How’s That DST Working Out for You?

This is my least favorite day of the year, gang. Every year, year after year, ad infinitum — they rob me of a precious hour!!

I am usually awake at 3am, but I don’t actually get out of bed until 4am. Then I feed all 8 of of us — me and 7 feral cats. Then I wash the many little dishes, grab a cup of coffee and head back upstairs to finish where I left off the night before — trying to gather “news.” This starts at 4:45am. Unless it’s Saturday, when I join the CC worldwide zoom meditation out of News Zealand from 5 to 5:20am.

Then, after reading & watching everything, I have to get my thoughts together regarding what I think the “news” actually is. Then I have to post it. Then I have to throw on some reasonably suitable clothes, dash back downstairs, pack my lunch and drive 25 miles to get to work by 9:42am….

That is how structured my darn morning is — every darn day, including Saturdays. But now, beginning today, when I get out of bed at “4” it’s really only three and that is fucking early!!!!


But here I am.


We’ve got about 3 primary news stories today, gang.

The main one being that China seems to think the Queen is dead. And followers of Q know that once the Queen is pronounced dead, the incredible ending of this war begins, and then amazing shit happens. [If you’re new to the table, the Queen was already executed a couple of years ago.]

From Nino:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-127.png

From Whiplash347:

The Queen now too frail to walk her corgis, according to Palace aides
Her Majesty has not exercised the dogs at Windsor Castle since being admitted to hospital six months ago”

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From Q The Storm Rider:

H”ow they kept the DEATH OF THE QUEEN hidden for near 2 years is astounding……/// ANONS knew… The TRUTH long ago 😉…….

Many are missing in the Royal family ( not reported)// many CCP Elites are missing ( not reported) // many are missing in the U.S. > elites> celebrities> military personal, CIA , FBI AGENTS, ( not being reported)///

DC GHOST TOWN ( NO MONEY, BROKE DISTRICT… Ten square miles of central DC buildings closed down. Empty
UK MAJESTY major castle estates closed. . Buckingham palace closed first time in history and reopens as museum and self guided tours.. Allowing people through the once forbidden Palace to roam
CHINA CCP ELITES fortress and dynasty homes and Estates empty/deserted 22 Provinces controlled by the PRC
VATICAN RUNS OUT OF MONEY (smallest country in the world since 1929 that controls the Catholic system in 5 continents across the World and collected quintillions$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of dollars through controlled donations, banking system, extortion, blackmails, money laundering, Italian mafia controlled empire that stretches into Las Vegas system) … And now they are broke???

If your don’t know what’s happening . You’ll never know!!!.

If you know… Keep your seats belts buckled buttercups!!!!!!!




The next important news story was the Iran missile attacks on Erbil Iraq.

Could this be the beginning of “save Israel for last” and the US “invading Israel” after Xi goes into Taiwan? I guess we’ll see….

From Midnight Rider channel:

“At least a dozen ‘Iranian-produced ballistic missiles’ hit the city in the early hours of Sunday, Governor Omed Khoshnaw confirmed.
He said it was not clear whether the missiles were targeting the American consulate at the site, or the airport in the city.”

From Aquila:

“❗️According to sources there was a Israeli Intelligence building in the compound of the US consulate in Erbil.

Iran targeted that building as a response for the alleged killings of 2 IRGC officers in the Israeli Airstrike of Syria.”


“❗️The 2 IRGC officers killed in Syria were Colonels”


“🇺🇸⚡️No casualties so far reported at the US consulate following the strikes in Erbil.

Search and rescue ops are on!”


“❗️Israel was preparing for Strikes on mainland Israel.

But Iran struck the Israeli Intelligence Building present in the Compound of the US consulate, in Iraq”

From Whiplash347 by way of QuantumLight1111:

Press TV
Press TV’s Baghdad bureau chief Navid Behrouz says the buildings hit by the ballistic missiles were advanced training centers run by Mossad.”

And a very big “Hmmmmm….” –what is Grenell signaling here? (HINT: The same old, same old: Get rid of Biden.)

From Midnight Rider:

Richard Grenell
This weekend is Solemani’s birthday celebrations in Iran. If these rockets were fired from inside Iran then this is a major escalation. Blinken must be fired – U.S. diplomacy is failing on many fronts.”

From ABS Military News:

BREAKING: US & Israeli assets/bases hit by presumably Iranian ballistic missiles in retaliation for Israel’s killing of Iranian IRGC personnel in an Airstrike on Syria a few days ago. — working on verifying footages.”

Then from TracyBeanz:

“Reports Iran just bombed the US Consulate in Iraq. Fudge rule.

