Happy April! Let’s Try This Again!

Okay, gang. I’m hoping to actually get through this post today. I have no idea why the template sometimes freezes up on me, but it is so maddening.

There is not much “new” news yet this morning, so I’m going to combine what I still had left to post yesterday, with the news from today.

But first–

From Intel Slava Z at Whiplash347. This came through at 2:30am EDT:

“🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡️APPEAL TO THE RESIDENTS OF THE SOUTH-EAST, especially Donbass (living in the territories controlled by Bandera)

We always say what we think is the truth, no matter how hard it may sound. Today we urge you to leave your homes and go in any safe direction.

We think that the battle for the liberation of Donbass will be hard, the Nazis will hide in the cities and will hide behind the civilian population. It is necessary to wrest this trump card from their hands. We admit that the most modern types of non-nuclear weapons can be used against the Bandera people who have settled in urban areas. There may be casualties among civilians. The best solution is evacuation

In this post, we are not joking, and we consider it important to warn as many people as possible about the impending danger. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones and move to a safe place!”


A couple posts from Marco Polo:

“If you want to see the actual bank statements that WaPo alluded to yesterday in their pathetic limited hangout (https://archive.ph/cslYK), see here:

And Also:


In the Restored Republic news update yesterday, they had some very interesting information on a new China/Taiwan agreement. It’s about halfway through the video (39 mins):


From QTSR by way of intel Slava Z — includes video footage:

“🇷🇺🇺🇦 A soldier of the 36th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who surrendered, said that the Azov regiment seized power in Mariupol and shot not only civilians, but also other military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”


Also from QTSR yesterday:

“Several days ago, fake president Joe Biden called for regime change in Russia, practically begging Russia’s military generals to remove Putin from power. But that hasn’t happened. What’s happening instead is that America’s intelligence community “generals” are now moving against Joe Biden.

Yesterday, the Washington Post and CNN took action that confirmed all this, running bombshell stories that exposed details from Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.” In essence, the CIA ordered the Washington Post to start exposing the Biden crime family. This is all being done in preparation for Biden’s removal from power.

‘Laptop From Hell'”: Two weeks ago, the New York Times confirmed the laptop exists, and is legit – and confirmed several previously reported aspects of the story, including correspondence between Hunter and his business partner Devon Archer, both of whom served on the board Ukrainian energy giant Burisma. Today, the Washington Post and CNN are piling on – with the post confirming yet-more details of the laptop contents, and CNN running a blistering segment and reporting that the federal investigation into Hunter is ‘heating up.'”


“White Hats MiL. Making their moves…> From COVERT OPERATIONS TO OVERT OPERATIONS

Law of WAR..

By the book> 11.3> 18.18″

REGIME CHANGE now under way in the USA: Biden on the chopping block as intelligence community activates emergency self-preservation actions [full article here]


Before I forget, Phil’s livestream will be sometime this afternoon. Check here for updates on time and streaming links.


From ABS Military News:

“The Investigative Committee of Russia charged former Ukrainian Defense Minister Valery Geletey, former General Staff head Viktor Muzhenko and 20 other Ukrainian military officials with genocide in absentia, the Committee press office told TASS Friday after a meeting held by Committee head Alexander Bastrykin.
“Based on the evidence, 22 people were charged with genocide of Russian-speaking civilian population. The defendants include former Ukrainian Defense Minister Valery Geletey, former General Staff head Viktor Muzhenko and other officials from the higher command,” the Committee said.
The Committee noted that, during the investigation, it is constantly analyzes a large massive of documents and other information.
“The evidence contained in these documents made it possible to expand the charges for certain suspects from among high-ranking Ukrainian servicemen involved in the death of Donbass civilians,” the Committee said.”


And while I’m thinking of it….speaking of the genocide of Russians:

If you haven’t already seen this documentary, you should watch it, but get ready for it to change your entire worldview and not in a good way. If you loved the Romanovs, as I did, a whole lot of this documentary is going to make you weep anew.



From Whiplash347 by way of Intel Slava Z yesterday:

“🇷🇺❗️Medvedev: “We will supply food and crops only to our friends (fortunately we have a lot of them, and they are not at all in Europe and not in North America). We will sell both for rubles and for their national currency in agreed proportions.”

“🇸🇰🇷🇺 Slovakia expressed its readiness to buy gas from Russia for rubles.

“The Slovak gas industry would have to buy rubles for euros as soon as possible and then use them to buy gas from Gazprom” Prime Minister of Slovakia.”


