I’ve been trying to tell you for a couple weeks now!) (3 mins):


Ooops! Got another one!

From Whiplash347:

Watch out — got one more!


Also from Whiplash347 by way of RT News:

“Turkey Stands up to NATO over Sanctions

After Jens Stoltenberg hinted that NATO member Turkey should be imposing penalties against Russia in line with the rest of NATO, a spox for Ankara said it will instead seek to maintain a dialogue of trust.”


And then this:

BRAHMOS, one of the fastest supersonic cruise missiles in the world.

JSC Tactical Missiles Corporation is a major Russian weapon manufacturer, headquartered in Korolyov, Moscow Oblast.”


The final ominous news of yesterday —

Jussie Smollett was sentenced in Chicago. He got 30 months probation, and 150 days of that to be served in jail.

When the Judge gave him a chance to reply to the sentencing, Smollett said very clearly, and then more clearly, and then more & more clearly:

“I’m not suicidal.”

From Pepe Lives Matter:

“Wowwwwwww. 🍿🍿🍿”

(Smollett’s video footage here)

From JuliansRum:

“Jussie Smollett just admitted to the world (in dramatic fashion) that the deep state suicides people as a means of silencing them and tying up loose ends.
Sheep everywhere need to listen to one of their stars and take heed.
This is how the cabal operates:
Blackmail and involuntary suicides.”

Back to Pepe Lives Matter:

“Guys. Jussie Smollett worked closely with none other than Kamala Harris.
They botched this hoax in humiliating fashion and now he’s so desperate he’s openly begging not to be suicided. His circle is way too close to the so called Vice President for this not to be a big deal.
Who’s trying to suicide him?”

More JuliansRum:

“Remember the stage was set by Kamala and Booker for lynching hate crimes with hurry up legislation in the Senate.

He really believes he’s innocent because This was a command performance. It was the warm-up to George Floyd.

They made a mess of juicy and a forgettable NASCAR driver. But Floyd struck gold.”


I guess we shall see if Jussie survives 150 days in jail.

This should be a very interesting Friday, gang. We will have to see how it all plays out. “Nancy Drew” posted this just now:

“The flight this evening goes to Camp David. 🤔🙏🙏”

And that is it for now!

Stay safe and stay alert wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning. Still on a Sam Cooke binge — his huge hit from 1960, “Chain Gang”. Perhaps appropriate today? I don’t know. But listen and enjoy!! I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic news update (32 mins):

Meanwhile, in Argentina…


A General in Ukraine (?) claims CIA runs Ukraine. English subtitles. (7 mins):




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