I say fudge rule on who and why – not that it happened. Fudge rule is when you wait and don’t take first reports at face value because they are typically always wrong.”

And from Phil this morning:

“Yes, some mean tweets would be nice.
But hey, just ANY tweets, ANY response from POTUS would be nice.

Iranian missiles attack our American consulate yesterday?

Anything from the White House? Anything from President Biden?



Yesterday, a one-word post from Phil — you gotta pay attention to those. He said:


Then, very odd indeed, from Whiplash347:

🔥 Reports all over Chinese social media that Queen Elizabeth has died.

🔥🔥 Kanye West hires Jason Lee, best known for his exclusive scoop that Queen Elizabeth died, as his new “head of media and partnerships.”

(So that is a great big “Hmmmmmmm….”)


Oh, also from Phil last night:

“NESARA announcement imminent”


BTW, I did not watch the Trump rally last night because I figured it would be a body-double due to the recent assassination attempt on Trump. And it does, indeed, sound like it was a body-double, based on many posts.

Okay, the 3rd important news thread today:

From IET17:

“Saudi Arabia on Saturday executed 81 people convicted of crimes ranging from killings to belonging to militant groups, the largest known mass execution carried out in the kingdom in its modern history.
An announcement by Saudi state television described those executed as having“followed the footsteps of Satan”in carrying out their crimes…

Something tells we will see moar of this soon.

Just sayin”

From Q The Storm Rider:

Biggest mass execution in Saudi Arabia’s history sees 81 men killed in ONE day, as country’s state television says criminals which included members of Al Qaeda ‘followed the footsteps of Satan’
The state-run Saudi Press Agency announced the executions saying they included people ‘convicted of various crimes, including the the murdering of innocent men, women and children’. […]

[full article here]


“Been telling you> MOHAMMED BIN SALMAN is going to make his move ..
This Military Tribunals he carries out are on those who are double/ Triple agents Generals, ELITEs, bankers, ROYAL family members , MEDIA exec’s. ECT ECT ECT … ( All who conspired to over thrown him> 2nd COUP< plot attempt)…. All these actors and agents were working with the World Deep State, HRC, DAVOS, CIA ECT ECT,)

IT’S NO GAME!! THESE TRIBUNALS>>WILL<< happen world wide… CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!!!!! Many countries will put to death their DEEP STATE moles, agents, insurgents>>>

In the mean time as the CABAL >MSM still runs world countries FAKE NEWS outlets they will TITLE TRUMP, PUTIN, XI, MODI , BIN SALMAN AS THE ENEMY…..////)




From Expose the Pedos End the Cabal:


It should now be clear to everyone that Putin, Trump, Xi Jinping, Narendra Modi, Kim Jong Un, Bolsonaro and Bin Salman are single-handedly destroying the New World Order.

“THEY” are panicking and absolutely terrified of it. Their pre-death uproar on TV shows it!

So much has happened in this area in the last few weeks, and it continues – the boom at Niagara Falls, military flights, military tribunals, earthquakes in certain places (tunnels exploding), fires, explosions, factories in Indianapolis, Illinois, water explosions in Chicago, smoke and explosions from underground in downtown New York and Washington DC, and many strange natural phenomena outside of normal weather in these places.

I will say a few words about the role of Bin Salman (Muhammad bin Salman al Saud), the 36-year-old Crown Prince of the Saudi Crown from the House of Saud.

Attentive viewers will recall that I recently screened a documentary about President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia in the summer of 2017.

It is a remarkable film that shows how everyone capitulated to President Trump, from the House of Saud to the Vatican to Brussels to Buckingham Palace.

It showed how the King of Saudi Arabia was replaced the very next day after President Trump arrived. Bin Salman is also the world’s youngest defense minister.

Previously, I explained Salman’s loyalty to Donald Trump and the U.S. military’s White Helmets who saved his life in Las Vegas.

The 2017 Las Vegas shooting was orchestrated by Rockefeller, the FBI, the CIA, and D_eep State.

They wanted to kill Salman in a false flag operation. His own family was involved in the coup attempts and wanted power.

This was not reported in the MSM (system media) or fake market reports, but Salman and his affiliates and investors he controls in the World Bank linked banks own large parts of social media, Facebook, You Tube and Google.

A few weeks after over 45 military operations saved his life, Salman went to the White House, met personally with Trump and handed him all the classified information about his country, which was D_eep State.

The information had to do with human trafficking, satanic rituals, drugs, weapons, and the coup d’état to assassinate him by his own family, who had been bribed by the Khazarian Rockefellers and Rothschilds.

Then he invited Trump to Saudi Arabia, swore allegiance to him for saving his life, and put the Holy Sword of Arabia in his hand. Only kings are allowed to touch the holy sword.