Curious piece from the Gateway Pundit:

Inspector General Says Post Office Used iCOP Surveillance Program to Illegally Spy on Social Media Users

Why did the US government use the postal service to monitor what Americans post on social media?

The law enforcement arm of the US Postal Service secretly monitored and collected Americans’ social media posts, according to documents previously obtained by Yahoo News.

The spying program is known as iCOP, or Internet Covert Operations Program and involved goons trolling through social media sites to look for “inflammatory” posts – and then sharing the information with other government agencies.

Last we checked, “inflammatory” language was covered by the First Amendment.[…]” [full article here]


From QTSR:

“What Is The Pfizer Alopecia 2022 Drug?

As per the links, we observed that on 23rd March 2022, Pfizer introduced the recommended medicine Etrasimod to some immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMID), including Alopecia Areata sickness. Furthermore, Pfizer announced that Arena Pharmaceuticals made the drug, but now they have taken its authority.

They noticed that the subjects experienced improved results during the drug investigation when given in limited dosage. In simple words, Etrasimod is an everyday drug and an S1P receptor regulator, currently being examined for treating many illnesses. So, let us notice more details about Etrasimod underneath the passage on this Pfizer Alopecia 2022 Drug post.

Benefits Of The Drug
Mainly, the medicine is focused on curing problems in the immune system-related illness, including-

Atopic Dermatitis
Ulcerative Colitis
Alopecia Areata
Eosinophilic Esophagitis
Crohn’s Disease

Make the long story short 👇

VACCINES are causing hair loss amongst the vaccinated.. along with other serious deadly side effects ( we already know about the killer bioweapon Vaxxx)….

Pfizer and BioNtech sponcered the Oscars< …

(Nobody cared about the Oscars till the WILL smith and Rock slap trended everywhere in social media and tv and news outlets all pushed by Deep State controlled MSM …. )

Alopecia trended in Google and the set up staged EVENT was successful…. What’s expected now is for the vaccinated to lose hair and come to grips they have Alopecia too.( But the alopecia will be blamed on pandemic or new pandemic…… BIG PHARMA is getting ready to make their move)//

Don’t be surprised if Chris Rock comes out in support of Alopecia and the new BIG PHARMA drugs … And the Smiths start to pushing the drug mainstream……


if you thought seeing people in Face masks was creepy ( especially the sleeping sheep who took the bait and were scared of others)///

Imagine what BILLIONS of ball headed woman well look like and will instill fear into those ( sheep) who worship only beauty and self gratification..

Then comes big pharma to save the day…. And the BILLIONS of balding people will create another scare EVENT… Then comes CDC, FAUCEI, WHO, NIH, BIG PHARMA,… And their next PLANNED AGENDA…////

Deep state chess ♟️ moves
( Really stupid chess moves)”

“Just another conspiracy theory and coincidence 🤷🏻‍♂”

And then, oddly, enough– this announcement. Methinks that good movie role offers are slim in Gitmo:


From il donaldo trumpo:



And a great comm from Dan Scavino last night–

From Pepe Lives Matter:

Looks to me like Dan is encouraging anons that we are very close to seeing the diamond returned.”

“Dan could have posted a meme of a man digging for gold, silver or anything else you find when you mine.
It just happened to be the one valuable item that Trump drew parallels to when it came to the 2020 election.
“Return the diamonds.”

Just look at how close the man was to breakthrough.
The message seems clear to me.
Don’t give up Patriots.
We’re all going to make it.
And it’s going to be beautiful when we do.”


Something else to ruin your day…

“Were these the opening act for the eventual covid pandemic? What were doctors willing to do? What were others willing to do for fame or money? Pure evil.

Declassified documents reveal experiments the CIA conducted on people without their knowledge, including a case of mass hysteria in France.”



From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

Statement by Maître Virginie de Araujo-Recchia on her release from custody

“On 22nd March, Virginie de Araujo-Recchia and six others were arrested by the DGSI (more or less equivalent to MI5) in connection with the Rémy Daillet investigation. The latter was indicted on 22nd October 2021 for allegedly engaging in a “criminal terrorist conspiracy” (association de malfaiteurs terroriste criminelle). Maître de Araujo has been acting in a strictly professional capacity on Daillet’s behalf. Released from custody on 24th March, Maître de Araujo observes in a formal statement (see below), that “not a single charge” has been raised against her, nor is she “even a suspect” (témoin assisté). […]”

[full article here]


I really love all this stuff about Tartaria. You have to click the link to go to a 6 min video.

From QAnonAnonymous:




Oops!! — Got another one! And another one! And another one! etc., etc.

From Whiplash347 by way of Farrell Hedges:

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