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Yes — that’s what a barge at Gitmo looks like…. (see last night’s post)

Well, gang. There is, like, no news. It is sort of staggering. Everyone is waiting for that PEAD to drop.

I have only a few things to report. Plus a reminder that Phil will be going “live” tonight, at 7pm EDT. Check his channel later to be sure. I have no clue if he will still be speaking about Project Looking Glass. We will have to find out.

His final comments from last evening were:

“The Fall begins — now.

COMMS {initiate} tack:/;FRAY”do”=execute(dy)NAM,ic-

/end COMMS (7:57PM)

[TERF] (8:09PM)

[MOBE] (8:11PM)

-1:2-1:3-2 (8:19PM)

Confirm via @Q

-0:1-1:0-2 (8:22PM)

Redirect = INSTINCT”


And, oddly enough, Mr Pool also posted:

“TIME” (10:01 PM)


Important news regarding “Nancy Drew”:

“I have been to my local police, and they are now involved. There will be eyes, close by. I have received some information, that supports my concerns, regarding individuals possibly involved. I plan to take every LEGAL measure, beginning immediately, to address this situation. There are lines, you just dont cross, and this is certainly one. While I am simply an ordinary woman, I am DIVINELY PROTECTED. Underestimating me, is a huge mistake. Huge. I do ask that you continue to cover my family in prayer, please. Luv u guys💖💖”


In other news….

Mike Pompeo receives yet another award. This time, from Israel. Funny, how only members of Trump’s cabinet are receiving international awards and yet he’s allegedly “not the President,” and Blinken was, allegedly, just in Israel. Hmmmm.

From Mike Pompeo last night:

“We have a moral obligation to protect Israel.

I was honored to receive the Crown of Israel Award tonight, and I will always uphold that moral obligation.”


From Whiplash347 by way of Intel Slava Z (includes video):

“🇷🇺🇺🇦 Russian special forces came to the house of the beast – the leader of the Nazis in Berdyansk

Plotnikov Viktor Ivanovich, or the so-called “Bacha” – the leader of the Nazi cell of the banned “Right Sector” in Berdyansk, who kept the inhabitants of the whole city in fear. Plotnikov has more than fifty crimes on his account and became famous for his atrocities against civilians, and cruel torture of prisoners.

Previously, Bacha fought in the Aidar National Battalion. His house is full of Nazi uniforms, chevrons, various weapons, photographs and documents confirming that their owner is a member of radical formations.”


“🇺🇦⚡️Central Bank of Ukraine: 99.2% of funds spent from a bank account created on February 24 for the needs of Ukrainian troops.

There is no money, fuel, equipment, ammunition are running out.”


Also from Whiplash347:

“Juan O’Savin said event 28th/29th
13 day event.
POTUS last year said on March 31st about a big FLASH and we would go to Light.
Juan said Last Year that Donald Trump will be the President by April Fool’s Day. Look what just broke on Fox News the great big Military Sting using Watermarked Ballots (QFS Blockchain Encryption codes that Dr P told you about) + Over next couple days they be lining up for Military Tribunals off Club Gitmo.
Now look at all the March 31 things Russian Switch, Evergrande reporting deadline + much much more.
Queen Event?
3 days + 10
Bay of Pigs
US National Emergency ends
What does Q500 say
Bombing of [34] Global Satanic Targets.
Kiev is all but fallen.
China Tuesday in 5.5 hrs.

Releasing Hunter Biden’s Laptop images to SHUTDOWN the Internet?”

“All those scare Video’s people are putting out saying you will go to Prison if you share Hunter Biden’s laptop videos/photos etc coming

NO this is the Q NSA plan to SHUTDOWN the internet.
Q1044 – Internet Kill On THE CLOCK.

We were given Obama Image, HRC Frazzledrip by Q but in fact now it looks like Hunter Biden’s Laptop contents.

Everything is cover story to cover story guys

EMP – Internet Shutdown
Solar Flare – Internet Shutdown
NSA Ghidra, Apache, Log4J – Internet Shutdown.
Queen Death – Social Media Blackouts.
NSA to release Hunter Biden’s Laptop content’s – Internet Shutdown



Download SIGNAL APP.
Highly Encrypted Military App that will be the only thing that works once phones go down. It is connected to a Military Satellite.”


And that’s what we have for now, gang.

In still other news–

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, et al, played the Beacon Theater in NYC last night! It looks like it was an amazing show, gang! They will be back there tonight. And then in DC on Tuesday and Toronto on Thursday, but those shows are sold out. You can buy tickets here for the 2 shows in Montreal at the end of the week, but then it’s over, folks!! After that — Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will tour Europe this summer!! Yay!!

Nick and Warren at the Beacon Theater last night


Okay. Stay alert, stock up on essentials, and have a safe Monday, wherever you are in the world!!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys! See ya.



There was no Restored Republic news update today.

There was no X22 Report last night.

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