No outsider has ever touched the sword that controls Saudi Arabia, the family dynasties and their governments.

This gesture was a sign to the Middle East that Trump is related by blood to the Saudi royal family. Bin Salman made a blood oath to Trump.

If someone in the Saudi royal family saves your life, you owe them your life forever! Soon after, Bin Salman had his government and his own family, who were involved in the coup attempt against him, eliminated.

What Bin Salman will do now will shake the world economy, even though the system media will not report it.

Nor will they report on the trillions Salman controls or the power he has in the Middle East.

Salman has the power to bring down Facebook, Google, You Tube, the world markets, the world banks, the news agencies, and unite most of the Middle East against the kabal system.”


Oops! Saw this one coming!! (Guessing it’s hard to attend award ceremonies from prison.)

From Whiplash347 by way of Farrell Hedges:


And some intel updates from Slava Z:

“🇷🇺🇺🇦 At about 3 am Moscow time, the RF Armed Forces destroyed the personnel of the 10th separate mountain assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the village of Baryshevka, Kiev region. This unit is part of the 8th separate mountain infantry battalion and has recently arrived to strengthen the defense of Boryspil. Rocket strikes hit the dormitories that housed the military.

The leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ukrainian media deliberately hide the losses, since such news can further demoralize the Ukrainian soldiers, whose entire mood rests only on the daily speeches of political bloggers about the exaggerated “victories” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”


“🇷🇺🇺🇦 Russian Aerospace Forces attacked the Yavorovsky training ground in the Lviv region.

It is noteworthy that military instructors from NATO countries were stationed there, who were engaged in combat training of the armed forces of Ukraine.”


FYI: For up to the minute news & footage on Ukraine, follow ABS Military News. I cannot possibly post even a fraction of it here.


A nice closing from Phil:

The Q movement was designed for a very specfic intent: Communicate, inform, and wake up the grass roots citizens of the United States, and even those worldwide.

We knew the Main Stream Media was corrupt, and regardless of any good that was being done by Donald Trump or the Patriots, the media was not going to report it. Especially the really, really dark and grusome stuff (think Frazzledrip).

Q started making posts on a public forum (4chan), regarding the ongoing corruption taking place worldwide by the satantic group of individuals known as “The Cabal”. The “Fall of the Cabal” was produced and released, which tied most things that Q posted about together.

Q was a grass roots dissemination campaign, brought to us by some very powerful Patriots that were attempting to take down The Cabal.

Many people ask – “why would Patriots inform the everyday citizen about these type of confidential/classified operations?”. The answer is simple: The public needed to know, and this was the ONLY way.

A small group of die-hard Patriots put together the Q group. One individual was responsible for the initial setup, posting, technology, and dissemination. The group then grew to contain other high-clearance members, who would post as the mysterious “Q” at various times, and for various topics.

Think about something: This time last year, my personal following barely eclipsed 20,000 members. Over the last couple months, my personal following has exclipsed 4,000,000 members, subscribers, and viewers at certain times (topic dependent). This is the same exact path that Q had followed over the 4+ years of his Q drops, except with Q, he gathered tens of millions of followers worldwide.

So, why the secrecy? why the covert operations? why the need for Q in the first place? it’s a very simple answer: The media. Everything they have ever told you is a lie. -Everything-. We needed to circumvent the media, and be able to speak to the people directly.

It worked.”


Okay, and that is gonna be it for now! The morning is rapidly disappearing around here because I lost a whole friggin’ HOUR!

Don’t forget, gang: Tonight and tomorrow night in Oakland, CA, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis on stage! You can still buy a ticket for the 14th HERE.

A photo posted by Warren Ellis yesterday, presumably en route to Oakland:

Thanks for visiting, gang. Enjoy your Sunday-minus-one-hour. Stay alert!!

And thanks to EVERYONE, the world over, who downloaded my free eBooks at Smashwords this past week, during their “Read an eBook” sale! I really appreciate it.


I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning!! Yes, guess who again?!! Sam Cooke, singing his smash hit from 1961, “Twistin’ the Night Away”. Play it loud and enjoy!! I love you guys. See ya!


Awaken with JP: BOMBSHELL Safety Data Released on “Life Jackets” (7 mins):

EVIDENCE. THE CHICAGO WAY. Jim Allen, instructs staff to make it impossible to reconcile ballots (32 seconds):

SIR ROD STEWART – REDUCED TO FILLING POTHOLES ON THE ROAD (because no one else will) (1 min):

ROBERT F KENNEDY – MESSAGE — Awesome! Listen!! (54 seconds):


Democracy with a small “d”???? he said it, gang:


Restored Republic news update (20 mins):



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