Welcome to Saturday!

Okay, gang. I will be posting in two parts today. The second part will be later this afternoon.

First, I just want to take a moment to say that I notice everything. Everything, everything, EVERYTHING.

Just because I’m not foolish enough to blog about it, or tell anyone about it, doesn’t mean I don’t notice it. For the last couple decades, I’ve been spied on, harassed, targeted, nearly died, a dear colleague — a colleague that the corrupt Federal Government wanted to make sure my career was absolutely connected to in a court of law — was murdered, and my career has essentially been decimated. My rights to nearly all of my intellectual properties have been blown to smithereens.

For now, I am still holding on to the rights of the works I haven’t yet written. We’ll see how that goes. Either way, I have a fierce and passionate plan for the Afterlife. What happens to my career here, in this realm, is simply what happens to my career here.

There is more to existence than “here.”

And in addition to some other rather creepy new things that I am noticing about Amazon & me, the primary one right now, of course, is this new fake eBook that is selling like fucking HOT CAKES — pun intended. Once again, they are ignoring my polite requests to take my name off of it.

My only regret about that is that I hate thinking that a fucking TON of oblivious new readers out there might think I’m a really lousy writer…

I am not. It’s the artificial intelligence, writing this truckload of crap in book after book after book, who’s the lousy writer.

And since, over the course of the last several years, you’ve made everything I’ve ever written available to download for free to the entire fucking world — I have had no choice, really, but to keep making it available, in the hopes that maybe new readers will learn the difference between what I’ve actually written in the past, and the trash that gets my name stuck on it today.

However, I also notice the GOOD STUFF. Whoever it is out there who is making my path easier, I do not know who you are but please trust me when I say that I notice that, too, and I am incredibly grateful for the assistance.


Okay. Intense news today, gang. Especially from Phil, and also Mr Pool.

I cannot decode the comms, so all I can do is link you to them so that you can read them for yourself. (I can’t link to Mr Pool because it’s a private channel now.)


And according to the X22 Report from last night (down below), the Jack Maxey story is very likely a dangerous false flag. I’ve removed it from my post from Thursday. Ignore any of Maxey’s claims that he is in hiding in Switzerland and that he has anything whatsoever that resembles a hard drive from the Laptop from Hell.



Johnny Depp’s new movie Minamata is now available on pay-per-view. I hope to watch it either tonight or tomorrow! Please support Johnny Depp and watch the new film, wherever you order your pay-per-views.


Okay, I have to go to work. I will post everything else after I get home.

Meanwhile, enjoy your Saturday morning. And enjoy your dearest friends. Because everyone becomes a memory, gang. Everyone. Make the memories good ones.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic news update (16 mins):

Real Raw News: US AG Loretta Lynch found guilty, will allegedly be hanged on April 25th (5 mins):



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